Diviner of the Herald
Diviner of the Herald

Diviner of the Herald – #LIOV-EN000

If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can send 1 Fairy monster from your Deck or Extra Deck to the GY, and if you do, increase this card’s Level by that monster’s Level, until the end of this turn. If this card is Tributed: You can Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower Fairy monster from your hand or Deck, except “Diviner of the Herald”. You can only use each effect of “Diviner of the Herald” once per turn.

Date Reviewed: December 23, 2021

Rating: 4.32

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Diviner of the Herald comes in at #7 on the Top 10 list and was a good bit of Fairy support.

Not very strong, but Diviner makes up for the lack of raw attack and defense power with her effects. Fairy-archetype Foolish Burial built into a monster gets that graveyard ready for Archord Krystia or could also be used to set up Herald of Perfection or some Chaos-based monster. This effect off the Normal or Special Summon AND the Foolish Burial can also come from the Extra Deck widens the reach of Diviner and allows for the user to drop her off of things like Valhalla if necessary. When you think Extra Deck and dropping a monster into the grave from it, two monsters always come to mind: Herald of the Arc Light and Elder Entity N’tss, this card works great with them. The level increase of Diviner to Level 4 off her first helps Diviner in terms of Synchro and Xyz strategies, and even some Ritual strategies if you are playing her there.

Pop Diviner to Special Summon a Level 2 or lower Fairy from the hand or deck is a good 1-for-1 searcher if from the deck, which is where you’ll most likely be summoning from using this effect. Aside from traditional Fairy decks being able to use this card, some Fluffal monsters can be summoned using this effect, through I’m not sure how well she’ll fit in the Fusion strategy that Fluffal employ.

Good raw support for a Type of monster that never went away completely. Wasn’t specific to stuff like “Agents” or “Heralds”, Diviner is just a good Fairy support card.

Advanced-4/5     Art-4.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

We continue on along with the number 7 slot to help various Fairy and Ritual Decks, from Lightning Overdrive we have Diviner of the Herald.

Diviner is a Level 2 LIGHT Fairy Tuner with 500 ATK and 300 DEF. Meh stats as always on Level 2s, LIGHT is great, Fairy has a lot going for it, and being a Tuner is great, espeically taking into consideration the effect on Normal or Special Summon for it to send a Fairy from the Deck or Extra Deck to the graveyard to gain the Levels of the sent monster for the turn, which helps open up more Synchros while getting cards you want in the graveyard like Herald of the Arc Light for your Ritual-related searches or Trias Hierachia to synergize with the other effect upon being tributed to summon any Level 2 or lower Fairy from Deck that isn’t another Diviner of the Herald, really helping you open up some interesting combos to keep your plays going. It’s a nice card for various strategies like Rituals, Solfachords, Agents, and probably more I can’t think of or that will come out in the future. Diviner is a pretty strong card for anything using Fairies and I can see it being a mainstay for the Type for years to come.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

My #7: Diviner of the Herald

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Here’s another combo card flying (Fairies fly) into #7 on our list-Diviner of the Herald.  While small perhaps on initial appearance, being Level 2, with irrelevant attack and defense, she benefits from being a Light/Fairy, as well as a Tuner.  You dump a Fairy from your Deck or Extra Deck to your Grave to increase the Level of this card by the Level of that Monster.  So even just a Level 4 is going to make this Level 6 (and higher Levels obviously mean higher Extra Deck plays, which is a definite plus).  And Fairies, as most Decks and Themes these days do, enjoy being able to fill the Grave like this for free.  Upon Tributing this card, you can Special Summon a Level 2 or lower Fairy, other than this card, from your Hand or Deck.  I always appreciate options in my effects, as shown here, and it’s a good way to get something new before or after you’ve used this for whatever else you may have needed it for.  Great combo and synergy card for Fairy players.

Rating:  4.25/5

Art:  5/5  I’m gonna say it, this is divine.  

Mighty Vee

I wasn’t here for Pojo’s first review of this card, but we now reach number 7, a major factor in Drytron’s diabolical relationship with the Herald archetype: Diviner of the Herald. It’s a level 2 LIGHT fairy tuner monster, which is fitting for a member of the Heralds. LIGHT fairy is a very good mix thanks to the absurd amount of LIGHT fairy support. Also fitting are its puny stats, as 500 attack and 300 defense are unlikely to run anything over, but they are to be expected of a level 2 tuner.

While Diviner is a playmaker in a variety of decks, including Super Quant decks of all things, its main claim to fame is as a normal summon in Drytron decks. Both effects are once per turn, though it’s mostly the first one that’s relevant for Drytron, which is still a threatening meta deck despite banlist hits and falling usage since the previous YCS. After normal or special summoning Diviner, you can send a fairy from your deck or extra deck to the graveyard. You might be tempted to immediately dump Eva to search 2 fairies, or dump Trias Hierarchia and search Eva that way through Diviner’s other effect, but the primary Drytron combo involves dumping Herald of the Arc Light, triggering its effect to search any ritual spell or monster, which will almost always be Meteonis Drytron. Coincidentally, this will also raise Diviner’s level by the sent monster– in this case, making Diviner a level 6 monster. What else is level 6? The infamous Cyber Angel Benten, which you’ll summon with your newfound Meteonis Drytron, allowing you to go into the rank 6 monster Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal and gain access to 2+ negate abomination, Herald of Ultimateness. Diviner’s other effect is usually not relevant in Drytron, but it’s still a very good effect in general; if it’s tributed, you can special summon a level 2 or lower fairy from your hand or deck. Since Drytron monsters tribute, you can tribute it in a jam to get to Eva. Outside of Drytron, you can always use the first effect for the aforementioned Trias Hierarchia, which can tribute Diviner and get to any level 2 or lower fairy, like Super Quantal Fairy Alphan in Super Quant decks. Overall, Diviner is a very powerful monster in a very powerful deck and has insane combo potential for fairy decks in general, earning it the number 7 spot in our countdown.

Advanced: 4.25/5
Art: 4.75/5 Among Yugioh’s more regal and beautiful art, even if the girl’s a little out of place with the more geometric Heralds; I also like the funny Ultimateness antennae on her hood.

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