Icejade Cradle
Icejade Cradle

Icejade Cradle – #BODE-EN056

Add 1 “Icejade” monster from your Deck to your hand with a different name from the cards you control or in your GY.

Date Reviewed:  February 16th, 2022

Rating: 3..75

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Icejade Cradle is an Icejade monster seracher that can be great or a dead draw.

Normal Spell that gets you any Icejade monster from your Deck to your hand with a different name from the cards you control or in your graveyard. First turn this leaves the hand the second it is your turn. The longer the game plays itself out your grave may become filled with Icejade monsters, thus limiting your choices. Even with banishing them, you Three of your six targets need a WATER monster destroyed by battle or card effect to banish themselves, making you need to wait for your opponent to act or you to combo with certain cards to trigger the banish abilities. You can always search a copy of a monster you have in your hand and then summon the copy you searched or the first one, but it is the potential of limitations on the search that hinder this card.

Slight need to play around restrictions limit a search card from being a fantastic card. While you likely will always get what you want, there will be times you can’t get what you want with this card, and there really isn’t a reason that this card couldn’t have been an easy search for Icejade monsters anytime no matter what.

Advanced-4/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The lone Spell in the Icejade lineup so far is a pretty simple one with Icejade Cradle.

Cradle is a Normal Spell that lets you add a Icejade monster from your Deck to your hand with a different name from the cards you control or in your graveyard. No hard once per turn at least, so the restriction makes sense to add here to ensure things aren’t getting too out of hand. I guess this adds more value to the effects of the Icejades banishing themselves, plus this can get you to your win condition much faster. Any archetype having a searcher this simple is always good, even with the downside restriction. No HOPT on this makes it much easier to run 3-of without bricking, because you can still search the same card multiple times with this if you don’t end up putting the card you search in grave.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Is this supposed to be some sort of Icejade egg?

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Wednesday shifts us to the Magic side of things, with a Normal, in Icejade Cradle.  This is a ridiculously simple, but great card.  Okay, this is a great card the earlier you get it in your Duel.  It’s instant access to any one of your Icejade Monsters from your Deck.  No discard, tribute, cost…for free.  The CONDITION, however, is that it has to be of a different name than any Icejade you control OR resides in your Graveyard.  So you get some cards and duel under your belt, this card loses more power…even an empty Field wouldn’t necessarily mean that you could still get what you want/need, BUT with the removal aspect being a big part of this too, this card, if played intelligently, can absolutely still be what you need in a pinch, even late game.  We have a fun, great card, that may need some smarts to play and get the most Effect from depending on your stage in the duel, and that makes me happy.

Rating:  3.5/5

Art:  4/5  This borders on the line of awesome and creepy, but it is what it is

Mighty Vee

Wednesday’s card is Icejade Cradle, a normal spell with surprisingly little text for a card in 2022. Cradle lets you add an Icejade monster from your deck to the hand as long as there isn’t a monster with the same name on your field or in your graveyard. Having a straight ROTA always seems too good to be true in modern archetypes, so while the restriction is a bummer, it’ll almost always be live on turn 1 anyway. Icejades will always appreciate additional monsters in the hand because of their discarding effects, so there’s really no reason not to run 3 in any deck with Icejade monsters in it, whether as an actual Icejade deck or simply as an engine. Notably, Cradle isn’t once per turn so opening multiple copies is really nice, and because of the banishing effect possessed by most Icejade monsters, you can make this card live again with some effort. Overall a really good push for the archetype, though they still need some help from future support or outside WATER archetypes to be viable.

Advanced: 3.5/5

Art: 3.25/5 For people not keeping up with the Albaz lore, the art probably makes no sense or even looks a little evil, but rest assured the Icejades aren’t up to anything suspicious!

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