The Biggest Ass in Texas is a resident of Austin, where he works for a Customer Service Corporation. 

He has qualified for the Pro Tour four times but has not made day two yet. He has played competitively since Stronghold and has many top 8's under his belt.


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with Fletcher Peatross

Random Weekly Update - 9.28.01

The season has come and gone, and I have yet to qualify.  I have one more chance this weekend in San Antonio, and again I think I'll be piloting Domain.  Most likely I'll be running a different version than I did before, and hopefully with a better understanding of how the deck actually works, I'll be able to come out on top.
But it might not happen.  And this is the first time I'll be very disappointed that I did not qualify for a specific Pro Tour.  Admittedly, I have wanted to qualify every time I play in a PTQ but this one was special. 
This is one close to home.  A PT I can actually drive to.
Even if I don't qualify, I'll be there.  Its not as pathetic as it sounds because there is a PTQ there that weekend as well.  Plus at Harrah's there is an amazing buffet.
Do not underestimate that last sentence.  Harrah's buffet is the nuts.  Try and bluff your way into the VIP room.  It worked for Mason and I and two friends.  We were even very white trash about it, giving this really small tip to the Host who then just passed it on to the waitress.  One of the best parts of it was the band that goes around the casino and throws beads at you while you're eating.
I've also become a better player this season.  A more humble player.  I've been served up so many times that I couldn't help but learn how to lose. And to learn why I was losing.  Yes there was a ton of mana screw.  But I also learned about over-sideboarding.  Finally I get to the point of the article.
If you come away with anything from this article, come away with this:
It is not necessary to sideboard.
Really, its not.  Don't sideboard if you don't have to.  And I didn't think about that with my Domain deck.  The deck is built to be what it is, and every card you take out can make something else worse.
In a domain on domain matchup, I boarded out my creature control, and got beat by a Spiritmonger.  In matches against blue decks I put more blue cards in which only ended up making their Gainsays even more powerful.  I took out some of my only removal against another because I thought he was creatureless.  Then I had my face smashed for 10 turns by a Meddling Mage.
Practice sideboarded games more than you practice basic matchup games.  If you have best two out of three and two of those games are going to be sideboarded most likely, doesn't it make sense to practice that more?
I make that mistake all the time.  And this season has help me overcome that.
I for one am glad to be done with this season.
One last thing, anyone that says that the combo of Haunting Echoes and Traumatize is not 'that good' has not looked at it closely enough.
Until next time,
Fletcher Peatross
The Biggest Ass in Texas