4 Fyndhorn Elves
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Quirion Elves
4 Skyshroud Elf
4 Priest of Titania
4 Seeker of Skybreak

4 Giant Growth
4 Symbiosis
4 Fireball
4 Disentegrate
4 Channel

15 Forests
1 Shivan Oasis
This Deck is designed to bring out lots of elves to power the Priest of Titania who then powers a huge Fireball or Disentegrate.  I've included Llanowar Elves and Fyndhorn Elves because they are cheap and very effecient ways to get the mana to cast your elves quickly in the beginning.  Quirion Elves and Skyshroud Elf are in there to power the Fireball and Disentegrate. Priest of Titania is the fuel for the Fireball and can generate huge amounts of mana with the number of elves in play.  Seeker of Skybreak acts as a duplicate Priest of Titania.  Giant Growth and Symbiosis are for weakening the opponent in the beginning of the game and allowing your elves to kill bigger threats without dying.  Both damage spells only require one red mana so I only need one of the 9 red mana generators in play to use them.  Channel is in there because it allows you to often time generate the extra mana needed to finish the opponent.  With it you can generate 3rd turn kills relatively commonly.  The shivan oasis is a good land t
 once I have one or two to get the first elf out the elves can handle mana production from there.