Kellan, The Fae-Blooded
Kellan, The Fae-Blooded

Kellan, The Fae-Blooded – Wilds of Eldraine

Date Reviewed:  September 20, 2023

Constructed: 4.00
Casual: 4.63
Limited: 4.38
Multiplayer: 3.88
Commander [EDH]: 4.00

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I got a real shock the first time I ever played creatures with adventures against older cards (which was on Zoom, using a webcam – long story). They’re inherent card advantage and let you include spells which would be slightly underpowered in efficient formats, because they’re never entirely dead. Not that searching for an equipment card is particularly underpowered: the most powerful versions of that effect have gotten banned at times, and any version can enable a theme deck or Voltron/toolbox strategy. And Kellan’s creature text is far from just something to fill space: a 2/2 double strike for three mana is actually very efficient as double strike goes, much less when you add in his global stat boost. He’s the sort of card where you look at him and conclude he was obviously intended to be good. And I think he will be.

Constructed: 4
Casual: 4.5
Limited: 4
Multiplayer: 4
Commander [EDH]: 4 (ever wanted to attack three other players to death in Commander? Because Kellan’s ability is how you attack three other players to death in Commander)

 James H. 


A red faerie is certainly not something you see every day, and Kellan, the Fae-Blooded is also an interesting creature besides. He’s essentially a warm body stapled to Open the Armory, which was a pretty decent card back in its era, and Kellan’s a 2/2 with double strike that particularly wants to benefit from all the shinies you find. I think he’s not an extremely complex card, but there are good and stabulous swords (among other things) he can dig out in Standard, and he plays well with the enchantment Role tokens of Wilds of Eldraine. In all, he’s not going to set the world on fire, but he is a strong creature with a lot of flexibility besides.

Constructed: 4
Casual: 4.75
Limited: 4.75
Multiplayer: 3.75
Commander [EDH]: 4

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