Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle
Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle

Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle – #BACH-EN062

When this card is activated: You can add 1 of your “Icejade” monsters that is banished or in your GY to your hand. Once per turn, if a monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned (except during the Damage Step): You can target 1 WATER monster you control; that monster, along with any face-up monsters your opponent currently controls, loses ATK equal to the targeted monster’s original ATK, until the end of this turn. You can only activate 1 “Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  May 11th, 2022

Rating: 3.17

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle is a card that can be a double bonus or just a card with one good effect out of two.

Field Spell for the archetype, Enion Cradle is an add back upon activation, getting back a banished Icejade rather than search your deck like a few of your Main Deck Icejade monsters do. With three of your Main Deck Icejade monsters banishing themselves to Special Summon an Icejade from the hand or Deck, Enion Cradle is your main way to get at least one of them back, aside from something like Burial which I couldn’t see someone running in Icejade.

The ATK change can mean something under the right circumstances. Any Normal or Special Summon you make will trigger its optional effect. You’ll need a WATER monster on your side to target, easy, and the ATK drop for it and all opponent’s face-up monsters will be typically around 1000-1500ATK. Bigger WATER monsters means bigger ATK drop, but with something like Kosmochlor you can lean on its effect to add another 1000ATK drop when attacking with Icejade monsters. I see this doing best with a blanket negation like Skill Drain. You summon one of your three main searcher monsters, get their effect, play this, Special Summon an Icejade and then target your smaller Icejade. Get Skill Drain going and have a bigger Icejade ready to attack the smaller opponent monster now after Enion Cradle dropped it. If the ATK drop worked each turn as a Quick Effect it would be exponentially better, as it would continuously hold your opponent at bay as long as you had a WATER monster to target with Enion Cradle.

It gets you back one of your better Main Deck monsters you likely banished, and that makes it a good card already. The ATK change all depends on the game state. When resources for both players are thin I could see this being a difference maker while at the beginning it may only be good at getting back a monster.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-3.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Midweek brings us to a card that helps your win condition work: Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle.

Enion Cradle is a Field Spell that on activation lets you add an Icejade monster that’s banished or in the graveyard to your hand. I mean, nice to see a Field Spell not search anything after recently, recovery is nice to have since this archetype already has a good searcher. You get a soft once per turn upon a monster(s) being Normal/Special Summoned, letting you target a WATER monster you control and have that monster and all other monsters on the field lose ATK equal to the targeted monster’s original ATK for the turn. It’s kind of a meh effect, but fine considering you want to keep your main beater in Defense Position and use those stats for battle with yesterday’s card, which is nice since then you’re just debuffing the opponent’s monsters. For the most part, you’re likely getting a 1000 or 1500 decrease, which is decent. You only get to activate one of these a turn to prevent too much recovery, which is fine. Enion Cradle isn’t anything insane, but it’s searchable at least and it helps other cards work, plus recovery is nice to have at least. It’s okay-ish.

Advanced Rating: 2.75/5

Art: 5/5 One of the prettier Field Spells in recent memory at least.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Of course, we have to look at at least one Magic/Trap in a week, and as most Themes get their own Field Magic, here’s Icejade Cenote Enion Candle.  Free recycle of a Monster in the Theme from your Graveyard OR that has been removed upon activation is great.  Free +1 for the player is always welcome.  The second Effect here is a thinking Effect the player has to play around and with to take full advantage of, but it works for/against both players…kinda reminiscent of Mystic Mine.  Once a Turn, if a Monster(s) is(are) Normal/Special Summoned, you Target one of your Water Monsters, and all your opponent’s Monsters lose attack equal to the chosen Monster’s attack for the duration of the Turn.  As does your Monster…so again, this will come in play during either player’s Turn, but the Effect is optional.  I don’t think given how easy it is to destroy Magic/Trap, let alone neutralize Effects in general, so I don’t honestly seeing this being ENOUGH to really thwart your opponent and/or help you.  If you do this on yesterday’s card, that IS a 2500 attack drop, but obviously, that’s dependent on it being on the Field, and the Equip part won’t count.  This card is situational, can bite you, and just doesn’t do as much as I’d come to expect from what Field cards we get today.  

Rating:  2.75/5

Art:  4/5  This is very pretty, I’d love to see it on the Field in a show

Mighty Vee

As a fairly hyped-up location lore-wise, it was inevitable that Icejades would get their own field spell. Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle (now that’s a mouthful) is a field spell, making it searchable by Terraforming and Icejade Aegirine (and, by extension, Icejade Cradle), so getting access to it should be pretty easy. On activation, you can add any Icejade back to your hand from your graveyard or your banished monsters, giving them another way to recycle their banished Icejades. Being an activation effect is kind of weird since they’d really like to keep using it, and Enion Cradle can only be activated once per turn, but it is what it is. Enion Cradles’s trigger effect is also a once per turn; if a monster is normal or special summoned, you can target a WATER monster you control and reduce the attack of that monster and all of your opponent’s currently face-up monsters by that monster’s attack. As Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer has demonstrated, non-targeting attack drops usually aren’t on the radar, but they can be a major nuisance especially when you’ve facing a few high-stat monsters. Icejade Creation Kingfisher gives the biggest bang for your buck, reducing attack by a whopping 2500, though most Icejades will only drop for 1000 or 1500 attack, which is still a respectable amount. The attack drop on your own Icejade is pretty clearly meant for Kingfisher’s defense attacking effect, but honestly it’s not too relevant unless you’ve managed to field their boss. Judging only by these effects, Enion Cradle would just be okay, but as we’ll find out later this week, it’s a crucial card for getting the maximum power of the new Icejade boss, so even if it was horrible, you’d still run 3!

