I wanted to make a format where people can test out new strategies and serendipitously discover new combos, as well as revisit lots of older cards that have become obsolete. I feel like the game has largely become autopilot with little room for deviation so I made this fun format.

Fundamental Rules

1. Forbidden cards remain Forbidden.

2. Limited (to 1) and Semi-Limited (to 2) cards are Forbidden.

3. Unlimited cards are limited (to 1).

4. It may be under consideration to ban popular meta cards, but it depends how this meta would develop.

Additional Rules

·         Decks must have at least 50 cards.  This rule encourages more diversity.

·         Continuous Spell and Continuous Trap cards are immediately destroyed during the owner’s 3rd End Phase after activation.  This rule is to impede stalling.

·         Players can shuffle any number of cards from their hand to their deck and draw an equal amount of cards before their first Draw Phase.  This rule allows for better consistency.

·         At any point in the duel, a player can shuffle 1 card from their hand into their deck to draw 1 card. This can only be used once per duel by each player.

·         Optionally, each player banishes 1 card from their deck at the beginning of the duel and adds it to their hand during their 10th Standby Phase.  This rule compensates for the reduced role of searchers.