Evil HERO Malicious Bane
Evil HERO Malicious Bane

Evil HERO Malicious Bane
– #LED5-EN011

1 “Evil HERO” monster + 1 Level 5 or higher monster
Must be Special Summoned with “Dark Fusion”. Cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. During your Main Phase: You can destroy all monsters your opponent controls with ATK less than or equal to this card’s, also this card gains 200 ATK for each monster destroyed this way, also you cannot declare an attack for the rest of this turn, except with “HERO” monsters. You can only use this effect of “Evil HERO Malicious Bane” once per turn.


Date Reviewed: 
November 22, 2019

Rating: 4.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Evil HERO Malicious Bane is one hell of a boss Evil HERO and likely the best of the bunch.

Any Level 5 or higher monster can be used alongside an Evil HERO allowing for flexibility if you are running cards like Malicious or Cyber Dragon. Destruction protection from battle and card effects is great for a boss monster to have alongside a whopping 3000 ATK & DEF. If you use Bane’s effect, you can game them under the right circumstances. 200ATK permanent boost per monster destroyed by Bane’s effect will only continue to grow its ATK, and the monsters don’t even have to go to the graveyard. Lock yourself into HEROS for the turn, no problem. Sure, if they have something stronger than Bane you can’t kill it with this effect, but 3000 is pretty high, and each time you active the effect it will grow stronger. Two Bane on the field is essentially game if you can get a board wipe of five. Even without, Bane can control the board because of its growing ATK and protection from destruction. It can be a wall in any position to protect or attack. If combined with Infernal Gainer you get another attack and that can be enough to end your opponent or push them up against the wall where they may not have much of a shot.

A boss monster that can swing the game turn one, get bigger, protect itself, and hurt your opponent each turn cost free…yup, boxes checked, Malicious Bane is pretty good.

Advanced-4/5     Art-3.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with what is now the best Evil HERO Fusion by a mile, Evil HERO Malicious Bane.

Bane is a Level 8 DARK Fiend Fusion with 3000 ATK and DEF. Great stats and type/attribute combination. The summoning requirements are any Evil HERO and any Level 5 or higher monster. HEROs are full of Level 5 and higher monsters, mostly with Fusions, but you could use your last Destiny HERO – Malicious, Elemental HERO Honesty Neos, Vision HERO Faris, or a used up Fusion with Dark Fusion or Dark Calling alongside Evil HERO Adusted Gold or Sinister Necrom or any other one you’re playing. This must be Special Summoned with Dark Fusion like the other Evil HEROs, though Dark Calling is treated as summoning with Dark Fusion and you can use Supreme King’s Castle to get around that if needed. It cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects, which is amazing and makes this nearly indestructible, though there are still outs to it. During your Main Phase, you can destroy every face-up monster the opponent controls with ATK less than or equal to this card’s, then this card gains a permanent 200 ATK for each destroyed monster. Easy way to make HERO OTKs far easier and that permanent ATK boost is great to have and lets it destroy bigger monsters in later turns with it’s effect. The downside is that when you destroy monsters with this effect, you can only attack with HEROs for the turn and said destruction effect is a hard once per turn, but the OPT clause isn’t that bad and you’re likely playing a lot of other HEROs when using this, so the downsides aren’t terrible. Malicious Bane is a great Fusion worth adding an Evil HERO package alongside a few Dark Callings and maybe Dark Fusions to summon.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 5/5 Now that’s purely evil and I love it.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

We come to the Fusion side of things to close the week, appropriately after looking at Dark Fusion, in Evil Hero Malicious Bane.  (Similarly to Sinister, why would a card with Evil in its name have Malicious in its name too?)  Level 8, Dark, Fiend, 3000 attack AND defense, and vaguely specific Fusion requirements–an Evil Hero Monster + 1 Level 5 or higher Fiend.

Must be Special Summoned with Dark Fusion, seems like a ‘duh’ but anyway.  3000 attack (and defense) and immunity to destruction from Battle AND Card Effects.  That’s sickeningly awesome.  During your Main Phase, you destroy ALL Monsters your opponent controls with attack equal to or less than this card.  Good Lord, and note that doesn’t say original attack.

Which is good and bad.  If your opponent traps this guy down to a paltry attack, it protects their Monsters, and if you boost it even higher, it likely ensures ALL their Monsters get destroyed.  Fun, and intelligent to use here I think.  You gain 200 attack for each Monster destroyed by this effect, meh, but again, that plays into the effect.  You can’t attack with non-Hero Monsters, which is good.

Prevents OTK (although the possibility is certainly still there in my opinion).  You can only do this once per turn, and that makes sense too, but it likely couldn’t often be done more than once per turn.  Great card, just superb.

Rating:  4.5/5

Art:  I get a huge Dragon vibe here with that suit, tail, and wings.  The background is actually really cool and bright, but the armor/suit looks somewhat bland.  4/5

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