For those that are not aware yet, Shonen Jump did the vote for their next promo to come out, and the winning card was Linkuriboh. Linkuriboh is a Link-1 monster that requires only a Level 1 Monster. The summoning condition is not hard and the effect is more than worth it. You can tribute it to make an attacking monsters ATK 0 until the end of the turn, which is more than likely going to stop your opponents attack right in its tracks. This isnt only once though, because you can also tribute a Level 1 Monster you control to revive Linkuriboh in the Main Monster Zone. This card is probably one of the best battle protection cards in recent history, and the OCG feels that way as well, because they are adding a few tech choices to their decks in order to make use of Linkuriboh. Some of these tech choices might give you a bit of nostalgia.

Eater of Millions

The first tech choice the OCG has chose to use to access Linkuriboh is Eater of Millions. Eater of Millions has a strange, but easy summoning condition. Just banish 5 cards from your hand, field, or Extra Deck face-down. It gains 100 ATK for each card banished face-down, but that doesnt matter too much. What is great about Eater of Millions is that he cannot be tributed or used for a Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Summon. This might counteract the reviving effect of Linkuriboh, but he is still Level 1, so you can summon Linkuriboh with it. The best part of Eater of Millions is that once per turn, it can banish a monster face-down if it is battling it. A pretty sweet way to out certain monsters, and banishing it face-down makes it very difficult to bring back into the game.


Now lets talk about some cards you might remember from a certain format. The second tech choice for the OCG is Scapegoat. If you love Goat Format, then you should know what Scapegoat does. However, if you aren’t familiar, then I will tell you. Scapegoat summons 4 Level 1 tokens to the field, see what I am getting at? You can use a token to summon a Linkuriboh, maybe two since Linkuriboh has an arrow pointing down. Not only that, but when Linkuriboh leaves the field, you can use the remaining tokens to revive a Linkuriboh if they survive as well, giving you up to 4 uses for Linkuriboh if needed. Now of course Scapegoat prevents you from summoning for the remainder of the turn, but that is easy to get around if you set it and use it at the end of your opponent’s turn, plus Scapegoat was always good for shielding you from damage.

Thousand-Eyes Restrict

The last tech choice, and probably the most used one, is Thousand-Eyes Restrict. Now in 2018, you will be summoning it with Instant Fusion and not Metamorphosis with the Goat Token, which is fine, especially since you can easily get around the drawbacks of Thousand-Eyes. All you really got to do is summon Thousand-Eyes off Instant Fusion, equip an opponent’s monster, and then use it to either Link Summon a Linkuriboh or tribute it to revive a Linkuriboh.

In Conclusion

Linkuriboh is very easy to summon, and the options to summon him are very good as well. Eater of Millions is a new tech choice, but Scapegoat and Thousand-Eyes Restrict will have the sentimental value from being popular cards from 2005 Goat Format. Once Linkuriboh hits the TCG, I have no doubt that players will try to play it in their decks. This means that Scapegoat and Thousand-Eyes will get one more time in the spotlight together, likely ushering in a 2018 Goat Format.