Flapple VMAX
Flapple VMAX

Flapple VMAX – Battle Styles

Date Reviewed:  May 10, 2021

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Standard: Pending
Expanded: Pending

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Otaku Avatar

Note: Temporary review due to health issues.  A full review will be posted at a later date.

Flapple VMAX is a pretty typical Pokémon VMAX, worth 3 Prizes when KO’d but sporting 320 HP!  Apart from its [R] Weakness, it shouldn’t be hard to OHKO.  Flapple VMAX’s “G-Max Rolling” attack does an amazing 250 for only [GCC] but its effect states it does 10 less damage for each damage counter on itself.  So at 10 to 70 HP, G-Max Rolling does zero damage.  Bumping up your HP just increases the range where the attack whiffs: it is how many damage counters are on it that really matter.  The good news is that means healing cards not only carry their usual benefit, but restore lost damage output for Flapple VMAX.  Is this enough to make it a strong card?

Probably not, but there’s Flapple V.  I may be chasing after Johnny Bait, but Flapple V has a single Energy attack, “Sour Spit” that forces the Defending Pokémon to pay an extra [CC] to attack the next turn while also doing 20 damage.  Slap a Memory Capsule onto Flapple VMAX and keep chipping away at the opposing Active’s HP with Sour Spit until G-Max Rolling can secure the KO.  If your opponent can shake or power through Sour Spit’s effect, Flapple VMAX has 320 HP with which to survive… and as an Evolution using a single Energy attack, Cheryl lets you wipe away all damage and try again.  Just keep it up until your opponent has no answers to Sour Spit… if they’ll ever reach that point.

No scores as this is a temporary review, and while I may sound very confident, all of this is Theorymon.  Try it at your own risk.

vince avatar

Hmm…Flapple VMAX’s G-Max Rolling kinda reminds me of Mega Heracross-EX Big Bang Horn (250 damage vs 180), as it has the same attack cost and also does less damage the more damage you took. Mega Heracross EX was the 10th best card of Furious Fists, but I don’t think Flapple VMAX comes close to it. At least – at full HP – it can OHKO most of the basic Pokémon-V and its attack can be readied by Rillaboom’s Voltage Beat plus your manual attachment, making the drawback from Cheryl’s healing inconsequential.


Standard: 2
Expanded: 2

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