Goblin Biker Big Gabonga
Goblin Biker Big Gabonga

Goblin Biker Big Gabonga – #PHNI-EN047

2 Level 3 monsters
If this card is Xyz Summoned: You can add 1 “Goblin” monster from your Deck to your hand. If material is detached from a monster(s) on the field (except during the Damage Step): You can target 1 face-up monster on the field, except this card; attach it to this card as material. During the End Phase: You can attach 1 “Goblin” monster from your Deck to this card as material. You can only use each effect of “Goblin Biker Big Gabonga” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  April 26th, 2024

Rating: 3.75

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Goblin Biker Big Gabonga is the first Xyz you’re likely to summon in the archetype and end our Goblin week.

Generic Rank 3 materials needed and easy to come by in Goblins, Gabonga is a RoTA for the archetype as well upon Xyz Summon. Likely should’ve been “Goblin card” but we’ll let it pass. If an Xyz Material somewhere on the field gets detached, Gabonga will be able to attach a face-up monster on the field as material (but not itself). Stealing an opponent’s monster and using it as an Xyz Material is one of the easiest ways to deal with troublesome monsters. You will be detaching stuff on the field to Special Summon several of your Main Deck Goblin monsters, and now you have a way to deal with monsters that are stronger than your Goblins on the field.

Gabonga will also attach a Goblin from the Main Deck at your End Phase if you choose, thinning your Deck and giving it more materials to detach using your in-hand Goblin monsters if there weren’t any Xyz Monsters other than Gabonga on the field. Boom Mach being attached from the Deck in the End Phase just to be detached and put in the grave is an easy way to prep for its ability to Special Summon itself while not losing out on detaching. This is why the restriction had to be put onto Gabonga. If you were able to attach a copy of Gabonga to itself that had a few materials on itself already, you’d have a Gabonga that would be an endless source of detach for your Goblins. Also, it would be an easy way to double-out monster on your opponent’s field and then attach one to the other next turn.

With many monsters needing to detach Xyz Materials to Special Summon themselves, there needed to be an easy way to attach and supply those materials without depending on the opponent, and Gabonga does that. Good ATK for Rank 3, don’t worry about the 0DEF, just keep attaching and detaching using it. It facilitates the Special Summon of a Goblin while getting rid of an opponent’s monster and gets a Goblin at the End Phase of either turn and attaches as a material to ensure you will always have Goblins available in your grave or attached.

Advanced- 4/5     Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

The week comes to a close with the main Xyz you’ll be making with your Goblin Bikers: Goblin Biker Big Gabonga.

Big Gabonga is a Rank 3 EARTH Beast-Warrior Xyz with 2100 ATK and 0 DEF. A good ATK stat for a Rank 3, EARTH is nice, and Beast-Warrior is solid. The materials to make this are any 2 Level 3 monsters, so completely generic for stuff like Speedroid Terrortop and Tour Guide From the Underworld to be ran in the Deck. Upon being Xyz Summoned, you can search for any Goblin monster in your Deck, which like with Grand Entrance, will most likely be a Goblin Biker monster considering the other ones are outdated, have no synergy with Goblin Bikers, or both. If a material is detached from a monster(s) on the field, except in the Damage Step, you can target a face-up monster on the field and attach it to this card. It explains all the Goblin Biker effects to detach materials themselves, since Big Gabonga has no effects to detach materials on his own. It’s good removal with a few Quick Effects you have in the Deck to detach the materials on the opponent’s turn alongside the other cards you have to do it on your turn as well. Finally, during the End Phase, this can attach a Goblin monster from the Deck to this card as material, ensuring you don’t run out of those to detach while also getting Goblins out of the Deck and hopefully into the graveyard soon since 3 of the 4 Goblin Bikers in the Main Deck have grave effects. Each effect is a hard once per turn, of course. Big Gabonga is overall a nice Xyz for the archetype, being a searcher on summon and having a way to take care of the opponent’s monsters in a different way by sucking them up as Xyz Material. If you aren’t absorbing a lot of materials with this or are detaching more than you are taking, you at least have the End Phase effect to help make sure you don’t run out. 2 of this in Goblin Bikers is solid to help extend your combos. 

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 I don’t know what a Big Gabonga is supposed to actually be, but I’ll just assume this is it.

Mighty Vee

Ending the week is the sub-boss (de facto real boss) of the Goblin Biker archetype, Goblin Biker Big Gabonga, a Rank 3 LIGHT Beast Warrior Xyz monster– as expected for an archetype of level 3 monsters. It’ll take any two level 3 monsters, so beyond Goblin Bikers, pretty much any level 3 deck can make it (but why would you over the Armored engine? A contentious point we’ll get to). Unfortunately, Gabonga suffers from having mediocre stats like the other bikers– while 2100 attack is still higher than the main deck monsters, I don’t understand why it still has 0 defense! I don’t usually knock monsters too hard for low stats, but people underestimate the importance of offensive pressure; people who’ve seen their S:P Little Knights destroyed by battle can attest.

Gabonga has a whopping three hard once per turn effects, the first triggering if it’s Xyz Summoned to search any Goblin monster. You could be funny and search Goblin Attack Force or something stupid like that, but it’s pretty obvious you’re meant to summon Dugg Charger or Boom Mach so you can summon them, which gets right into Gabonga’s second effect. If an Xyz material is detached from anywhere on the field, you can target any other face-up monster and attach it to Gabonga. This effect is meant to combo with Goblin Biker Grand Stampede or Boom Mach to disrupt your opponent by absorbing their monsters; it’s a pretty strong disruption, though not being able to innately trigger it without an outside card is annoying. Finally, during the End Phase, Gabonga can attack any Goblin Biker monster from your deck to it as material. This effect will help keep Xyz materials on Gabonga since you’ll burn through them pretty quick if you’re using a lot of the Goblin Biker extenders (which, again, annoyingly take up Xyz materials). Gabonga isn’t a bad card, but it faces stiff competition from the Armored engine, which provides the same solid disruption (non-targeting, too!) on a much stronger body. With an ideal hand, you’d be able to summon both Gabonga and use the Armored engine, but given the choice, I would prioritize Armored. At least it’s better than Goblins’ Crazy Beast, which we mercifully aren’t covering.

+Absorbing as Xyz material is strong removal
+Accrues resources in longer duels
-Doesn’t disrupt on its own
-Poor stats for a boss monster
-Competes with Armored engine for priority in being summoned with a limited hand

Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 3.5/5 What is that, some weird cat???

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