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Pojo's Book Reviews




with Miguel Caron

10.15.01  Hello everyone out there in Pojoland! For the next few weeks, I will be starting a mini series where I will single handedly reveal the entire storyline of the Magic: The Gathering storyline thus far, from the fabled Brother’s War and the epic Apocalypse which finished off  the great saga of the Planeswalker Urza.  I will reveal the humble beginning of Urza, back in the time when he was a mere apprentice artificer. I take you back to Antiquities... behold, the Brother’s War!


Our saga starts off as Urza and Mishra, two brothers with superior intellect to most all they encounter, travel across Dominaria to become students of the mistress artificer Tocasia. By her guidance, the two brothers study the art of artifice soon learning of their predecessors, an ancient race known as the Thran, who were the masters of their domain with their artificial skills.  Taking a mild field trip across Dominaria, the brothers search the caves of Koilos for any sort of remnant of the Thran. Upon locating a massive room, the brothers are shocked to find a massive powerstone set in the center of the room like a large energetic monolith. With great lust, the brothers grab hold of the stone at the exact moment, cracking it apart and blasting open a gateway to a dark demonic plane, Phyrexia!  Enraged that the other had take


Unknown to the feuding brothers, the portal that had been blown open at Koilos had been detected on it’s other side in Phyrexia, and without wasting any valuable time, the Phyrexian lord Yawgmoth sent one of his Inner circle members, the diabolical Gix, through the portal and into Dominaria.  Soon having a quick following, the mechanical monstrosity  forms his own cult group, forever known as the Priests of Gix.


The Yotia and Jowajii nations war against one another, Urza and Mishra leading their respective forces.  In order for them to wage their war and construct their massive killing machines, the brothers began to tear the land apart to salvage enough resources to build their weaponry.  The Jowajii, however, fall prey to Gix and his cult, which begins controlling the nation in it’s entirety,  Gix himself beginning to plot out the moves that should be made in the war, like Mishra was merely his pawn and play toy.  Ashnod takes note of this, a flees Mishra.


Aware of his father’s struggle against his uncle, the son of Urza; Harbin, sets forth on an exploration quest over Dominaria, only to turn up with the lush land of Argoth, an island in near middle of no where inhabited only by elves and non-sentient beastials.  Acquiring information of his nephew’s discovery, Mishra  charges Argoth with intention of devouring it’s resources.  Urza and Mishra meet full force in the center of the isle, each focusing their strategy around exploiting the resources of the land.

A city known as Terisia, far West in the land Terisiare banded together in a diplomatic meeting with representatives of each of the five colors of mana, yet the actual classification of the colors of mana would only come within several more years.  The representatives each had some sort of skill of their respective color and were able to cat spells.  Of course, their powers were not yet strong, as was proved when Mishra attacked the city, the powers only able to keep Mishra at bay.  A representative, the femme Loran, managed to flee the city with a great sylex under her.

Her escape, however, was not to last long.  Soon enough, Ashnod had caught up to Loran and tortured her into submission until she submitted the sylex to the devious Ashnod.  Returning to her master Mishra, she presented a false sylex to her lord with the hope he would not care about the relic. However, the Priests of Gix snatched the sylex away from her greedily.  Meanwhile,  the war waged on, and Ashnod soon found herself on opposite sides of the field with her love Tawnos, who she had been amorous with in her absence.  Gix soons finds his path upon Argoth and begins take control of any artifact that he comes across, be it Urza’s or Mishra’s, it did not matter to him.The war had began to come to a close, as Mishra and Urza squared off in a final confrontation upon Argoth.  It would be blood versus blood, but Urza soon realized Mishra was no longer of his blood and had become a Phyrexian construct of metal and glistening oil.  Enraged that his brother would trade out his family blood for oil, Urza roared in fury and gathered mana for the first time in his life. Tawnos finally arrives while Mishra regroups from his brother’s gathering and hands over the sylex.  Fearful for his apprentice’s life, Urza commands Tawnos to flee. 


However, perhaps Urza should have followed his own advice, as Mishra had returned with on of the great dragon engines used during the war.  Most would normally ride the dragon engine, but Mishra was anything but normal.  Thanks to his Phyrexian form, Mishra merged with the dragon engine itself to become one with it.  Completely enraged at it all, the destruction of the land, the pain of war, the treachery of his, Urza forces his emotions within the sylex, causing a chain reaction and obliterating most of Dominaria and eradicating Mishra.  However, the Weak and Mightstones had once again merged within Urza, causing him to ascend to the level of Planeswalkerhood and protect him from the explosion itself.  <


In case anyone is wondering, yes, Urza did have a son.  What? You expected him to be a 4000 year old virgin? ;)


I’ll be back next week with the return of Gix and the appearance of the sleep agents.


~ Miguel "Vigilante Fantasy" Caron