Fighting Flame Dragon
Fighting Flame Dragon

Fighting Flame Dragon – #MZMI-EN005

1 Dragon monster + 1 FIRE Warrior monster
Except during the Damage Step (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Warrior Fusion Monster you control; equip this card from your field or GY to that monster you control as an Equip Spell. You can only use this effect of “Fighting Flame Dragon” once per turn. While this card is equipped to “Flame Swordsman” or a monster that mentions it, the equipped monster gains 700 ATK and can make a second attack during each Battle Phase.

Date Reviewed:  February 20th, 2024

Rating: 3.17

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Fighting Flame Dragon is an Instant Fusion target, much like Flame Swordsman is.

Needing a Dragon and a FIRE Warrior to be summoned, your best bet is to use Instant Fusion to summon it and then equip it to a Warrior Fusion Monster you have on the field. The ATK boost and double attack were mentioned yesterday: the boost is minimal, but the double attack is nice when trying to do the most damage. The boost and double attack can only happen within the archetype, so playing this outside the archetype isn’t a possibility. Each turn it being able to equip itself to a Warrior Fusion Monster ensures you’ll keep giving your Flame Swordsman Fusion monsters a boost in ATK and double attack potential, but not being able to equip it in the Damage Step leaves out an ability to be cheeky and get the drop on your opponent in close attack situations.

Able to be put into the grave via Fighting Flame Swordsman, and able to equip itself each turn from the grave or the field, Fighting Flame Dragon gives you a small boost in ATK, but double the attack chances. Being able to go after your opponent’s LP in a strategy that lacks control-based effects (negation and destruction each turn), time is key. As easy as Instant Fusion, Fighting Flame Dragon is a good addition to the archetype.

Advanced- 3/5     Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

Next up we got a new Fusion for the Flame Swordsman archetype, though one you might not actually be Fusion Summoning: Fighting Flame Dragon.

Fighting Flame Dragon is a Level 5 FIRE Dragon with 1700 ATK and 1600 DEF. Fairly low stats for a Level 5, but it has FIRE and Dragon going for it. Materials are any Dragon and any FIRE Warrior, which I guess technically makes it a Super Polymerization target. First effect is a Quick Effect you can use at any time, except in the Damage Step, letting you target a Warrior Fusion you control and equip this card from the field or graveyard to that target as an Equip Spell, of course being a hard once per turn. It’s an Equip in a Deck with a boss monster that wants to get Equips on it, so that’s good. While equipped to a Flame Swordsman or any monster that mentions it, that monster gains 700 ATK and can make a second attack during each Battle Phase, potentially giving you a very high damage output. The boss monster has 2800 ATK, so this makes it 3500 ATK and it’ll have the ability to attack twice to do up to 7000 damage, and that’s before any other effects come into play. Fighting Flame Dragon is solid for the Flame Swordsman Deck. You don’t have much of an issue getting this into the grave due to Fighting Flame Swordsman, since again you won’t Fusion Summon it, but it is a Fusion Armament target for whatever that is worth. I guess just have the copy in your Extra Deck to get it out of there and into the grave as soon as you can.

Advanced Rating: 3.25/5

Art: 4/5 Does a dragon on fire really need a sword?

Mighty Vee

Fighting Flame Swordsman is incomplete without the aptly-named Fighting Flame Dragon, a level 5 FIRE Dragon Fusion monster. It’ll take any Dragon monster and any Warrior monster (silence, Super Polymerization fans!), though as we’ll soon find out, you will almost never summon it this way. Fighting Flame Dragon’s stats are identical to the original Flame Swordsman’s except with 100 less attack, giving it a mediocre spread of 1700 attack and 1600 defense. Well, I can’t say they’re not faithful…

Fighting Flame Dragon’s first effect is a hard once per turn Quick effect, letting you equip it to any Warrior Fusion monster you control from your field or Graveyard. There’s basically no reason to equip it to anything except a Flame Swordsman monster since it otherwise does nothing, and it can’t even equip to Infernoble monsters anyway. The second effect is where Fighting Flame Dragon’s real value comes in: while it’s equipped to a Flame Swordsman monster, it grants that monster 700 attack and lets it attack twice during each Battle Phase. This’ll effectively turn the archetype’s boss into a 7000 attack juggernaut that can attack twice, which can put an end to many boards (uninterrupted, anyway). Fighting Flame Dragon’s main issue is that it unfortunately conflicts with Salamandra, the Flying Flame Dragon. If you didn’t open Salamandra Fusion, you’ll have to send Salamandra instead with Fighting Flame Swordsman, missing out on the double attack (though you’ll still get an Equip to make the boss’s Quick effect live and the bonus attack). You’ll probably be dumping Fighting Flame Dragon on turn 2 onward for bigger damage potential, which frankly is this deck’s most notable virtue.

+Can lead to easy OTKs
-Can’t continue your combo if sent by Fighting Flame Swordsman
-Useless to use on turn 1 unless you already have your combo pieces

Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 4/5 I must say Salamandra does look great!

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