Ditch the museum dioramas and saddle up for Dodos Riding Dinos, a dexterity-based racing game where extinct birds hitch a ride on prehistoric pals. But does this unique concept hatch into a fun family experience, or end up like a fossilized flop? Let’s dig in!

Dodos Riding Dinos (DRD) is an award-winning game inspired by kart racing videogames.  The game is published by Draco Studios and Detestable Games. DRD is for 1-6 players, ages 8+, and takes about 20 minutes to race one map. 

The retail price of Dodos Riding Dinos is $59 U.S.  This is a reasonable price for a game with detailed (and paintable) miniatures.  Click here to check the current price on Amazon.com.  

Dodos Riding Dinos Components


  • 2 Double-sided game boards – 4 tracks
  • 64 Movement cards
  • 16 Power-up cards
  • 12 Racer cards
  • 2 Dice
  • 5 Wooden Projectile Tokens – Banana, Meteorite, Egg, Feather, and Log 
  • 1 Dodo First Player marker
  • 12 Racer Miniatures
  • 12 Wooden Dinomeeples

The DRD box is well designed with a fantastic insert.  The box is about 11″ x 11″ x 3″.  

Dodos Riding Dinos Box Insert

Dodos Riding Dinos Gameplay

In the game you are given a team of racers comprised of a Dodo and a Dino buddy. The duo will compete against other teams to be the first to cross the finish line in a scramble against the other opponents. Throughout the course of the game you sabotage the other players in variety of comical ways. 

Dodos Riding Dinos – Great Minis and Large Dice

Here is a basic explanation of gameplay so you get the drift of the game: 

(1) Scheming Phase – Players each play 1 card Movement card simultaneously.  These are the red and blue cards.  Each have different powers.  Red cards are considered Aggressive cards, and if too many players use them at the same time, they fizzle out.  

Red and Blue cards are movement cards

(2) Running Phase – Player move their Dinos in turn order.  Reaction cards (Green cards) can be played in response to any player’s Movement card. Green cards can help slow down your opponents powerful actions. 

Green cards can be played in response to another player’s movement card.

Special Feature: 

Projectiles – Use your dexterity skills to hit other racers and deal damage to them or stop their progress. Flick eggs, throw bananas, drop meteorites, roll logs, and toss feathers.  This is where Dodos Riding Dinos gets its Mario Kart flavor from.  

Projectiles – love ’em or hate ’em? – they’re in here!


  • Feathered Frenzy: Players maneuver delightfully detailed Dodo and Dino miniatures around vibrant tracks, gleefully sabotaging each other with bananas, eggs, and meteor showers. The dexterity element adds a layer of unpredictable chaos that keeps everyone on their toes (or talons).
  • Quick as a Raptor: Games zip by in around 20 minutes, making it an excellent choice for families with limited playtime or gamers looking for a lighthearted and energetic interlude.
  • Multiple Modes: Standard races for a quick fix, a “Cup Mode” where you race on all 4 tracks.  Power-Up Cards are awarded to players as a catch-up mechanism in this mode.  
  • Paintasaurus Rex – There are 12 fantastically sculpted miniatures in the box. You can give them all custom paint jobs.  
I’m definitely not a great painter, but I still enjoy it.


  • Jurassic Jargon: The rulebook can be a bit dense, and some card effects require clarification. Expect some initial stumbles before everyone navigates the prehistoric lingo.
  • Banana Peel Blues: While the chaos is fun, it can sometimes overshadow strategic depth. Aggressive card effects can feel overpowered, leading to unpredictable outcomes that might frustrate more competitive players.
Dodos Riding Dinos


Dodos Riding Dinos is a feathered delight for families and casual gamers seeking a quick and chaotic racing experience. The unique dexterity element, adorable theme, and multiple modes provide plenty of laughs and replayability. However, if you crave strategic depth, this playful game might not fully hatch its potential. Still, for a lighthearted family game night or a party starter, Dodos Riding Dinos is sure to leave you clucking with laughter – just watch out for those flying bananas!

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Dodos (Recommended for families and casual gamers)

Dodo’s honor real-life Paleontologists

Pojo Notes:

  • This game was getting a little tough to find due to popularity.  But a 2022 Kickstarter funded a whole lot more copies, and they just started arriving in stores in early 2024 again.  Check your Local Gaming Store (LGS). 
  • For history aficionados: the Dodos’ names honor the real-life paleontologists who discovered dinosaur fossils or made studies related to the species.  
  • The retail price of Dodos Riding Dinos is $59 U.S.  That is a typical price for a game with detailed miniatures.  Click here to check the current price on Amazon.com.  
… and Toppling Goliath’s King Sue beer goes great with Dodos Riding Dinos!