– Forbidden Light

Date Reviewed:
June 27, 2018

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 2.0
Expanded: 2.0
Limited: 3.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 is horrible. 3 is average. 5 is great.

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vince avatar

Eneporter is another disruption card that moves a Special Energy from one of your opponent’s Pokemon to another of their Pokémon. Decks relying on Special Energy will be hurt if it was reassigned to another Pokémon that can’t make use of. And even better, some special energy cards discard itself if the new Pokémon doesn’t fulfill the requirements that said special energy demands.

Most of the time, Enhanced Hammer seems better due to actually discarding said special energy as opposed to reassigning them. Eneporter may have some niche as to reassigning that special energy on a Pokemon that you can deal heavy damage to. Pokémon like Gardevoir-GX or Mewtwo EVO can benefit on extra energy attached to a Pokémon.

Standard: 2/5 (I rather discard it instead)

Expanded: 2/5

Limited: 3/5 (how often you see Beast Energy or Unit Energy FDY depends on who you’ll face)

21 Times Avatar

Eneporter (FLI 142) made its debut in the Forbidden Light expansion set.  Most people didn’t see any value in this card… but I did.

Eneporter pairs perfectly with Gardevoir GX (or so I thought).  Think about it.  Your opponent has Zoroark GX in the active with a DCE and one on the bench with a DCE.  You move that DCE on the bench up to the active Pokemon, and now you just need three energy to OHKO the Dark Fox.  And you’ve cleared the board of energy.  And your opponent totally didn’t see that coming.  And your opponent starts to cry a little bit.

That’s the plan at least.  I teched them into my version of FrostBiter12’s Talonflame Gardy build, but I had some surprising results.  In matches where my opponent played SPE – decks I had specifically teched in Eneporter to counter – I went 8 W 8 L.  Against non SPE decks, however, I went a whopping 10 W 1 L.  I know, it’s extremely counter intuitive and the opposite of what you would expect to happen, but the data is what the data is.  I will definitely say that I feel Eneporter really helped me in games where my opponent played SPE, but the math says otherwise.

I’m seeing SPE 58% of the time, and (through Sheffield – I’ll have data on decklists through this past weekend up on PDC later this week) Strong energy is played in 51% of the decklists available, Beast Energy in 44%, and DCE 35%, so meta decks are playing SPE too.  But because of the lopsided results, I am definitely going to recommend against Eneporter.


Standard: 2 out of 5


Eneporter serves as proof as to why we should do our due diligence and test objectively and not just go by what we think or feel.  I felt like Eneporter would be perfect in Gardy builds… I know now that my instincts were wrong on this one.

Just to let you all know, I did publish the FLI through last weekend decklist stats at PDC. If you’re interested in seeing exactly where the meta is heading into Columbus, this gives a really great breakdown of what cards the best finishing decks are running.

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