Freki the Runick Fangs
Freki the Runick Fangs

Freki the Runick Fangs – #DABL-EN041

2 “Runick” monsters
When an attack is declared involving this card in the Extra Monster Zone: You can banish the top 2 cards of your opponent’s Deck. Neither player takes any battle damage from attacks involving this card. If this card on the field is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can target 1 “Runick” Quick-Play Spell in your GY; add it to your hand. You can only use this effect of “Freki the Runick Fangs” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  January 17th, 2023

Rating: 2.75

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Freki the Runick Fangs revisits the Runick archetype of Quick-Play Spells and Fusion Monsters.

Two Runick monsters for this Fusion Summon, however, Runick Destruction, Runick Dispelling, and Runick Flashing Fire can Special Summon this card, as well as Instant Fusion. With Instant Fusion you can attack though, and if you attack with Freki, or it is attacked, you get to banish top two cards from your opponent’s Deck. Banish two doesn’t seem like much, but when your Quick-Play Spell cards are banishing as well it can matter. No battle damage for either player when involving Freki in a battle means this card is all about the effect. When destroyed, Freki will get you back a Runick Quick-Play from the grave to the hand, so that Instant Fusion Play does get you back your Quick-Play that you used to summon it, however, you want to be able to attack or be attacked. It’s a shame, all other Runick Fusion Monsters are able to do damage except Freki.

Freki seems like a monster you want to be a placeholder on the field. Can’t do damage, can’t take damage, however it gets you a banish of two from your opponent’s deck. The Runick Spells and this I could see having a good run against decks that like to get stuff in the grave like the Tier 0 deck that’s terrorizing the meta currently. You just have to make sure you attack with it and save the Instant Fusion play for a different Runick Fusion.

Advanced-3/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Another Runick support card in the form of a Fusion Monster cause I don’t know if they want to give the archetype more Quick-Play Spells to destroy the opponent’s Deck, so here is Freki the Runick Fangs.

Freki is a Level 5 DARK Beast Fusion with 2000 ATK and 0 DEF. Fine stats considering you get this out for free mainly, DARK is good, and Beast is solid. Fusion Materials, not that they matter at the moment, are 2 Runick monsters. First effect lets you banish the top 2 cards of the opponent’s Deck when attack is declared involving this card in the Extra Monster Zone, helping you get to your Deck-out win condition and making the opponent not want to attack this. It’s also good if you can somehow attack with it, considering how often the archetype skips your Battle Phase with their Quick-Plays. Neither player takes damage from attacks involving this card, which is mainly good for you to make sure you don’t take damage considering you aren’t trying to get the opponent’s LP to 0 in Runick anyways. The final effect triggers upon being destroyed by battle or card effect, letting you recover any Runick Quick-Play Spell in your graveyard back to your hand, which is good for any cards you might not shuffle back with Runick Fountain and might want to be able to use on the opponent’s turn to break their board little by little while also getting them closer to 0 cards in Deck. Final effect is the only HOPT, which is fair. Freki isn’t the best of the Runick Fusions at all, but it’s a solid one for getting back certain Quick-Plays you might need if the opponent decides to out it with certain means while also helping with your win condition if it battles.

Advanced Rating: 3/5

Art: 3/5 I prefer Geri over Freki.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

To the Fusion side of things, today we have Freki the Runick Fangs.  Dark/Beast is a fine enough pairing, Level 5, meh atk at 2000 and a miserable 0 def.  Fusion Summon generically requires any 2 Runick Monsters.  Removing the top 2 cards from your opponent’s Deck when this card attacks is awesome.  The 2000 atk is still troubling, but if you get the Effect off once, you’re still likely at least -1 overall.  It likely takes you at least 3 cards to bring this out, so even if your opponent loses 2, there you go.  No Damage to either Player involving this card doing Battle is…odd…that Effect isn’t so great it needs to be on there I feel.  Lastly, if destroyed by Battle or Card Effect, you can Target and add a Quickplay Theme Magic from your Grave to your Hand.  That IS something awesome, and the fact this guy doesn’t have to go to the Grave to get that Effect (so removal still would let you get it) is appreciated too.  It’s disruptive enough I suppose, but this guy doesn’t have a whole lot going for him in my opinion.  Fun enough and easy enough to use and abuse, and it will get better if you can keep it on the Field.

Rating:  3/5

Art:  4/5  The background art here is the winner, I find the beast actually rather mundane myself.

Mighty Vee

Freki the Runick Fangs is today’s card, supporting the infamous Runick archetype. It’s a level 5 DARK Beast Fusion monster, and like all Runick Fusion monsters, its requirement of 2 Runick monsters as Fusion material is almost impossible to fulfill, so just stick with using the Runick Quick Play Spells. With a poor stat spread of 2000 attack and 0 defense, Freki likely won’t be battling even if you wanted to, which will quickly prove problematic.

Freki’s first effect is not once per turn, but is difficult to abuse anyway; when an attack is declared involving Freki in the Extra Monster Zone, you can banish the top two cards of your opponent’s deck, plus neither player takes battle damage from battles involving Freki. Obviously, you won’t be triggering this effect yourself since Runick Spells skip your Battle Phase, so you’re banking on your opponent attacking Freki in the first place. Freki’s other effect triggers if it’s destroyed by battle or card effect and is a hard once per turn, letting you add a Runick Quick Play Spell from your Graveyard back to your hand. This is easily the more useful effect, since you’ll be able to recycle Runick Spells useful for the matchup, but having to bank on Freki being destroyed is very unreliable. Freki’s card design is incredibly questionable; the only reason you run it in Runick is because there’s not really much else to run so you have it “just in case” for the fringe scenarios where you want to recycle Runick Spells. I’d stick to summoning Hugin the Runick Wings to protect your Runick Fountain instead of sitting on Freki.

Advanced: 2.25/5

Art: 3/5 Nothing particularly exciting, he’s a red wolf.

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