Gandora-G the Dragon of Destruction
Gandora-G the Dragon of Destruction

Gandora-G the Dragon of Destruction – #LEDE-EN001

Gains 300 ATK for each banished card. You can only use each of the following effects of “Gandora-G the Dragon of Destruction” once per turn. If you control “Shining Sarcophagus”: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. You can pay half your LP; destroy as many other cards on the field as possible, and if you do, banish them, then Special Summon 1 Level 7 or lower monster that mentions “Shining Sarcophagus” from your Deck, and increase its Level by the number of cards destroyed by this effect.

Date Reviewed:  May 17th, 2024

Rating: 3.58

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Gandora-G the Dragon of Destruction is the third Gandora dragon to be released and end our look at Yugi’s retrained monsters.

The 300ATK gain is an effect that holds regardless of its form, though with Gandora-G it involves only banished cards. Because of this, this card can be added to a banish-style deck that heavily revolves around banishing cards and pumping up monsters ATK because of the amount of cards banished. One could only imagine That Grass Looks Greener with Macro Cosmos into this card on the first turn. Because it’s in the Shining Sarcophagus archetype, this card needs Shining Sarcophagus on the field to Special Summon itself from the hand. Not a bad effect to get a Level 8 out of your hand cost-free. Next, the half your LP effect that also all Gandora dragons carry. This one you pay once per turn (better than the previous two) and destroy all other cards on the field, but banish them as well. You not only with this effect destroy but banish to rob your opponent of stuff being in the grave for them to use, as well as avoid graveyard effects. In addition to that, you can Special Summon something in your Deck that involves Shining Sarcophagus that is Level 7 or lower. It would be broken to banish some cards with Gandora-G, Special Summon another copy of Gandora-G, and have a bunch other banish cards to raise their ATK to OTK levels. When you Special Summon that monster, you increase its Level by the number of cards you banished with Gandora-G: an easy boost for Swordsman Zero and Magician Zero.

Using Gandora-G after you’ve used Ties That Bind to get the other Swordsman or Magician onto the field and boost their Level, even a few Levels would be beneficial, especially with Magician Zero who needs your opponent to draw to raise their ATK and Level. The effect still holds firm as it did with the other two Gandora: the more cards on the field, the more likely you are to be negated. If you however lock them down in an attempt to clear the field and put yourself in a better position like off of a Dark Ruler No More play, then this card is the card for you. You don’t need to tribute for it in its own archetype, and even if you do, the banish ability once per turn is a great way of removing unwanted cards your opponent has. With Sinful Spoils and a few other Continuous Spells hanging around the meta, they are fair game for Gandora-G.

This is the third version of Gandora, and it may be the best. Destruction ability with banishing is better than just destruction. Also, that destruction ability is not just a one-off, and it gets you a Special Summon from the Deck. The summoning of it is about the same: Special Summoning it from the grave is available via Monster Reborn like yesterday’s Gandora, and the original was unable to be Special Summoned. If you play this, you likely are playing the archetype, which means you’ll be able to get it to the field using Shining Sarcophagus.

Advanced- 4/5     Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

We end the week off with the new Gandora dedicated to the Shining Sarcophagus Deck, Gandora-G the Dragon of Destruction.

Gandora-G is a Level 8 DARK Dragon with 0 ATK and DEF, so the same as yesterday. It gains 300 ATK for each banished card, so cards like Pot of Desires, Extravagance, and Prosperity alongside Dimension Shifter can have a good place in this Deck considering its grave isn’t all that important. The remaining effects are each a hard once per turn, the first Special Summoning itself from the hand if you control Shining Sarcophagus, which is simple enough by itself. The other effect lets you pay half your LP to destroy all other cards on the field and banish them, then you can summon a Level 7 or lower monster from the Deck that mentions Shining Sarcophagus and increase its Level by the number of destroyed cards. It’s a cool field wipe effect, and it adds context as to why Shining Sarcophagus can’t be destroyed by monster effects. Getting a field nuke that should give this higher ATK, while also likely summoning Silent Magician Zero or Silent Swordsman Zero with a higher Level so they gain more ATK should help you do a ton of damage. Gandora-G is a simple card with an easy Special Summon and field nuke effect that should setup some easy OTKs. It’s a mainstay in Shining Sarcophagus Decks as the dedicated boss monster, and it makes for a decent one at that.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4.5/5 Always been appealed by Gandora for some reason, still want a fully fleshed out Deck for it.

Mighty Vee

Gandora-X prepared us for the boss of the Shining Sarcophagus series, the new and improved Gandora-G the Dragon of Destruction (otherwise known as Gandora Geas). Like the other Gandoras, it’s a level 8 DARK Dragon monster, which importantly qualifies it as a Fusion material for Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon. As expected, you can search it with Shining Sarcophagus itself, in addition to Future Silence. It also, once again, has the typical 0 attack and defense statline we’ve come to expect for Gandora, so how will it gain attack this time?

This time around, Gandora-G will gain 300 attack for each banished card; this means Pot of Desires alone will put it at a solid 3000 attack, which will only get higher when paired with its main effect. Gandora-G has two other hard once per turn effects, with the first letting you Special Summon it from your hand as long as you control Shining Sarcophagus, instantly fixing my issue with Gandora-X. It’s still a potential brick, but with how flexible the deck is in terms of searchers, I don’t think it’s a huge issue as long as you’re not stupid and play three copies. Gandora-G’s finally effect is a four-parter; by paying half of your Life Points, you can destroy as many other cards on the field as possible (Shining Sarcophagus will be spared thanks to its own effect), banish those destroyed cards, Special Summon a level 7 or lower monster that mentions Shining Sarcophagus from your deck, then finally increase its level by the number of destroyed cards. Despite needing 4 parts to explain, this effect is pretty straightforward in execution; you nuke the board to fuel Gandora-G’s attack boost then bring out Silent Swordsman Zero or Silent Magician Zero, giving them a hefty attack boost as well if you destroyed a high number of cards. Having a searchable nuke is great, especially as the game is shifting away from protected boss monsters, though outside of accessing Magician, Gandora-G’s lack of a disruptive effect makes it a little disappointing as a boss monster, even if I get that they wouldn’t want to make a Quick effect nuke. Gandora-G’s primary purpose is to be Fusion fodder for Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, as Shining Sarcophagus’s upcoming support provides a Dark Magician name that can search a certain Dark Magician Fusion Spell. A little depressing, but it’s better than nothing!

+Nuke can turn the tide of battle in a pinch
+Dragon Effect monster is a valid Fusion material for Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon
-Has no disruption on its own
-Has to destroy something to Special Summon

Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 3.75/5 I still prefer the pose of the original, but it’s great to see Gandora in modern card coloring and composition.

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