Forest Seal Stone
Forest Seal Stone

Forest Seal Stone – Silver Tempest

Date Reviewed:  June 10, 2023

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 4.5
Expanded: 4.5
Limited: 5.0

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Forest Seal Stone (SWSH Silver Tempest 156/195) is a Pokemon Tool card that is also a VSTAR Power, which can only be used once per game. It provides an Ability which – when attached to a Pokemon-V – lets you search your deck for a card and put it onto your hand.

It seems like Forest Seal Stone is one of the very few cards that provides a VSTAR power other than Pokemon VSTAR, the other two being Earthen Seal Stone and Sky Seal Stone. There is a similar VSTAR Power via Arceus VSTAR, whose Starbirth ability stated that you can search your deck for up to 2 cards and put them into your deck. I’m thinking that if your deck won’t be able to utilize Arceus VSTAR, then Forest Seal Stone is going to be one of your best alternatives other than Sky Seal Stone. In fact, a lot of decks contain Forest Seal Stone, such as Mew/Genesect, Lost Zone variants, and Gardevoir-ex decks with some Pokemon-V. As long as your deck runs any amount of Pokemon-V, then Forest Seal Stone is a natural inclusion in those decks.

A card as powerful as Computer Search in the good old days warrant another look. There’s no reason not to run this unless your deck doesn’t use Pokemon-V. Enjoy using it for as long as you can.


Standard: 4.5/5
Expanded: 4.5/5
Limited: 5/5

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