Advanced: 3/5

Art: 3.75/5 Nice place they got


Today we’re covering the Icejade Field Spell. Like with most Field Spells of the modern era, it grants us a resource upon activation. Unlike most, we don’t fetch an Icejade from the Deck. Instead we can return one that’s already in the Grave OR Banished back to Hand. The first wave of Icejade monsters all have effects that trigger while in the Grave, so most likely you’re going to be using this 1st effect of Enion Cradle to add back a banished card.
Since you can’t add from the Deck, it’s not a great 1st turn play (unless you can set up your Grave before hand).

This 2nd effect of the Field helps to shore up one of the weaknesses of the Icejade theme. Whenever a monster is Summoned (it doesn’t matter WHO summoned or HOW it was Summoned), you can Target one of your own WATER monsters. If you do, then that monster loses ATK equal to its Original ATK along with ALL face up monster your opponent controls. This doesn’t seem like much, but when used at the right time, your opponent’s board will have all their attacks neutered. If you thought Droplet was bad, then this can be just as devastating.

The Icejades often Summon themselves in DEF mode since that tends to be their higher stat. So dropping your own monster’s ATK isn’t going to matter. Not only that, but when paired with the card that we reviewed yesterday, Kingfisher, your Icejades can still attack with that untouched DEF stat.

This Field can trigger on either turn so it helps you break through an opponent’s board whilel also keeping you safe during their onslaught.

There’s a lot to like here. The fact that the ATK drop isn’t a surprise hurts it just a little bit (as the opponent can play around it if they’re smart), but overall it’s really good for Icejades and at least decent in other WATER themes.

There’s more than meets the eye to this card. Wait till we cover the Icejade Boss monster. We’ll see this Field spell has an even bigger role to play in the deck…

Advanced Rating – 4/5
Art – 5/5 (Spoilers – EVERY Icejade card is going to get a 5/5 in Art from me)


Hi everyone! We continue Icejade week with the signature Field Spell card of the archetype, Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle. A real mouthful of a card name, but at least the font in the rules text box is still big enough to be read without a magnifying glass!

As many of the newer field spell cards, this offers an activation effect when you play it in addition to its repeated bonuses for your monsters. When you first activate it, you can add one of your Icejade monsters that chill in the graveyard or the banished zone back to your hand, a really solid buyback effect that enables additional plays and since the Icejade spells and traps are searchable with Aegirine, this is an important piece in the puzzle to add consistency and redundancy to your deck’s toolbox. But you will only be able to recur one monster per turn since activating the spell is limited to a hard once-per-turn.

The second effect of Icejade Cenote Enion Cradle is a once-per-turn activated effect that triggers when any monster is summoned (except during the damage step, where most such effects can’t go off anyway) and it simply lets you target one of your Water-attribute monsters, which makes it and all face-up monsters your opponent currently controls lose attack equal to your water monster’s original attack stat until the end of this turn. This synergizes nicely with the Icejade theme’s ability to attack with their defense stat, because they are obviously completely unaffected by the attack drop and can just run over opposing diminished monsters. This effect can also activate during your opponent’s turn, which is a nice skill-tester and makes you decide when to fire it off in order to prevent getting overrun, but not get too greedy and miss the opportunity to use it, since this doesn’t apply to monsters summoned after its activation and you can only use it once each turn.

This card’s main use is definitely the reincarnation effect for Icejade monsters, but the global shrink to the enemy board can be absolutely devastating, since it does not actually target and many boss monsters in the game have lots of defensive abilities that prevent them from being destroyed by card effects and have absurdly high attack stats, which does not necessarily save them from just being attacked the good old-fashioned way. This is a unique angle of attack for your strategy which can be extremely potent at properly picking apart boards and I can totally see the Icejade archetype greatly benefiting from pairing this effect with cards like Dark Ruler No More or Forbidden Droplet to off your opponent’s go-first board. Never underestimate the value of strange, unexpected effects on the field. With this, your opponents might just get caught off-guard with a bunch of helplessly diminished monsters getting trampled over by your water squad!

Rating: 3/5


solid role-player in the Icejade deck, unique effect allows you to globally reduce opposing monsters for better attack options, light board-breaking utility


monster recursion effect is limited to a hard once-per-turn, defensive utility very limited and can easily be outplayed by any skilled duelist

Art: 5/5

I have a special place in my heart for intricately detailed fantasy landscapes and art depicting weird or interesting biomes and this one certainly delivers. You can see a little red dragon hanging out, beautiful cataracts in the background and a mixture of anemones and cyber corals chilling on the edges of the picture. The icy platforms with the reflected hues of purple and green give the piece a sense of depth and color while beams of sunlight gently break through the water surface above. Beautiful!

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