Limiter Removal – #AMDE-EN053

Double the ATK of all Machine monsters you currently control, until the end of this turn. During the End Phase of this turn, destroy those monsters.

Date Reviewed:  May 4th, 2023

Rating: 3.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Limiter Removal means I remind you guys of one of my favorite old Yu-Gi-Oh stories and is our Throwback Thursday choice this week.

TLDR, long story short. Guy tried to Bandit Keith me, dropping Barrel Dragon with THREE Limiter Removals long ago in the DM days at a local tournament. Not sure if he got lucky with getting all three within a turn or two (he didn’t dig for them with Pot or Graceful) or if like I inferred, I was getting Keith’d, but that Barrel Dragon met my Kuriboh leaping from my hand and then he was beaten slowly to death with smaller monsters (Silent Magician LV4).

Now, onto the card. Quick-Play is always good, doubling the ATK of all your Machine monsters for the turn is even better. ATK-changing makes this a Damage Calculation card to spring on your opponent and give them a loss they thought they’d win. You lose all your Machine monsters you boosted with this card at the End Phase, but with so many ways to get rid of those monsters for Extra Deck monsters now, you likely won’t lose anything. Some things like Crystrons, Card Trooper, and most notably Kozmo don’t mind being destroyed by battle or card effect, so attempting an OTK with these and failing won’t leave you in the lurch.

There really isn’t a downside to playing Limiter Removal if you have a Machine-Type deck. It can be played during either turn, during the Damage Step, covers all your Machine monsters on the field, and, while you lose all your Machine-Type monsters at the End Phase that were affected by Limiter Removal, you just have to Extra Deck summon stuff to avoid this if you do not finish your opponent. Sounds pretty simple in 2023 Yu-Gi-Oh to do. Limiter Removal has always been a finisher card, and should always been seen as much.

Advanced-4/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Throwback Thursday this week, as we looked at some Springans related stuff, brings us to a classic card for Machine strategies to OTK: Limiter Removal.

Limiter Removal is a Quick-Play Spell that doubles the ATK of all Machine monsters you control, but those monsters who were affected by this are destroyed during the End Phase. Honestly, the destruction isn’t likely to happen considering you can just swarm the board with multiple Machines and then use this to double the ATK of all of those monsters and likely do more than enough damage to win the Duel right there. You could also use it defensively if you need if you control a smaller Machine and the opponent attacks it, letting you use this to potentially run over the opponent’s monster in exchage for yours getting destroyed at the end of the turn. Now, though, you’re most likely using this to deal lethal damage to win the game with a board full of powerful Machines. Even then, some of these Decks can put out lethal damage without Limiter Removal, hence why the card is at 3 now. Still, it can be a nice game-ender if you end up needing something like this, especially in multiples since the doubling of ATK stacks, letting you get 4x or 8x ATK for using more than 1 copy. It’s a nice card for Machine OTK strategies still, just less necessary as the game has sped up.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 3/5 Put the pedal to the metal and go even faster.

Mighty Vee

Throwback Thursday brings us one of the most menacing cards of a bygone era, Limiter Removal, a Quick Play Spell introduced to the TCG all the way back in 2002. Limiter Removal’s effect is simple, doubling the attack of all of the Machine monsters you currently control until the End Phase, during which those Machines are fittingly destroyed. Limiter Removal is unlimited now, but ironically, it was limited during the famed Goat Format due to it being a lethal enabler for Machine Beatdown decks, being able to secure a swift kill. The “downside” is irrelevant if you ended your opponent anyway; Mechanicalchaser reaches a monstrous 3700 attack for the time period, easily beating over juggernauts like Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. In a jam, you could even set Limiter Removal for some cheap damage against an opponent crashing into your Machines. Nowadays, most decks don’t particularly need an external tech to secure the OTK; even the OTK king, Cyber Dragon, naturally OTKs with its bread and butter combos. Limiter Removal may be a relic, but at least it’s fun to see big numbers.

Advanced: 2.25/5

Art: 2/5 For a card about overclocking, it sure isn’t particularly dynamic…

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