Hello Pojo readers, it is your good pal Crunch$G here with a brand new series of articles I plan to do. Articles like these will be done to inform you about sets, decks, or anything in between that is released to the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. The first product I will do for this series is the Cyberse Link Structure Deck, so lets get into the noteworthy things about this Structure Deck.

Tri-Gate Wizard

One of the new Link Monsters in the Structure Deck and probably the only real meta relevant one. Tri-Gate Wizard is a powerful Link-3 monster that can banish cards and negate effects if you can get it co-linked to enough monsters. If this is easily done in the deck you play, then it is most likely going to be run in your Extra Deck. It is just that dang good. 

Cyberse Support

The most obvious about this Structure Deck is that there is more Cyberse-type monsters in this deck. Encode Talker is the featured card of the deck, but it being only useable with Cyberse decks limits its potential. However, it does have a really good battle protection effect. Not only that, but you also got a third Link Monster in Binary Sorceress with a solid effect, though if you are only looking for Link-2s to climb the Link Ladder, stick to Proxy Dragon. The Cyberse-type as a whole gets a much better searcher than Cyberse Beacon, in my opinion at least. There is a card that can become powerful with the release of more Code Talker Link Monsters. You got a Cyberse to give you an additional summon as well as a Cyberse monster that reminds me a lot of Glow-Up Bulb. Speaking of Glow-Up Bulb…

Noteworthy Reprints

This deck is also full of some really good reprints for many players in the community. Dimensional Barrier gets another budget print, though the power of that card has decreased now that Links are a thing and it cannot stop Link Monsters. The aforementioned Glow-Up Bulb gets its first common reprint, which is going to be great to have when we get Crystron Needlefiber. Jester Confit got its first ever reprint, cause that card was actually gaining some value on the market. Sadly, Solemn Strike was moved to the Code of the Duelist: Special Edition as a promo for what I assume is to sell more of those Special Editions, considering Code of the Duelist as a whole can be an underwhelming set to competitive players. The most noteworthy reprint that did make it into this deck though is Cosmic Cyclone, which is one of the best Spell/Trap removal cards in the game today. If anything, you should get this deck just for the Tri-Gate Wizard, Dimensional Barrier, and Cosmic Cyclone. If you do want to play the Cyberse deck, however; then this is a great boost to the deck. Get used to the Cyberse-themed decks, because the next one is another deck around Cyberse monsters and Link Summoning.

In Conclusion…

This is another one of those Structure Decks that can make an impact on the meta and be more than a deck for casual play. The Cyberse-type deck has major potential, especially if there is a full archetype of Cyberse monsters that aren’t the Code Talkers. If you do not have any intentions to play the Cyberse deck, pick up a few copies of this deck for the three cards I mentioned earlier, and Glow-Up Bulb if you intend to play with the Crystron Link. The value of those cards could be worth more than just picking up the deck in the store, but if you prefer to just buy the singles still, I understand.

Thank you for reading, I am Crunch$G. You can contact me at iphoneperson@icloud.com if you have any questions or want to discuss Yu-Gi-Oh. Thanks! :]