Flapple V
Flapple V

Flapple V – Battle Styles

Date Reviewed:  May 9, 2021

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Standard: Pending
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Note: Temporary review due to health issues.  A full review will be posted at a later date.

Flapple V is a smaller Basic Pokémon V.  Its Sour Spit attack is quite affordable, but only does a small amount of damage.  Fortunately, it has a pretty big effect, jacking up the price of the Defending Pokémon’s attacks by [CC] until the end of their next turn!  This definitely gives the card some control applications… but given that your opponent can shake this effect through switching to another Pokémon or evolving, while other decks may simply power through by attaching the extra Energy, Flapple V will need additional disruptive effects to make it stick.  Its second attack isn’t too badly priced for the damage, but should be saved as a finishing blow.

Flapple V can evolve into Flapple VMAX, which we’ll be reviewing next.  There may be good reason to use an effect that remembers a lower Stage’s attacks, given that (as a VMAX) Flapple VMAX would have enough HP to survive when Sour Spit wasn’t quite enough.

No scores for a temp review.

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