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 Dwarven Fireworks

Van Snow
Active Imagination
Albuquerque, New Mexico
25 Participants
September 29

The Deck:

1x Arc Mage
1x Kris Mage
4x Blood-fire Dwarf
1x Shivian Dragon
 2x Pyroclasm
1x Inferno
3x Tremor
1x Breath of Darigazz
2x Scorching Lava
1x Magma Burst
4x Shock
2x Rhystic Lightning
2x Lightning Blast
4x Stone Rain
4x Dwarven Landslide
2x Blaze
1x Earthquake
1x Illuminate
2x Dingus Egg

20x Mountain

Side Board (or, at least a lame excuse for one)

2x Shatter
1x Blaze
1x Dingus Egg
1x Boil
1x Sudden Impact
1x Smash

The Idea of the deck is to clear off the boards of creatures, then burn the player out. Kinda bad, but I like the deck.

After several attempts at playing blue/white, I have returned to my roots. The very first Magic deck I ever made was a beat-down/burn deck with lots o’ goblins and Fireballs. I seem to play red the best, no other color matches it in terms of creature kill. Not even Black. So I show up at six p.m., trade binder under my arm and deck in hand. I forgot my card sleeves at home (doh!), so I fork over seven dollars and buy some new ones. After shuffling a lot to work in the new sleeves, I get in some good trades before the tourney starts. Here we go:

Round 1- Cris with B/G/W Life gain& un-killable creatures

This deck gave my U/W deck fits last tourney, as my counters decided to hide during the match. I start off well, playing a few dwarves and some LD. When he lays down his fourth land, he drops a white-kicked Necravolver. No problem. I detonate a dwarf, then cast Pyroclasm. On his turn, he brings it back with Urborg Uprising, and I kill it again. He brings it back, and this time double kicks it. I don’t draw any burn large enough.

SB in: 1x Sudden Impact

SB out: 1x Tremor

Game 2 is pretty much the same, but I switch to a burn stratigy. I get him down to nine, then he plays Death on a Gerrard that I Blasted, putting him down to four. At the ent of his turn, I Rhystic Lightning him for the win.

Game 3:

I LD his Plains and Swamps, and his Forests just sit there, doing nothing. I drop a Kris Mage and start smacking him with it, and my burn takes care of him.

Matches: 1-0 Games:2-1

Cool. My deck’s first win. I wander around, and watch my freind Rick barley beat a G/W deck. I seem to have lost all of the names of the people I played after Cris, so I’ll just describe their decks.

Round 2:

Another B/G/W, this one is EVIL!

Game 1 starts of quiet, too quiet... that comes to an abrupt end when he plays two Blastos and beats me in the head with them. They mashed up my dwarves, and since I couldn’t burn them, my Pyroclasms decided to run away.

SB: Nada

Game 2 is stupid. I now have one land while the Blastos are beating me in the head.

Matches: 1-1  Games: 2-3

I learned something important in the last match: Blasoderms really, really screw me over.

Round 3:

R/W/B Controllish deck

This game is funny. I am holding a Quake, a Shivian Dargon, two Stone Rains, a Dingus Egg, and both Pyroclasms, with only one land. He has around twelve land and nothing to play. The game stops being funny when he draws a Lightning Angel.

Game 2:

I don’t get mana screwed, but my burn flees to the bottom of my deck, he playes an Angel, and it goes all the way.

Matches: 1-2 Games: 2-5

Okay, this is getting sad.

Round 4:

R/W/B Controllish Deck (hmm....)

Jeeze! He plays a freaking’ Lightning Angel, which he smashes my face in with.

Game 2:

Much better! He plays a Lightning Angel, but I have a Lightning Blast with it’s name on it. I start beating him with my two Mages, and he scoops.

Game 3:

He plays three Angels, and I waste two of them, but the survivor keeps smacking me. So I start hurling shocks, lightning, and balls of flame at him. I win, but just barley.

Matches: 2-2 Games 4-5

Best I could go is 3-2 :(

Round 5:

U/W pro red deck

This is sad. He smashes my face with Galina’s Knight and the likes. End of story.

Matches: 2-3 Games: 4-7


E-mail me at Vchip3000@aol.com if you want to hear about more sad decks.


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