Magical Musketeer Max
Magical Musketeer Max

#12 – Magical Musketeer Max
– #BLHR-EN052

1 Level 8 or lower “Magical Musket” monster
If this card is Link Summoned: You can activate 1 of these effects.
● Add “Magical Musket” Spells/Traps with different names from your Deck to your hand, up to the number of monsters your opponent controls.
● Special Summon “Magical Musketeer” monsters with different names from your Deck, up to the number of Spells and Traps your opponent controls.
You can only use this effect of “Magical Musketeer Max” once per turn. During either player’s turn, you can activate “Magical Musket” Spells/Traps from your hand.


Date Reviewed: December 16, 2019

Rating: 4.42

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My Number 12:  Number 60:  Dugares the Timeless
This cards position on my list:  #6

Usually on these end of the year countdowns, I don’t fare too well, but I scored three out of five in this first week (not in the order they appear) but I’m happy about that.  #12 to kick off this countdown is Magical Musketeer Max.  This is a Link 1, Light/Fiend Monster, with 1000 attack and an arrow pointing directly below.  One Level 8 or below theme Monster is required here for Link Summon.

So when Link Summoned, you can add theme Magic/Trap cards from your Deck to your Hand equal to the number of Monsters your opponent controls.  They have to be differently named, but that’s a lovely effect and a great, easy, and reliable way to add resources you need from the Deck to your Hand.  Or you can use the other effect and flood the Field.

Instead of theme Magic/Trap cards, you can Special Summon as many theme Monsters (differently named) from your Deck up to the number of Magic/Traps your opponent controls.  This is open too, they don’t have to be differently named, and no stipulation to face-up or down.  Obviously you can’t do both, because then you swarm you front and back row and you’re likely winning that turn.

Lastly, once a turn, during the turn of EITHER player, you can activate theme Magic/Traps from your Hand.  This guy does everything right.  The 1000 attack is a downside, but given the power, the swarm, the fetching and everything else he does so well, it’s a necessary downside.  To be used and abused indefinitely, without a doubt, as we know.

Rating:  4.75/5  (These countdowns usually result in quite favorable scores).

Art:  5/5  The colors in the background are phenomenal.  The dark body in contrast, everything here is winning.  

King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Magical Musketeer Max starts off the countdown for our Cards of The Year for 2019, and MM is #12.

Link 1 for the Musket archetype, Max is exactly what the doctor ordered for the archetype to have a chance at reaching the potential it had out the gate. Any monster in the archetype can make this card. Link arrow gives you another Extra Monster Zone, so far so good. Off the Link Summon you have one of two effects you can activate, being a Link 1 you’ll be able to make this every turn. If your opponent has a lot of monsters, you’ll use the first effect and search Magical Musket spell/traps from the deck (which this card allows you to activate from your hand). If your opponent has a lot of spell/traps you’ll likely be dropping a lot of Magical Musket monsters from your deck to the field. The more of either resource your opponent has, the better it is for you. Obviously there are downsides to your opponent having a lot of either (negation possibilities), but combining it with cards like Dark Ruler No More or Red Reboot/Trap Stun can alleviate that.

Magical Musket monsters gain pluses off activating their spell/trap cards, but they can’t benefit without being on the field. They didn’t have a way to mass summon until Max came into the fold. Regardless of the effect you choose you will be deck thinning at least one, and that is always nice.

Advanced-4/5     Art-5/5

Until Next Time


It’s that time of the year for the top cards of the year, this year we will do a Top 12 to fit in the last two days of 2019 as well, and for the Number 12 spot, we have a card that helped bring a rogue deck into being a more competitive powerhouse, Magical Musketeer Max.

Max is a Link-1 LIGHT Fiend with 1000 ATK and a downward arrow. Fair ATK for a Link-1, I like LIGHT and I like Fiend. The summoning requirement is any Level 8 or lower Magical Musket monster, so basically any monster in the archetype that isn’t Max. Upon being Link Summoned, you can either summon Magical Musket monsters with different names from the Deck up to the number of Spells and Traps the opponent controls or add Magical Musket Spells or Traps with different names from your Deck to your hand up to the number of monsters the opponent controls. This is all the Deck really needed to make it viable to go second considering if you didn’t go first before, you’re in bad shape since the Deck really wants to disrupt what the opponent does, so Max makes up for that by generating a ton of advantage, the more your opponent has the more you can get. This can easily become a Plus 3 or 4 no matter which effect you choose to use. It’s basically a Spellbook of Judgment for Magical Musketeers. It’s a hard once per turn as well, which is fair. It can also let you use Magical Musket Spells and Traps from your hand at any time, so it still lets you do what the archetype does best. It’s a great card that made a good Deck into a massive rogue contender. Play 3 in Magical Muskets.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 5/5 The best looking Magical Musketeer without question.

My #12: Pot of Extravagance


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