Lyrilusc - Beryl Canary
Lyrilusc – Beryl Canary

Lyrilusc – Beryl Canary – #LED8-EN035

If this card is in your hand: You can target 1 “Lyrilusc” monster in your GY; Special Summon both this card and that monster, also you cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn, except Xyz Monsters. You can only use this effect of “Lyrilusc – Beryl Canary” once per turn. A WIND Xyz Monster that was Summoned using this card on the field as material gains this effect.  ● This card gains 200 ATK, also its control cannot switch.

Date Reviewed:  November 22nd, 2021

Rating: 4.00

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Lyrilusc – Beryl Canary starts off the Lyrilusc week on

None of the Lyrilusc Main Deck monsters have high ATK, making that an important weakness for them if they cannot get to their Extra Deck choices. Beryl Canary can Special Summon itself and another Lyrilusc from the grave, but then locks you into Xyz Monsters for the rest of the turn. The ATK gain Beryl Canary gives the Xyz it is used for is not very important, neither is the immunity from control switching to your opponent. In earlier years this would’ve been a handier trait, but most of those effects are not used as much/have been limited through ban lists.

Beryl Canary is the easiest way to get to your Rank 1’s and begin flooding the field as Lyrilusc can do. You will have two instantly with it, and the goal is to get as many Xyz materials as possible onto one of your Xyz Lyrilusc monsters (Lyrilusc – Bird Sanctuary also aids in this if you are making multiple Xyz monsters at once). To aid with the archetypes small ATK Lyrilusc – Phantom Feathers helps set your opponent up for big damage when played straight-away before you Xyz Summon, dropping all ATK’s to one of your Lyrilusc monster’s ATK (make sure it’s 0ATK), then go into something like Lyrilusc – Ensemblue Robin or Lyrilusc – Promenade Thrush that gain 500ATK per material and really give them a thrashing.

Easiest way to make a Rank 1 in the archetype, and needed in a set for the deck to work at its best.


Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Got some birds flocking in this week as we look at the new Lyrilusc cards by starting with a new monster for a quick Xyz: Lyrilusc – Beryl Canary.

Beryl Canary is a Level 1 WIND Winged Beast with 0 ATK and 200 DEF. You usually don’t play Level 1s for their stats, and the WIND Winged Beast combo is always interesting. Considering the previous statement will hold true for the remaining monsters this week, I guess I don’t need to mention it anymore. Anyways, this card being in your hand lets you target a Lyrilusc monster in your grave to Special Summon both it and this card, but you are locked to only summoning Xyzs from the Extra Deck for the rest of the turn. Honestly not much of a restriction considering you can just use this after you do your other Extra Deck stuff. Still, a pretty good effect to get a super fast Rank 1 and to trigger some of your Lyrilusc effects like Cobalt Sparrow to search any Level 1 Winged Beast or tomorrow’s card for the Spell/Trap search in the archetype. Basically you can see the instant advantage this can give you. This is a hard once per turn effect, as you should expect to not make too many Rank 1s or the Rank 1 you do summon have a lot of easy materials. Second effect is an effect this gives to a WIND Xyz that uses this as material and that effect is to boost it by 200 ATK and prevent control of it from switching. The ATK boost is miminal, but anything helps to get small Rank 1s some damage, plus the prevention of control switching can be nice, even if niche. Probably this was due to the other Lyriluscs already offering good effects to provide the Xyzs. With that said, Beryl Canary should be an easy 3 of in Lyriluscs and multiples are likely in any Lyrilusc variant. You want to make Rank 1s, and no better card than something that gives you both materials you need.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Bird

Dark Paladin's Avatar

These Lyrilusc cards are a very strange human-esque-bird things but here we are.  So at a glance, we see Beryl Canary here is unimpressive stat wise, even for Level 1.  Wind/Winged-Beast is a natural enough pair, and the 0/200 there is for show I guess.  When this is in your Hand, you can Target a Theme Monster (for once, it doesn’t exclude itself, which is fun to see) in your Graveyard, and you get to Special Summon both Monsters.  A free twofer like that is fantastic, and the only accompanying restriction is that you can only Special Summon XYZ Monsters from your Extra Deck for the rest of the Turn.  One would assume you’re likely immediately XYZing into a Rank 1, but go for whatever you have available.  Being Special Summons, you can do something of a higher Level, based on whatever else you may have on the Field or in your Hand.  This Effect is once per Turn, to help prevent flooding your board, and I get it.  If you use this for XYZ Summon of a Wind Monster, said Monster gains 200 attack, and control of it can’t change.  The latter is nice enough to see on a Monster, while the 200 attack is almost laughable.  Use this in multiples, as many as you can fit in the Deck, it’s a great combo card.

Rating:  4/5

Art:  3.5/5  I mean, human face, and the wings/arms are a bit…odd…but this is still almost kinda cute in its way.

Mighty Vee

Lulu’s new Lyrilusc cards continue our Synchro Storm reviews this week, starting with Lyrilusc Beryl Canary. This is a level 1 WIND winged beast like every other Lyrilusc main deck monster, so no surprises there– you’ll mostly be using it in Lyrilusc and Lyrilusc hybrids anyway. Also unsurprising is the incredibly low stat spread of 0 attack and 200 defense, which is fair for a level 1 monster.

If used as material for a WIND XYZ monster (which would be all Lyriluscs except for one), the resulting monster gains 200 attack and cannot switch control. 200 is fairly paltry, but means a lot when their boss, Lyrilusc Assembled Nightingale, really wants small attack boosts to capitalize off of its multiple attacks. Preventing switching is a niche protection, but helps when Triple Tactics Talent is a relatively common card in the meta. The other effect is a lot more significant; while Beryl Canary’s in your hand, you can target a Lyrilusc in your graveyard, then special summon both Beryl Canary and the targeted monster at the same time. In addition to being a hard once per turn, it also locks you into XYZ monsters for the rest of the turn. While not particularly good as a starter, this makes Beryl Canary an excellent extender and combo piece, since it’s immediately live after being searched by Lyrilusc Recital Starling or Wynn the Wind Channeler. The XYZ lock might seem irrelevant, and it pretty much is in pure builds; you can still go into your other Lyrilusc XYZ or even the powerhouse that is Number F0: Utopic Draco Future. However, its applications are limited in Tri-Brigade hybrids that want to link summon as well as builds that use Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty. That said, these are minor gripes for a card that fits well into its archetype.

Advanced: 4/5
Art: 4/5 While the costumes are still ridiculous, I like the improvement in proportions compared to the older cards.

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