Knightmare Goblin
Knightmare Goblin

#4 – Knightmare Goblin
– #FLOD-EN044

2 monsters with different names If this card is Link Summoned: You can discard 1 card; if this card was co-linked when this effect was activated, you can draw 1 card, also, during your Main Phase this turn, you can Normal Summon 1 monster from your hand to your zone this card points to, in addition to your Normal Summon/Set. You can only use this effect of “Knightmare Goblin” once per turn. Neither player can target your co-linked monsters with card effects.

Date Reviewed: December 26, 2018

Rating: 4.67

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King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Knightmare Goblin was part of the Extra Link first turn problem that plagued the game earlier in the year, a reason why it is now banned, and a reason why it made it so high on the list.

Two monsters with different names is easy to come by. You’d make Goblin always when you could co-link it, that way you’d get its effects. Discard for a draw and a free extra Normal Summon that turn, this card was the bane of peoples existence with cards that weren’t once per turn that had Normal Summon effects (Armageddon Knight). If that wasn’t bad enough, Goblin protected co-linked monsters from targeting card effects. Goblin would be the fuel to complete the Extra Link and cripple your opponents chances of coming back, minus a few ways to break the Extra Link piece by piece. Gouki were one of the many decks that benefited from Goblin’s existence, along with another card coming up in the countdown. FTK’s and OTK’s were stabilized with the help of this card being combined with others and it needed to be dealt with. It deserved the ban, it was the worst of the Knightmare monsters. If you weren’t playing many Link monsters, or could co-link, then this card may have slipped under your radar, but it surely made an impact.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time


Ah yes, I remember doing the Knightmare week like it was yesterday, and most of them are worthy of being mentioned for a list like this, but for the number 4 spot, out of Flames of Destruction, we have Knightmare Goblin.

Knightmare Goblin is a Link-2 WIND Fiend with 1300 ATK and arrows pointing Left and Right. ATK could be better on a Link-2, I’m fine with Fiend, WIND is another attribute I’d like to see get better, the arrows are good in the Main Monster Zone only. The requirements for this are two monsters with different names, which is supremely easy. If this card is Link Summoned, you can discard one card to be able to have an additional Normal Summon this turn as long as it is in a zone this card points to, then if this card was co-linked when you discarded to activate this effect, you can draw 1 card. An extra Normal Summon without the Brilliant Fusion engine sounds great, so great that this card is now banned in the TCG and will be in the OCG come January. This allowed Extra Link decks like Gouki to extend like crazy, so no wonder we saw this get the ax. That was a hard once per turn effect of Goblin, but you only needed it once and only used two to go into a Knightmare Mermaid or a higher Link Summon before you got the extra Normal Summon. If that wasn’t good enough, if this card is co-linked, then your co-linked monsters cannot be targeted by card effects. Well that is some strong protection, especially if you get this co-linked with a Phoenix and Cerberus. Don’t get me started on if you add Unicorn, Gryphon, and Mermaid to the mix. The Knightmares are so good and Goblin was the best one arguably, up there with Unicorn. It warrants its ban right now, but I do wonder if we can ever see it come back.

Advanced Rating: 5/5

Art: 4.5/5 Up from the 4 I gave it before here, I kinda like him more than I said. Knightmares look outstanding.

My #4: Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights


The day after Christmas brings us to the spooky side of things…

Knightmare Goblin definitely turned out to be the best of the bunch, currently Banned in the TCG (yet only Limited in the OCG).  He’s not a strong Monster, even only for Link 2, with his 1300 attack, but his use and abuse was very obvious and very quick to use and master for the player.  It’s too bad, yet understandable, that the Knightmares had to have this card Banned, given how small their Monster pool is.

Very generic and easy to bring out just requiring two differently named Monsters, with perfect arrows pointing off either center side of Goblin as well.  The first effect is a nice 1-for-1, where as by discarding a card from your Hand, you get to Draw a card from your Deck, so long as this card was co-linked at the time.  To add ease to this effect, as well as cycling, you’re allowed during Main Phase 1 to Normal Summon a Monster from your Hand to a zone this card points to, which should ensure you get the discard/draw.  

Neither player can target a card you have co-linked to this, which is GREAT, and only furthers the protection and advantage you can get from your Goblin.  These effects are once per turn, which is absolutely necessary to prevent turbo draw options and maybe even fuel for OTK.  This is a great card, and honestly, one that can be used in and out of the Deck.  It just ended up being too powerful and too easy to abuse.

Rating:  5/5 (Hence the ban)

Art:  5/5  Creepy, but very well drawn and colored, the greens and blues are very complimentary to each other.


I didn’t like Knightmares earlier this year, and that has not changed. This one got banned not for its protection effect, not for its draw effect, but for the ability to abuse the extra Normal Summon upon a successful Link Summon. Knightmare Goblin has unimpressive stats that don’t even merit mention. The only thing that matters is how easy it is to put 2 monsters on the field with different names in order to summon this Link 2 monster. Being co-linked gives you the draw and targeting protection. Without being co-linked you get to Normal Summon twice in one turn. Too easy to abuse, too easy to summon, too free of an effect, and maybe just being ugly got this card banned and a worthy spot on this list. 

Score: 4/5     Art: 3/5


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