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Pojo's Magic News & Notes

Thursday, 10.18.01  JonnyO created a new look for us today!  You gotta love the original Serra Angel. ;-)   It's gonna take a while to get this page all the way around the site, so you will run into our old design on some pages. 

Wednesday, 10.17.01   Fletcher has another new article for you today - Ramp up to States... the Beginning.  Fletcher discussing the upcoming environment for States. All Fletcher's articles are in Rumblings from the Ass.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting a cool contest sponsored by Gathering Ground.  Someone out there will win 5 free booster packs of cards!

Tuesday, 10.16.01   Here's a few things fans have contributed to the site today:

We are getting a little more critical in what we post in our Strategy section and Single Card section.  Many people are sending us decklists saying : "here's a killer deck".  Decklists alone just don't cut it.  You need to provide details on your deck design.  If you want people to critique your deck, then post it on our Message Board.  

Monday, 10.15.01   John Hornberg is back with another article in The Heretic's Sermon. This week John discusses Getting the Right Help for Your deck

Miguel's been absent from his Featured Writer post for a little while, but he's back again.  Miguel is an expert on the MTG storyline, and explains this in the Biographies section.  Today, Miguel catches up on the Story So Far

We posted a couple of new Deck Ideas today in our Strategy Section:

Friday, 10.12.01  Jason Chapman has written his second Featured Article for you.  Today, Jason tries to help people figure out "How Many" of each card you need included in your deck.  There's a lot of math & charts here. A nice article for beginners.  Both Jason's articles are in Through the Portal

It's Friday, and Aaron is back at work in his Deck Garage.  Today, Aaron has a look at a U/W Control deck submitted by a fan.  You can see the fix in Aaron's School of Higher Learning. 

Thursday, 10.11.01  Fletcher has another new article for you today - I'm Not Normal Enough.  Fletcher talks about juggling serious MTG play alongside other facets in your life.  Nice article Fletcher!  All Fletcher's articles are in Rumblings from the Ass.  - Pojo

Four new Peasant Magic Decks were added to our Peasant Magic section.  If you don't know what Peasant Magic is, it's a fun format in which players need to construct a deck of at least 55 commons, no more than 5 uncommons, and no rares!  We have over 130 decklists in our Peasant Magic Section.  Here are the 4 that were added today:

Wednesday, 10.10.01  John Hornberg is back with another article in The Heretic's Sermon. This week John has a detailed look at Green in the Type II environment

We added a couple of Tournament Reports today:

Also, we are working on a new layout for our Magic site here.  We are looking to use a format similar to the main page, our anime site, and our Harry Potter site.  People seem to like those layouts a lot.  Look for our new layout to appear within a week or so. - Pojo

Tuesday, 10.09.01  Wow.   I asked for it and we took in so many responses from writers who are looking for that opportunity to write here.  I've been going through the e-mails and replying as fast as I can.  If you think you've got what it takes, send me a line at fletcher@pojo.com.  I've also taken in quite a few new articles that are going to be posted in the next few days.  My hope for the site is that we are going to put up highest quality of writing from the Features we present to you and that if you aren't a featured writer, we'll still have a place for you as well.    - The Editor

Sunday, 10.07.01  Today we have an update from the Dragon's Den. DeQuan Watson has his thoughts on running a Card store, running tournaments, and his thoughts on Odyssey and the new mechanics introduced with this set. His article is titled: Some Life Lessons.

Saturday, 10.06.01  We are looking for writers on certain subjects.  I'd love to find a specialist on 5-color, extended, and type 1.  I'd like someone who also is into alternative formats.  No experience necessary but quality work is desired. - The Editor

Friday, 10.05.01  I have already gotten some great positive feedback and also recruited at least one more new columnist.  Look to next week for Pojo's magic site to kick some tail. - The Editor

Friday, 10.05.01  A lot of things to talk about today.  First, let me say that Fletcher Peatross has volunteered to help me run our Magic: The Gathering site.  He's going to be the Site Editor. I have a lot of interests on the Pojo site.  I'm involved with all the sites on Pojo.com, but mostly Pokemon, Harry Potter, the DBZ site and this one.  Fletcher thinks he can give the site a nice boost, and I agree.  He is a lot closer to the game than I am.  Fletcher's standards for posting fan tips & strategies are going to be much tougher than mine!  He's focusing on quality.  I'll still be around, but Fletcher will be much more prominent on the site now. Thanks Fletcher! - Bill (aka - Pojo)

Having said that, Fletcher has a Letter from the Editor that he asked me to post.  He's busy preparing for another Pro Tour Qualifier tomorrow.  ;-)

Aaron's going to try to tune-up a deck for one fan every Friday in his Deck Garage.  Today, Aaron has a look at a mono-black deck submitted by a fan.  You can see the fix in Aaron's School of Higher Learning. 

We've added a new Featured Writer today - Jason Chapman.  Jason has helped many of us understand Peasant Magic much better by contributing many articles about it.  Now Jason is going to be a Featured Writer on the site, with many articles aimed at the beginning player.  His First Article is called - "Is that jank in your deck ..."

We realize that our site receives a lot of newbies (players new to Magic).  And we welcome you with open arms.  We get emailed a lot of questions on rules, game play mechanics, and other stuff, so we added a MTG Question and Answer section to our Message Board where you can ask all the questions you got.  Our Message Board has over 9,000 members and is growing every day.  There are plenty of members and moderators that can help you with your questions.

Thursday, 10.04.01  Jeff Zandi, one of our Featured Writers - The Southwestern Paladin - won the M:TG Pro Tour Qualifier in San Antonio, Texas last weekend!  Congratulations Jeff !!!!  Jeff took some time out to write a detailed Tournament Report from the event. It's your recommended reading for the day!

Wednesday, 10.03.01  Terese Neilson, an excellent MTG artist (who's created cool art for cards such as Stream of Life, Ertai - Wizard Adept, & Force of Will), sent us an email today to let us know she created a piece of artwork that was personally commissioned by a couple that met playing Magic, and wanted their wedding announcements to look like a Magic card. A link to Terese's website was added to our Links section as well.

Also, if none of you have seen it yet, MTGNews.com has called it quits.  Like many popular websites, they are losing money, and can't afford to keep their website going.  Good Luck Ray!

Tuesday, 10.02.01   We posted some new Single Card Tips, Deck Ideas & Strategies, and other articles today:

Monday, 10.01.01  John Hornberg decided to write an article about our Pojo.com Message Boards & Magic: The Gathering..  John discusses the pros & cons in The Heretic's Sermon today.

Friday, 9.28.01  I finally convinced my friend Aaron to be a Deck Mechanic!  Thanks Aaron!!  This week Aaron has a look at a Green/White 'Dueling Grounds' deck.  Read Aaron's advice in Aaron's School of Higher Learning.

Featured Writer Fletcher Peatross, The Biggest Ass in Texas, is back today with a Random Weekly Update.  Read all of Fletchers articles in Rumblings from the Ass!

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