Dinomorphia Kentregina
Dinomorphia Kentregina

Dinomorphia Kentregina – #BACH-EN038

2 “Dinomorphia” monsters with different names
Loses ATK equal to your LP. You can only use each of the following effects of “Dinomorphia Kentregina” once per turn. During the Main Phase (Quick Effect): You can pay half your LP and banish 1 “Dinomorphia” Normal Trap from your GY; this effect becomes that Trap’s effect when that card is activated. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “Dinomorphia” monster from your GY.

Date Reviewed:  May 6th, 2022

Rating: 2.79

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Dinomorphia Kentregina ends our look at the Dinomorphia archetype, and is the boss monster you intend to summon.

Two Dinomorphia monsters with different names are required for the Fusion Summon. You will need either of your two Dinomorphia Main Deck monsters, or a Dinomorphia Fusion Monster and a Main Deck Dinomorphia (tokens have no names so they are out, sadly). Loses ATK equal to your LP…why am I not surprised. You gotta pay half your LP three times at least to make certain that Kentregina is at 3000ATK or higher. I get that that’s the point of the archetype, but paying yourself down to 1000LP or less is just…it’s just foolish. I’d argue that Skill Drain and this card is a better option. Sure, Kentregina would have no effect, but you’d have a 4000ATK beater that still gives you back something when hitting the grave.

Main Phase Quick Effect that is a Phantom of Chaos for your Normal Dinomorphia Trap cards. Of those cards, Alert and Domain are the ones you want to copy. Brute forces you to pop a Dinomorphia monster you control, don’t want that, while Domain and Alert get you to either a Fusion Summon or your two Dinomorphia Main Deck monsters (can’t attack, but you’ll be able to do Extra Deck stuff). Kentregina will replace herself with a Level 4 or lower Dinomorphia monster from your grave upon destruction, like both Fusion Dinomorphia do.

Use Domain to summon Kentregina unless you have quicker ways and then use Kentregina to banish Domain to get Diplos and Therizia back to go into Laggia or Dolka. Kentregina does have to pay half your LP to activate her effect, so you only have to pay twice before you summon her to ensure she has 3000ATK.

The archetype is new, and while it frustrates me right now, it likely is getting more Main Deck monsters which will make it easier to summon the Fusion Monsters. I’d say though that if you run the archetype right now you’d be better off running certain generic traps vs the archetype tarps. Find other ways to pay half your LP and quicker ways to Fusion Summon, traps are not quick.

Advanced-3/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends off with the current boss monster for the Dinomorphia archetype: Dinomorphia Kentregina.

Kentregina is a Level 6 DARK Dinosaur Fusion with 4000 ATK and 0 DEF. When I see 4000 ATK on a Level 6, I know something is up, but DARK/Dinosaur is still great. Fusion Materials are any 2 Dinomorphia monsters with different names, which only 2 exist in the Main Deck, but it’s easy to do when you can access the Deck and later the Extra Deck for Fusion Materials. Loses ATK equal to your LP, so you got to get below 4000 LP to even get stats on this thing, and you’ll never use all 4000 ATK points without negating this effects since you’d otherwise lose for having 0 LP. Considering how much you halve your LP, though, you can at least get above 3000-3500 easily and even above 3900, though that’s probably when you’ll start getting into the weird numbers. Each of the following effects are a hard once per turn, first being a Quick Effect during the Main Phase to pay half your LP and banish a Dinomorphia Normal Trap from your grave to copy that effect. Nice to copy your Fusion Traps mainly, but that’s about it minus maybe their 1-for-1 destruction Trap. No copying the Counter Traps, but you might want those in grave to block some battle damage anyways. Second effect triggers upon destruction via battle or card effect, letting you summon a Level 4 or lower Dinomorphia from the graveyard. At least it revives Therizia, but it’d be nice if it could revive the other Level 6 Fusion at the very least instead of having to rely on the destruction of their Level 8 for that. Still, it’s a fine card for Dinomorphia and probably the 2nd best of the 3 once we get the Level 8, since that’s more of a win condition than this thing is.

