Gishki Nekromirror
Gishki Nekromirror

Gishki Nekromirror – #PHHY-EN066

This card can be used to Ritual Summon any “Gishki” Ritual Monster. You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field, whose total Levels exactly equal the Level of the Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon, OR Tribute 1 face-up monster your opponent controls. If you Ritual Summon using this card, you lose LP equal to the original ATK of the Ritual Summoned monster. If this card is in your GY: You can target 1 “Gishki” monster in your GY; place that card on top of the Deck, and if you do, place this card on the bottom of the Deck.

Date Reviewed:  April 11th, 2023

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

We’re reviewing the newest Ritual Spell for Gishki today: Gishki Nekromirror. Standard Ritual Spell stuff at the beginning as expected: archetype-specific, hand or field matching the level of the Ritual Monster exactly (sometimes a restriction) as many Ritual Spells let you exceed the Level requirement, however, Nekromirror allows you as well to Tribute a face-up monster your opponent controls. While you can tribute an opponent’s monster, you have to match that Level to the Level of the Ritual Gishki you are Ritual Summoning, and nowadays that’s going to be rough. With Xyz and Links dominating the meta, you aren’t likely to get that matching Level, and even if your opponent is playing more with levels than ranks or links, you don’t want to depend on your opponent to help you.

If you use Nekromirror to Ritual Summon, you lose LP equal to your Ritual Monster…that’s a downer. While LP aren’t as important anymore, especially in the beginning of the game, it does mean it can become problematic at some point. Nekromirror does have a nifty grave effect that allows for a double pop-back to the Deck: Nekromirror to the bottom, a Gishki of your choice to the top, both from the grave. You can avoid stacking your deck by recycling an Xyz Gishki, but the archetype likes to Ritual Summon and with the influx of monsters that count as one whole tribute for the entire Ritual Summon you aren’t as bad off as you used to be…not to mention all the generic ritual support that exists.

Gishki, like Nekroz, needed good Ritual Spells in addition to a buff to their archetype monsters to help facilitate their Ritual Summons. They have both now. While I’m not crazy about the LP drop, it isn’t devastating, and the recycle ability added to the Ritual Spell is great to have.

Advanced- 3.5/5
Art- 3/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

We can’t cover the Ritual-based archetype without their Ritual Spells, so the first of the two we’ll look at this week is the new one: Gishki Nekromirror.

Nekromirror is a Ritual Spell that lets you Ritual Summon any Gishki Ritual Monster by tributing monsters from your hand or field whose total Levels equal exactly that of your Ritual Monster, or you get to just tribute any face-up monster the opponent controls. Do keep in mind you lose LP equal to the ATK of the monster you Ritual Summon no matter what. Having Levels exactly equal that of the Ritual isn’t an issue when most your monsters just count as the entire sacrifice either way, but being able to tribute any of the opponent’s monsters for free just for you to get your Ritual is pretty strong, helping you out a ton of threating presences on the opponent’s board while you get one for yourself. Losing LP equal to the ATK does mean you can’t use this too much in a Duel, otherwise you’ll outright lose, especially considering how high of ATK some of the best Gishki Rituals have. The final effect lets you return a Gishki monster in your graveyard on top of your Deck to then return this from the graveyard to the bottom, giving you a second Ritual Spell that recovers itself back into the Deck, though this one doesn’t put a resource back in hand. Either way, it’s another good Gishki Ritual Spell we’ve waited a long time for in the archetype, so it’s a welcome addition to the Deck, especially with no hard once per turns on it at all.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 3/5 Compare Gishki Ritual Spells to the Nekroz ones and they are far more bland usually.

Mighty Vee

Can’t have Gishki support without a new Ritual Spell; Gishki Nekromirror (mind the Nekroz pun) is a Ritual Spell, and thus can be searched by the myriad of generic Ritual searchers like Herald of the Arc Light or Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, but odds are you’ll be searching it with your in-house searcher, Gishki Shadow. Similar to most Ritual Spells, you can Ritual Summon a Gishki Ritual monster by tributing monsters from your hand or field, albeit with the caveat of requiring an exact total instead of exceeding. Thankfully, this won’t matter most of the time, since the better Gishki monsters can provide the entire tribute. Alternatively, you can also tribute one of your opponent’s face-up monsters, making it good for boardbreaking as well going second. As a consequence, you’ll lose LP equal to the attack of the monster you summoned, but considering even Gishki Zealgigas will only run you 3200 LP, it’s not a huge deal. Nekromirror’s final effect can be activated in the Graveyard, recycling a Gishki monster in your Graveyard to the top of the deck while recycling Nekromirror itself to the bottom of the deck. Getting your resources back is always helpful when it’s this free, and by recycling Gishki Grimness, you can easily set up follow up plays for your next turn. Compared to the other Ritual Spells, Nekromirror doesn’t really replace any of them, but it’s a great one-of (or more) to complement the others.

Advanced: 3.75/5

Art: 3/5 A slightly more evil-looking Aquamirror, which is funny because the Nekroz are the “good” Gishki monsters.

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