Gishki Grimness
Gishki Grimness

Gishki Grimness – #PHHY-EN018

If you Ritual Summon exactly 1 WATER Ritual Monster with a card effect that requires use of monsters, this card can be used as the entire Tribute. If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 “Gishki” monster from your Deck, except “Gishki Grimness”, also you can only declare attacks with Ritual Monsters until the end of this turn. You can only use this effect of “Gishki Grimness” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  April 10th, 2023

Rating: 3.58

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

We’re looking at Gishki this week, starting with Gishki Grimness. Small stats for this Fish-Type, and has an effect that allows for it yo be the entire tribute for any WATER Ritual monster. There are a couple Gidhki monsters that also carry this effect, so Grimness isn’t special for that…in fact, it’s the weakest ATK of one’s that have that ability.

Grimness though is a one-card Link 2 in Gishki. Many of the earlier Gishki gained effects off being flipped or Normal Summoned so this effect won’t pertain to them most of the time. You’ll want to go for something like Marker, Avance, Diviner or Abyss. Stopping all non-Ritual monsters from attacking for the turn won’t slow you down. Summon Grimness, get your choice of Gishki and then Ritual Summon any WATER Ritual (likely Gishki), and attack. Preparation of Rites alongside this card gets you a decent Gishki Ritual with a utility Gishki as well.

Gishki have monsters to make their rituals easier now. Grimness can be the decks Link 2 or Rank 2 facilitator, however it likely will just be used to summon another Gishki that carries the same first effect as itself to fuel another Ritual Summon.

Advanced- 3/5
Art- 2.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

The new Gishki support was one of the most hyped parts of Photon Hypernova, so this week we’ll look at the new cards by starting with Gishki Grimness.

Grimness is a Level 2 WATER Fish with 600 ATK and 700 DEF. Stats aren’t too great, but being a WATER Fish is pretty good. The first effect lets it be used as the entire Tribute for the Ritual Summon of a WATER Ritual, which is pretty good on this like it is for Gishki Shadow and Gishki Vision. Second effect triggers upon Normal or Special Summon, letting you summon any Gishki monster from the Deck that isn’t another Grimness, but you can only attack with Rituals for the rest of the turn. Giving up attacking with non-Rituals is fine when you can get your setup, especially since this summons Gishki Abyss from the Deck to help search for Gishki Shadow or Gishki Vision to get to your Ritual Monsters or Ritual Spells. Almost all the non-Ritual Gishkis worth playing minus Gishki Shadow does also mean Gishki can work well with Spright, though you lose a lot of value without Spright Elf. The summon from Deck is a hard once per turn on Grimness, something more common on the modern support than the old stuff. Grimness is still a great Gishki card, being an instant way to get to Gishki Abyss to search for your other Gishkis. It’s a 3-of for Gishki, considering most of the Gishkis aren’t worth running anymore, so you’d just max out on the good ones.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 This is a fish I don’t want to find under the sea.

Mighty Vee

This week begins our coverage of the fan-favorite Gishki support introduced in Photon Hypernova; though Gishki Spright was a powerful deck in the OCG, here the deck was dead on arrival thanks to Spright Elf being banned before Photon Hypernova, though that still didn’t stop the original Gishki strategy from getting a much-needed boost. Our first card is Gishki Grimness, a level 2 (lol) WATER Fish monster, like many Gishki monsters. It’s pretty obvious to see how Spright decks took advantage of the new Gishki cards; in addition to standard Gishki plays, Gigantic Spright can pull Gishki Grimness straight from the deck, and you could dump and revive it with the classic Spright Sprind and Spright Elf play as well. Predictably, it only has 600 attack and 700 defense, which are pitiful stats but expected for a level 2 monster.

Grimness, like many Gishkis, can provide the entire tribute for a WATER Ritual monster’s Ritual Summon, which is great, because otherwise you will bleed card advantage like crazy trying to make Gishki’s higher level Rituals. Grimness’s sole activated effect is a hard once per turn, letting you Special Summon any Gishki monster except itself from the deck when it’s Normal or Special Summoned, at the cost of locking you into attacking with Ritual monsters for the rest of the turn. The Ritual restriction is largely meaningless on turn one, and frankly even in Spright builds you probably don’t really need to attack with Gigantic anyway. There is one obvious target, Gishki Abyss, who can search any Gishki card on summon. Before Elf was banned, you could abuse Abyss being a soft once per turn and revive it, letting you search yet again! Alas, with Elf’s ban, this play is no longer possible, which is probably why Spright Gishki hasn’t taken off at all here in the TCG. Still, Grimness summoning Abyss kickstarts plenty of combos, and makes it an instant 3 of in Gishki decks, and it’s still a decent Rank 2 engine otherwise.

Advanced: 3.75/5

Art: 3.25/5 Like most of the Gishki fish, kinda creepy, but fitting!

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