Advanced Rating: 3/5

Art: 5/5 Probably the coolest looking Dinomorphia at the very least.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

4000 attack has to be the highest body on a Monster with a Level so low (6 in this instance).  Dinomorphia Kentregina is still Dark/Dino, 0 defense still irks me, even if the reward is the 4000 attack.  Generic Fusion requirements here just needing two Dinomorphias with different names.  Loses attack equal to your Lifepoints all ready disgusts me, and even though that kinda fits in the Theme, or what it’s trying to do, I can’t help but wonder why.  Still removing Traps, as a Quick Effect, once per Turn, to gain the Effect of said Trap.  Fun, but not worth bringing this out, even via Quick Effect, and that’s sure not enough of a reward for all the points you’re losing of the attack of this card.  That Effect only covers Normal Traps AND you have to pay half your Lifepoints (imagine that) AGAIN to use it, so that will modestly bump this attack back up, but it still wonders why you wouldn’t just use better, stronger, less costly Dinos.  You don’t have to use cards in a Theme just because they’re available.  Battle or Effect destruction (albeit even your own) grants you a Special Summon of a Level 4 or lower Dinomorphia from your Graveyard.  This whole Theme is weird, and there’s too much paying, and nowhere near enough reward.

Rating:  1.75/5

Art:  5/5  The picture here is beyond incredible, I can’t hate that

Mighty Vee

Our last card this week is the current de jure boss of the Dinomorphia archetype, Dinomorphia Kentregina, a level 6 DARK dinosaur fusion monster. All it takes is two Dinomorphia monsters with different names, though even with their deck fusion trap, you’re limited to some combination of Dinomorphia Stealthbergia (which would use a lot of resources), Dinomorphia Diplos, and Dinomorphia Therizia. The elephant in the room is, of course, its colossal 4000 attack for a level 6 monster, countered by a fitting 0 defense. Naturally, such power doesn’t come without a cost…

Being relatively easy to summon for a 4000 attack monster is too good to be true; Kentregina loses attack equal to your current life points, so in practice, it’ll usually have around 2000 to 3750-ish attack depending on how many times you’ve managed to halve your life points with Dinomorphia traps. Both of Kentregina’s effects are a hard once per turn, like most monsters nowadays. During the main phase, on a quick effect, you can banish a Dinorphia normal trap from your graveyard to copy its effect. This is decent for getting some extra disruption out of Dinomorphia Brute or bringing back your fusion materials with Dinomorphia Alert; additionally, the archetype’s new boss requires a Dinomorphia fusion monster as a fusion material, so copying Dinomorphia Domain after using it to summon Kentregina is an easy way to summon it. In any of these cases, it’ll usually bring Kentregina’s attack to a semi-respectable 2000, but without any protection or other significant battle effects, it’s really not worth tanking your life points just to get Kentregina close to its peak attack. Kentregina’s other effect allows you to revive any level 4 Dinomorphia when it’s destroyed by battle or card effect. Again, you could always bring back Therizia for follow-up plays, though destroying your own fusion monsters (even if they can be fused from the deck) still feels like a waste of resources. Currently, Kentregina is quite bad at being a beater (Ultimate Conductor Tyranno will do the job nicely); however, its role as a combo piece will expand greatly once we get Dimension Force here in TCG.

Advanced: 2.5/5 (higher in OCG)

Art: 4/5 Shout outs to Kentrosaurus, Stegosaurus’s somewhat more metal cousin; her aesthetic may be more than a bit familiar for Metal Gear Rising fans.


How fitting that we end Dinomorphia Week with their boss monster, a Fusion card that simply requires any 2 “Dinomorphia” monsters. This makes her feel more like a Link monster, but you do still need a Fusion catalyst (like Polymerization or Dinomorphia Domain).

As a Level 6 monster, her Base ATK of 4000 is about as good as it gets. She does have a negative effect that makes this stat seem less impressive, however. She loses ATK equal to your LP. So basically, unless you’re under 4000 LP, she won’t have any ATK power.
You should know by now that the Dinomorphias love being on low LP – with the magic number being 2000 or less. This means that realistically Kentregina will have between 2000 and 4000 ATK (most likely right at the 3000 mark).

Not only that, but she has a built-in way to up her ATK by possessing a Quick Effect that lets you (and say it with me this time) pay 1/2 your LP. This is a wild card kind of effect. You also have to banish a “Dinomorphia” Trap from your Grave to use this effect. Kentregina then copies that Trap card’s Main effect.
This can range from Fusing out another Dinomorphia, to popping a Card, to reviving Monsters. These are all nice effects to have access to, but the problem is that you need to have a wide selection of Traps in Grave in order to have this wide repertoire. Not only that, but keep in mind that all Dinomorphia Traps possess innate abilities to Banish themselves. Also, your Dinomorphia starters (Therizia and Diplos) both require banishing traps in order to Float. So the odds of having the right trap in your Grave at the right time seems low to me.
Also, there are just as many Dinomorphia Counter Traps as there are Normal Traps. You can only copy the effect of Normal Traps with Kentregina. If only she could copy the Counter Trap ones. Those are the better ones, after all.

