Heres my green elf peasant deck.
3 priest of titania
2 skyshroud elf
2 nomadic elf
2 skyshroud troll
2 treetop rangers
2 blanchwood treefolk
2 fyndhorn elves
4 yavimaya wurm
2 seeker of skybreak
2 thresher beast
2 llanowar elite
1 mirrorwood treefolk
4 thrive
2 explosive growth
2 carapace
2 briar shield
2 rancor
2 tiger claws
2 treetop bracers
3 ancestral mask
1 blanchwood armor
19 forests
total: 71
The idea with this deck is to beat them down with my common fatties, the wurms, treefolk, and beast, to beat them down, and if I don't get any of those, than I drop some enchantment with ancestral mask. I get the big guys our fast with my preists of titania or some other such mana producing elf. Or if not any of those, I thrive my elves and go in to overwhelm them.
I just stuck the mirrorwood guy just for the heck of it. Its got a sweet ability that i can power with my skyshroud or nomadic elves. I don't really have a choice in making common decks, I can't make any thing else. So I think this peasant thing is pretty sweet.