Mewtwo V-Union
Mewtwo V-Union

Mewtwo V-Union

Date Reviewed:
November 4, 2021

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Today we look at Mewtwo V-Union (SW – Black Star Promos SWSH161), the third piece of Mewtwo V-Union.  Just in case someone hasn’t checked it out yet, the official site has a good article explaining this new TCG mechanic.  Pokémon V-Union are the latest Pokémon with Rule Boxes… well, among the cards that have officially released.  They’re a form of Pokémon V.  They’re worth three Prizes when KO’d, and are made by combining four individual cards that share the same name.  Just to add a twist, you actually want the pieces in your discard pile, as per the Rule Box explaining how to put them in play.  You also need it to be your turn, to have an open Bench space, and for you to have not already put that particular V-Union into play via the Rule Box instructions (each specific V-Union is a once-per-game thing).

All four pieces of a V-Union have the same name, type, Stage of Evolution, and Rule Box printed on them.  Exactly where such things are located on each piece can vary, as can the size of the font used.  They also must have individual artwork that forms a larger image when combined.  As all four pieces of a V-Union share the same name, they are subject to the 4 Copy Rule; run one of each or else you’re running dead cards.  If a piece gets stuck in your Prizes or – worse still – sent to the lost zone, the other pieces are once again dead weight for your deck.  Mewtwo V-Union is a Psychic type, handy for exploiting the Weakness found on Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX, and providing compatibility with the Ability found on Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX.  Expanded adds some more goodies, like Dimension Valley and Mysterious Treasure.

Something that won’t benefit Mewtwo V-Union, at least not directly, is Fog Crystal.  Or Quick Ball.  Or any other effect that specifies “Basic” Pokémon.  Mewtwo V-Union isn’t a Basic.  Neither is it an Evolution nor an Evolved Pokémon: just like VMAX, V-Union is its own Stage of Evolution.  Effects that work for any card, any Pokémon, any Psychic Pokémon, etc. still work with Mewtwo V-Union.  The four things common to all cards are recognized by the game while the cards are not in play.  Missing attributes of the card are not recognized when not in play e.g. no using Level Ball to get the pieces that lack HP scores.  Even the stats printed on a specific piece (but only one piece) aren’t recognized by the game until the entire V-Union is assembled and in play.

We know from past reviews that Mewtwo V-Union has 310 HP.  This is on par with a smaller Pokémon VMAX; even for something worth three Prizes when KO’d, it is still sturdy.  The easiest way to OHKO Mewtwo V-Union is through exploiting its [D] Weakness; not one you want to have right now, but also not a total deal breaker.  Fighting Resistance is a welcome surprise; again, see Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX.  The Retreat Cost is on the final piece.  We’ve also seen two attacks already for this card: they weren’t great.  Today’s piece gives us another attack, “Psysplosion”.  For [PPC], this lets you place 16 total damage counters on your opponent’s Pokémon (plural) as you like.  That Energy cost often pays for 160 damage.  Placing damage counters means skipping Weakness, Resistance, and all effects that alter damage done.  Things that prevent effects of attacks would stop the damage counters from being played, however.  It is also great that you can control where it goes; the Bench isn’t safe from Psysplosion, and you can ensure none of it goes to waste.

I’ve been scoring the individual pieces of Mewtwo V-Union, and will also have an overall score in tomorrow’s final review.  Psysplosion isn’t the greatest attack in the world, but it seems to be at least “good”.  Three Energy isn’t the easiest cost to cover, so you’ll probably need Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX or some other form of Energy acceleration to pull it off.  Expanded includes many more options, but also more alternatives and counters.  Yes, that right: I’m going to call it a wash and score this part of Mewtwo V-Union as a three-out-of-five in both Formats.


  • Standard: 3/5
  • Expanded: 3/5


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