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NFG's Duel Masters Deck Garage

Hello Pojo People! I am Monte Eads a.k.a. NFG (Newfoundglory). Do you like winning? Well, I sure do...and love doing it often. The problem is, in most games, is that you need a pretty darn good deck to beat other people! ANOTHER problem, is that most newcomers don't have that special ability to create a good deck. Instead, they just toss together any random cards they find. Well, today that all changes. Now you people can send me your horrid deck, or your awesome decks too, and I will try and fix whatever problems I may find. I will offer game play tips on request, etc etc etc. Please adhere to my rules so that you may get your deck fixed.  


1. I'm going to copy this straight from Patriarchs
"No flaming, bashing, or rude remarks. I'm a nice guy, but I'm mean to mean people...really, I am ;_; 2. Please tell me if the deck is Unlimited or Modified. I can normally guess, but sometimes, it's too tough to call. You really don't have to worry about Modified or Unlimited so just ignore that. ^_^

2. If you don't know English then you don't get a fix. Please post in a format something similar to this:

4x Brawler Zyler
4x Aqua Hulcus

Etc etc, you get the idea.

3. Send me your deck. Please. I would like to help this game get a MAJOR boost! So it can beat out that horrid Yu Gi Oh. Hehe. I am strict on my rules, but that dosent mean that I'm mean. There was a reason I took up this job, and that was to help you guys. Enjoy!

Email me your deck right here

Happy DueliN!

NOTICE: I have recently received an email from someone with an inappropriate name..I deleted it asap. Next off, I require a brief explanation of your decks goal.( not just to win )

I will not respond to any decks that do not have an explanation. I did not originally intend to do this, but there is a high volume of incoming emails to me (around 10-15 a day at least) so I'm gonna have to create some kind of "filter". Thanks guys.

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