Fiber Jar
Fiber Jar

Fiber Jar – #LCJW-EN033

FLIP: Each player shuffles all cards from their hand, field, and Graveyard into the Deck, then draws 5 cards.

Date Reviewed:  June 8th, 2023

Rating: 4.17

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Fiber Jar was one of the most powerful cards ever to be printed, even by todays standards and is our Throwback Thursday choice.

Back in the DM era, where banishing was hardly in the game, there was only hand, field and graveyard. I have been part of games where Fiber Jar was flipped multiple times, in both tag and singles (never by me because I never played it). Flip Fiber, cycle everything back (minus the banished zone) and each player draws five. Fiber Jar can gift you a new hand, give you five cards while cycling back your opponent’s hand, or be the saving out for you when everything is stacked against you. Now though we have SO much negation and counters to Fiber Jar, and it being a flip effect designates it as slow now. It would be interesting to see it come back for a format like Snatch Steal did. I feel like some decks would tech it in because your opponent won’t always have that negation for it, and then it could be a brand new game.

Fiber Jar is best used offensively, as it clears everything you will have emptied the grave and field of your opponent’s resources and have a clear path at the LP…it’s like Cyber Jar but for everything. You flip Fiber, reset everything (except the banished zone) and get your five and start up your combos. This may be why they may never bring it back unless the errata it to an extent where no one would play it. As a defensive card you just hoped that they wouldn’t be able to combo after hitting Fiber Jar, though back then you were more worried about your LP than Main Phase 2.

Fiber Jar is, in one word: fun. It’s a panic button card, like Cyber Jar. Able to be used offensively and defensively, it’s nostalgic. Not sure what it would take for them to bring it back, but I’d like to see it for a format to see what it could do in 2023 Yu-Gi-Oh.

Advanced-5/5 (though in todays game it’d probably be a 3/5)


Until Next Time


Crunch$G Avatar

Throwback Thursday this week brings us to what I believe is the last FLIP monster to remain Forbidden on the current Forbidden & Limited List in the TCG: Fiber Jar.

Fiber Jar is a Level 3 EARTH Plant with 500 ATK and DEF. Stats aren’t too great, but being an EARTH Plant isn’t bad. The lone effect is a FLIP Effect, letting you make each player shuffle as many cards from their hand, field, and graveyard into the Deck as possible and then draw 5 new cards each. Basically, a reset button for the game. On one hand, being a FLIP Effect is extremely slow for modern standards, but on the other hand resolving this would become a nightmare. It’s nice if you can pull it off, and I’m sure the fact it doesn’t shuffle the banished cards can be to your benefit, but it’s fairly slow. With that said, the only reason I see this remaining banned is because one resolving would become a nightmare in a tournament setting where you are trying to get games done in a timely manner. It might be fair to bring back in theory, it’s just a case where no judges in a tournament probably want to deal with it, so Konami keeps it banned.

Advanced Rating: 5/5 in theory, 3/5 in actuality I’d say

Art: 4/5 It’s a giant tree jar, interesting.

Mighty Vee

Throwback Thursday takes a look at one of the quirkier cards in Yugioh’s history, Fiber Jar, a level 3 EARTH Plant monster. As a Plant, it’s surprisingly easy to access, and if you really wanted to for some reason, you could even use some convoluted Cherubini combo to summon it as well. With both stats being 500, it’s clearly not meant for combat whatsoever. Currently, Fiber Jar is forbidden in both banlists, so what’s all the ruckus?

Fiber Jar has a single flip effect, shuffling all cards from both players’ hands, fields, and Graveyards into the deck, then having both players draw 5 cards. Essentially, Fiber Jar “resets” the game, sans potential life point loss and banished cards. Derisively called “Troll Jar”, in the past its purpose was as a Hail Mary if you were losing, letting both players start with a clean slate and giving you a chance to catch up. Additionally, there were some bizarre but impractically elaborate combos taking advantage of cards like Soul Release to banish all of your opponent’s cards and leave them at a net disadvantage, but nobody really used this seriously. In the modern era, like most Flip monsters, Fiber Jaris simply too slow and eats your Normal Summon, and if you were losing before you resolved Fiber Jar, you’ll probably still be losing afterward. Could Fiber Jar come back? In terms of meta impact, definitely; most smart players will wisely remove set monsters instead of smashing facefirst into them, even if Cyber Jar isn’t a concern. Setting up a monster negate beforehand also works wonders for pesky Flip monsters. Should it come back, though? Perhaps not, if Fiber Jar does miraculously resolve, it’d make the duel drag on longer than it should be. Overall, I don’t see it coming back any time soon, but it’s not the end of the world if it does; nowadays it’d just be a fun tool for meme decks.

Advanced: 2.5/5

Art: 3/5 That’s a jar???

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