Mathmech Sigma
Mathmech Sigma

Mathmech Sigma
– #MYFI-EN001

If you control no monsters in the Extra Monster Zone, while this card is in your hand or GY: You can Special Summon this card, but banish it when it leaves the field, also you cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn, except Cyberse monsters. You can only use this effect of “Mathmech Sigma” once per turn. If this card you control is used as Synchro Material for a “Mathmech” monster, you can treat it as a non-Tuner.

Date Reviewed: 
January 7th, 2020

Rating: 4.00

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Mathmech Sigma helps out Nabla from yesterday, and can be part of that two-card combo I talked about.

Special Summon ability as long as you don’t have an Extra Deck Monster Zone occupied gives Sigma first-turn potential for Xyz, Synchro and Link Summons. With Master Rule 5 coming in the future you may have an easier time with achieving this throughout the entirety of the game. Being able to Special Summon itself from the grave with this Extra Monster Zone condition being met allows you to use it normally and get another monster on board immediately within Master Rule 5. Sigma being a Tuner helps get you your Synchro plays, but its ability to turn off its Tuner status is exceptionally hand if you already have a Tuner on the field as such with Nabla, now you have an instant Level 8 Synchro, but you are locked into Cyberse for your Extra Deck for the turn, but that isn’t a big problem.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Next up for the Mathmechs is another Tuner, Mathmech Sigma.

Sigma is a Level 4 LIGHT Cyberse Tuner with 1000 ATK and 1500 DEF. Again fairly poor stats, but a good type and attribute and being a Tuner is a plus. If you control no monsters in the Extra Monster Zone while this card is in your hand or graveyard, you can Special Summon it from that place, but it’s banished when it leaves the field and you can only Special Summon Cyberse monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of the turn. If it wasn’t for that Cyberse restriction, this effect could of been much better in April when your Synchros and Xyzs won’t have to enter the Extra Monster Zone upon summon, meaning it’d let you summon more monsters. The Cyberse restriction was necessary since we don’t have too many Cyberse Synchros or Xyzs in total. It’s still a good effect for the archetype to help get to your Extra Deck, and using it as Xyz Material means it won’t get banished, so you could use it again. That effect of Sigma is a hard once per turn as well, which is fine since you shouldn’t be able to just use three of this to summon some Rank 4 that needs 2 or 3 materials. Sigma can also treat itself as a non-Tuner for the Synchro Summon of a Mathmech, which is nice if you need to use this and Nabla for a Synchro Summon and makes Sigma more versatile for Synchro plays. It’s another fairly good piece in Mathmechs that you would like in the graveyard as soon as possible for it to summon itself back, which the Deck can get it there easily with Nabla tributing it, using Cynet Mining to search the whole archetype, or detaching it from an Xyz Monster as material. It’s another fairly good piece for the archetype.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.25/5 Ok, this is more inspiring than yesterday.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Does Sigma make anyone else think of the old school Mega Man games?  Not this card specifically, just the name?  Anyway, Sigma is all the same as yesterday but happens to be a Light Monster.  Still a Level 4 Cyberese, who is a Tuner, with the same paltry attack and defense.  So I assume we’re expecting the effect(s) here to make up for that as did our card of yesterday.

Controlling no Monsters in your Extra Deck Zone lets you Special Summon this card.  So long as Sigma resides in your Hand or Graveyard.  So that gives you a couple of options, which is great.  Making this a better card likely to have and get earlier in the game too.  It is, however, removed from play if Special Summoned in this manner when it leaves the Field.

You can’t Special Summon in that turn either outside of Cyberese Monsters, from your Extra Deck, and I never really see theme/type Specific mini locks like that to be a real issue either.  It’s fairly versatile you can use this as a Non-Tuner for a Mathmech Synchro Summon if you have to as well.  This is all once per turn, as usual, and it’s another good piece to make things happen in this Deck.

Rating:  4/5

Art:  5/5  This is WAY cooler than yesterday.  Kinda get a Gundam vibe here too.  Like the armor, really love the sword, and the background colors are fantastic too. 

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