Libromancer Intervention
Libromancer Intervention

Libromancer Intervention – #BACH-EN091

When your opponent activates a card or effect: Target 1 “Libromancer” Ritual Monster you control; return it to the hand, and if you do, negate that activated effect, then you can Special Summon 1 “Libromancer” monster from your hand or GY. You can only activate 1 “Libromancer Intervention” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  April 27th, 2022

Rating: 3.15

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Libromancer Intervention is the only Trap in the archetype.

A Normal Trap only able to be activated in response to an opponent’s card effect isn’t something I want to see on a card. You need a Ritual Libromancer card on the field, narrowing its play even more, just to negate the effect you triggered Libromancer Intervention off of. You lose out on your Ritual Monster (bouncing it to your hand) and then can Special Summon a Libromancer from the hand or grave (if any). Lets do the math: Play Intervention, bounce a Libromancer Ritual Monster, negate a card, Special Summon a Libromancer from the grave…a 2-for-2 on the surface, if you have a Libromancer in yoru grave and if you are negating a monster effect the monster lives (if on the field).

A card negation card that has broad reach, but revolves around you having one of two monsters currently in the archetype on the field. You are better off playing negation like Impermanence, Strike, and Judgment. Yes you can negate a Spell/Trap and not have to deal with that card likely being on the field, but you still need a Libromancer Ritual Monster on the field to play this card. Stick with monster-focused negation like Strike and Impermanence and maybe run one of this.

Advanced- 2/5

Art- 3/5

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Crunch$G Avatar

From the archetype’s lone Spell to the archetype’s lone Trap, we have Libromancer Intervention.

Intervention is a Normal Trap where when your opponent activates a card or effect, you target a Libromancer Ritual you control to return it to the hand in order to negate that effect and then Special Summon a Libromancer from your hand or graveyard. Negation is nice, but weird this isn’t a Counter Trap. I guess you at least get Trap Trick if you wanted. Bouncing a Ritual doesn’t sound optimal, but you at least get a monster back and you likely still got First Appearance on the field to Ritual Summon the monster again to potentially repeat this process. Hard once per turn on this, probably for not too much negation. This is your lone piece of disruption in Libromancers, but the archetype has no issue getting to it at least. Multiples is still nice in the Deck due to the lack of support still, but that could always change.

Advanced Rating: 3.25/5

Art: 4/5 Not as many colors, but dark and mysterious at least.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

From Magic A to Trap B, here’s Libromancer Intervention.  Targeting a Ritual Monster in the Theme when your opponent activates a Card or Effect is a hefty price.  Even if you broke even through the Field Magic of yesterday, now you’re -1 again beyond that, at least on paper.  It going back to your Hand is actually not the best here, as you’d want a properly Summoned Ritual Monster in your Grave for better revival.  And no more loss of advantage. If you bring a Ritual back with the second Effect here, you are breaking even, at least in terms of Field presence, but still a -1 in card advantage.  It looks better now with the card pool being THIS small, but it isn’t particularly great, and I’m hoping as the pool grows, they’ll get better options.

Rating:  3/5

Art:  4.5/5  Intervention indeed

Mighty Vee

Libromancer week continues with another key card from their repertoire, Libromancer Intervention, a normal trap, which is rather odd considering what it does. It can negate any of your opponent’s effect activations by returning a Libronmancer ritual monster you control back to your hand; additionally, you’ll be able to special summon any Libromancer from your hand or graveyard. Libromancer Doombroker, who we’ll cover more in-depth later this week, can set this card directly from the deck, essentially making it an accessible Solemn Strike. Having to self-bounce sounds kind of yucky, but if you have access to Libromancer Agent, you can form a silly little loop as Agent can repeatedly recycle Intervention (and as long as Libromancer First Appearance is still active, you can keep summoning Doombroker!). In a pinch, you could still bring back Libromancer Geek Boy and use Libromancer Firestarter, but its potential is much lower than with Doombroker and Agent. I wouldn’t go out of my way to incorporate this as an engine in other decks though, since simply using Solemn Strike or Solemn Judgement are much less trouble. Given the card’s lack of splashability, I’m surprised that it doesn’t negate and destroy, and it would be a lot deadlier if it were a counter trap. Still, it’s their only in-house disruption; I’d run at least 1 (and maybe only 1, considering the whole Agent cycle and Doombroker searching it).

Advanced: 3.5/5

Art: 3.5/5 Flying paper? Goosebumps!


So the Libromancers have an omni-negate? Didn’t see that coming. Maybe these guys are a little better than I first gave them credit. Today’s card is Libromancer Intervention, a Trap that can negate any card or effect by returning a “Libromancer” Ritual from Field back to Hand. Afterwards, you replace said monster with another “Libromancer” from Hand or Grave.

Negating things is the name of the game in YuGiOh right now, so being able to negate ANYTHING is really cool. One problem I have with this card is that, although it negates, it doesn’t also destroy the source of the activated effect. I suppose that could be a bit strong, but then again, there’s both a requirement and a cost to activating Intervention, so I don’t think it would’ve been too strong to also destroy.

The bigger problem I have with this card is that you have to bounce a Ritual your control. Bringing out your Ritual monsters is the whole strategy of the Libromancers. Bouncing them back to Hand seems really counterproductive to me. I know Ritual Summoning isn’t the hardest thing in the world for this archetype to do since they can repeatedly Ritual Summon using their Field Spell (check out yesterday’s review of First Appearance if you haven’t yet). But even so, it still takes materials to bring out the Rituals.
I really think this card would’ve been perfectly balanced if the Trap simply required that you control a Libromancer Ritual Monster in order to activate it (similar to Branded Retribution). If they really wanted to offset the balance of this card by having you get rid of a Ritual monster, I would’ve prefered that you send the Ritual to the Grave instead – that way you could reborn it more easier.

Although, bouncing the Ritual arguably makes it more safe. There are a ton of ways these days to Banish or Shuffle cards out from the Grave. There aren’t as many ways to hit cards in your opponent’s Hand. Not only that, but since the Libromancer Field Spell is their main way of Ritual Summoning, bouncing it means that if you can just gather enough Levels of monsters, you can bring it back out again.

I don’t know, I’m really conflicted with this one. On one hand, it is pretty strong. But on the other, the cost is just too high. I think the Libromancer deck would still run this card – but it’s more of an optional choice.

Advanced Rating – 3/5
Art – 4/5 (I really like the framing of this shot – it’s very cinematic and epic feeling)


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