The last effect of Kentregina allows her to float into a Level 4 or lower Dinomorphia when being destroyed – this time for free. OK, so I have many thoughts concerning her. As a boss, I don’t think she does enough. She can reach high ATK points, but other than that, you can’t rely on her copy ability without a ton of set up first. Being able to float into another card upon death is nice, but Boss monsters shouldn’t be dying in the first place. They should be ending the game (at least that’s how I feel).
Dinomorphia seems like a really good engine for gaining advantage early on, but it seems like they’ll run out of gas quickly. This means that they’ll probably work best as a small engine in a more generic Dino deck, rather than a dedicated deck of their own. If you did try to run pure Dinomorphia, you’d have a challenge on your hands trying to balance how many Traps to run in your deck (as there are a ton of great generic traps to run in addition to the Dinomorphia line up).

I like this archetype on paper, but I doubt they’ll see much play. Sounds like the Libromancer archetype from last week, huh?

Advanced Rating – 3.5/5
Art – 3.5/5 (Leveled Up Dino Waifu)




Alright, for our final card to wrap up the Dinomorphia theme week we have the “Dinomorphia Kentregina”, a Level 6 Dinosaur Fusion Effect Monster bolstering an outstanding 4000 Attack. But there’s a catch: It loses ATK equal to your Life Point total, playing into the Dinomorphia theme of going low with your Life Points in exchange for more power or disruptive effects on the board. It also requires two different Dinomorphia monsters to summon, but has no other restrictions, so you could theoretically cheat it out with something like Cyber Stein as well. Most likely, people will be summoning this with the on-theme Dinomorphia Domain trap card, which combines nicely with Kentregina’s effects.

As a lot of the other Dinomorphia cards, it has an activated effect that allows you to pay half your LP for value, something you probably are already doing if you have a heavy Dinomorphia Theme. In this case, you can quick effect “replay” a normal trap from your graveyard after banishing it, but only during the main phase. This effect of course just screams “TRAP TRICK”, which enables a really cool toolbox of interesting deck building options.

It is also a floater that can get back the Dinomorphia Normal Summon Starters of Choice like Therizia or Diplos, but only if it is destroyed by battle or card effects, so you cannot just link or synchro it off to start crazy value chains. All the Fusion Boss Monsters in the Dinomorphia Deck have an effect like these, which is nice in case your opponent manages to break your board and gives some nice recovery options should you survive. Kaijus or other sacrifice/Super Poly effects will not activate the floater special summons tho, and those are unfortunately on the rise right now. On the other hand, if you combine the Dinomorphias with the regular Dino toolbox cards which destroy your Dinos, you can easily benefit from this effect, as it doesn’t state it needs to be destroyed by your opponent’s card effect, which is very cool.

This is still a lot of useful text packed into a narrow card that serves as a nice payoff or potential finisher for the Dinomorphia archetype, which has as of yet not impacted the TCG too much, but might get some stronger support in the future. Also, the Dinomorphia cards all benefit from the already power- and plentiful generic Dino enablers like Fossil Dig, Oviraptor and Miscellaneousaurus, of course, which is nice, since the archetype can use the added consistency (who doesn’t?). Nothing exactly stops you from splashing yesterday’s card, the Ultimate Conductor Tyranno as an additional easy-to-summon finisher either, who also synergizes with her floater effect because he destroys your monster!

Rating: 3/5


Recurring Normal Traps is super cool, it benefits from the generic dinosaur support system, the “Solemn” traps all love the theme of getting low on LP (though you can’t rebuy them since they are Counter Traps)


Normal traps sometimes are a turn too slow to get value from, the obvious omnipresent Kaiju/Super Poly problem that floaters like these face, and sometimes this might not even have a lot of Attack when used only for trap recursion make me not gravitate to this theme too much

Art: 3/5

These colors really pop, but it’s a cyber waifu with a tail in a futuristic city – so not exactly my thing. Plus the belly button on her suit makes me ask uncomfortable questions. I don’t know the lore behind the Dinomorphia warriors, but why some of them are clearly objectified curvy women with dino tails/dino DNA is not really clear to me. But dino furry/waifu worshippers will love this one, I’m sure of THAT (insert cringe UwU meme of your choice) 😉

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