King of Monster Island: Stomp, Smash, Survive… Together?

  • King of Monster Island – Strategy Board Game (King of Tokyo Sequel)
  • Family Game
  • Play Cooperatively
  • Ages 10+
  • 1-5 Players
  • 60 Minutes
  • Brand: IELLO Games
  • Release Date: 2022
  • Designer: Richard Garfield
    (Magic: the Gathering, Bunny Kingdom, Keyforge, King of Tokyo, etc.)
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King of Monster Island components – A big box with lots of goodies!

Theme & Flavor: 

King of Monster Island is a sequel to King of Tokyo.  King of Tokyo is a fast-paced dice game where giant monsters battle for city-stomping glory. Roll dice to collect energy, attack rivals, or heal. Earn victory points through rampages, card effects, and eliminating other contenders.  Think of King of Tokyo as a modernization of Yahtzee, but with combat between all players.  If you don’t own King of Tokyo, check it out at Amazon.  King of Tokyo has a fan rating of 4.8/5.0 on Amazon.  

King of Tokyo is one of the best selling board games of the 21st century.

King of Monster Island ditches the competitive claws of its predecessor, King of Tokyo, for a cooperative romp where players team up to defeat giant rampaging monsters. The vibrant artwork and goofy monster designs (think Godzilla meets Power Rangers) create a lighthearted atmosphere perfect for casual gaming nights.

The volcano is both decorative and functional.

Mechanics & Gameplay: 

The core dice-rolling mechanic feels familiar, echoing King of Tokyo, but the cooperative twist adds a fresh layer. Players roll dice to gain energy, fight the monster, heal, and explore the island, acquiring cards that grant unique abilities. The volcano dice tower adds a fun, tactile element, and the increasing difficulty of the boss keeps the tension high. However, some may find the decision-making lighter compared to strategic co-ops.

Components & Artwork: 

The chunky monster standees and eye-catching island board create a fantastic table presence. The artwork is bold and playful, perfectly capturing the monster-mash theme. The volcano dice tower is a delightful and functional centerpiece.


Three different monster bosses, each with two difficulty levels, offer strategic options and keep the game fresh. The included “Ultimate Challenge” mode further increases replayability for seasoned players. 

Final Verdict: 4/5

King of Monster Island delivers a lighthearted yet engaging cooperative experience. The familiar dice-rolling mechanics are easy to learn, and the teamwork aspect fosters collaboration and shared excitement. While not offering the strategic depth of some co-ops, its charming theme, eye-catching visuals, and increasing difficulty make it a perfect choice for casual game nights and family gatherings.

Pojo Notes: 

  • King of Monster Island is slightly more difficult than King of Tokyo.  King of Tokyo is an extremely easy game to learn.  Monster Island steps it up a little, but it’s not crazy.  The rulebook is very well written.  And there are a lot of great YouTube videos for training.
  • My family prefers Monster Island these days over King of Tokyo.  
  • There can be downtime between your turns.  The monster acts between each player’s turns.  Some players prefer it to Monster Island this with 2-3 players.  I honestly don’t mind playing this at 4.  I have never tried it with 5 though.  
  • Mix and Match – Players can use their favorite King of Tokyo monsters with this game.  If you love any of the previously introduced monsters, use ’em!
Cybertooth Figures-and Stands from King of Tokyo expansion

Who Should Play It: Fans of light co-op games, King of Tokyo, and monster mayhem.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Prioritize healing early on to sustain your team.
  • Work together to defeat the minions before they overwhelm you. 
  • Utilize your monster abilities strategically to maximize their impact.
  • Don’t be afraid to push your luck with the dice, but remember the risks!