Glimwood Tangle
Glimwood Tangle

Glimwood Tangle
– Darkness Ablaze

Date Reviewed:
August 15, 2020

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 3.00
Expanded: 3.00
Limited: 4.00

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14th-place in our countdown goes to Glimwood Tangle (SSH – Darkness Ablaze 162/189).  This Trainer-Stadium has a familiar effect, though I find the wording rather strained in English.  If the turn-player uses an attack that involves at least one coin flip, after flipping that player can ignore the results and flip again once.  As usual, you cannot just re-flip a single coin for attacks that require multiple coin flips; it is all or nothing.  The unusual thing about this is that there are no restrictions about what else you can use with it.
Victini (BW – Noble Victories 14/101, 98/101; BW – Black Star Promos BW32; BW – Legendary Treasures 23/113) and Victini (SM – Guardians Rising 10/145) have the Ability “Victory Star”, which basically works the same way, but it is worded so that multiple instances of it won’t stack.  You can’t have multiple Glimwood Tangle in play, but you can use it alongside a either Victini’s version of Victory Star.  The odd one out now is Trick Coin, a Pokémon Tool with this same re-flip effect, but it states you cannot use it alongside any other re-flip effects.  So, in Expanded, it looks like you can now go for a double reflip (when needed)!  I don’t have an official ruling on whether or not reflip effects force you to reflip a result dictated by the effect of Will or not; I’d assume that “Yes, they do.”  It has been ruled that, as your original flips cease to exist (from the game’s perspective) when you activate Glimwood Tangle’s effect, the effect of Will does still carryover to your re-flip!
So far, there’s one card that references Glimwood Tangle with an effect: Shiinotic (SSH – Darkness Ablaze 080/189).  I’m not going into detail over this card, but its 2nd attack does more damage if Glimwood Tangle is in play… but not enough to justify the effort.  What will matter are various potent attacks that require a coin flip to work that this justifies giving a second look.  Maybe none of these will pan out, but for as long as Glimwood Tangle remains legal, it should matter.  The one place I can strongly recommend it is in the Limited Format; this set has Rose Tower and Spikemuth, and it is quite likely you’ll have at least a few attacks involving coin flips where re-flipping will help you out.  Even if you didn’t, though, it’d still be a decent pick for a counter-Stadium.
  • Standard: 3/5
  • Expanded: 3/5
  • Limited: 4/5
Many decks contain something with an attack that involves coin flips, but those Pokémon may not even be meant to ever attack.  As such, Glimwood Tangle is more niche than it looks, but when coin flips are critical, it can make an amazing difference.  Personally, Glimwood Tangle was my 9th-place pick but without any strong examples for it, I’m wondering if I shortchanged some of my lower picks.  As for our collective list, it actually tied with 15th-place in terms of voting points, but won the tie breaker.
20201113 Update: We received an official ruling on how Will interacts with Glimwood Tangle, via the Ask the Masters section of PokéGym.


This was my 13th place pick.

The ability to reflip coins is a useful effect for all attacks that require coin flips, and usually needs heads to generate an outcome since tails means that either nothing has happened or that something bad has happened. Since this is a Stadium card, it isn’t affected by ability denial. For Expanded, this is an interesting situation because Victini with the Victory Star also lets you reflip coins. So looks like Expanded does let you reflip coins…two more times!

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