I wanted to create a custom format that mixes nostalgia with balanced gameplay.

Basic Rules

·         Each player starts with 2000 life points.

·         You cannot declare a direct attack, unless your opponent did not summon (or attempt to summon) a monster during the previous turn

·         Damage via card effects is always negated. Costs, however, are still applied.

·         You can Normal Summon monsters in face-up Defense Position.

·         Normal Monsters cannot be Set in face-down Defense Position

·         LV5 and higher monsters are Normal Summoned without Tributes.

·         You can use LV5 or lower Fusion Monsters in your Main Deck (If on Dueling Network, just keep them in your Extra Deck and Normal Summon them by skipping your Draw Phase ; They still are affected by deckbuilding requirements.)

Deck Building Requirements

·         LV5 or lower Fusion monsters can be used in your Main Deck as regular monsters.

·         Ritual Monsters are kept in and summoned from your Extra Deck (via Ritual Magic Cards)

·         Your main deck must contain at least 50 cards.

·         You cannot use more than 3 LV7 monsters

·         You cannot use more than 3 LV6 monsters

·         You cannot use more than 4 LV5 monsters

Additional Rules

·         Your opponent cannot play a monster in Defense Position for four consecutive turns.

·         Once per duel: When an opponent’s monster declares an attack on your monster, you can activate your face-down Normal Spell; the card will activate and resolve like a Normal Trap card.

·         If you control the monster on the field with the highest ATK, you cannot activate an Equip Spell card.

·         When a monster card you control is destroyed by a card effect, you take 200 damage.

·         Once per turn: When a player successfully activates Polymerization, he/she draws 2 cards.

Legal Sets

Cards can only be used from the following sources:

·         SDY – Starter Deck Yugi

·         SDK – Starter Deck Kaiba

·         TP1 – Tournament Pack 1

·         TP2 – Tournament Pack 2

·         LOB – Legend of B.E.W.D.

·         MRD – Metal Raiders

·         MRL – Magic Ruler

·         PSV – Pharaohs Servant

Cards outside of these sources cannot be used in a duel.

Forbidden Cards

You cannot use these cards in a duel.

·         Axe of Despair

·         Buster Blader

·         Call Of The Haunted

·         Chain Energy

·         Change of Heart

·         Cold Wave

·         Cyber Jar

·         Dark Hole

·         Heavy Storm

·         Imperial Order

·         Jinzo

·         Limiter Removal

·         Megamorph

·         Mirror Force

·         Painful Choice

·         Pot of Greed

·         Premature Burial

·         Raigeki

·         Rush Recklessly

·         Snatch Steal

·         Solemn Judgment

·         The Forceful Sentry

·         Toll

·         Witch of the Black Forest

Limited Cards

You can only use 1 copy of the following cards.

·         7 Colored Fish

·         Barrel Dragon

·         Blue-Eyes White Dragon

·         Exodia the Forbidden One

·         Fissure

·         Gearfried the Iron Knight

·         Giant Trunade

·         Goblin Attack Force

·         Gravity Bind

·         Horn of Heaven

·         La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

·         Labyrinth Wall

·         Left Arm of the Forbidden One

·         Left Leg of the Forbidden One

·         Limiter Removal

·         Magic Jammer

·         Magician of Faith

·         Man-Eater Bug

·         Mask of Darkness

·         Mechanicalchaser

·         Messenger of Peace

·         Monster Reborn

·         Morphing Jar

·         Morphing Jar #2

·         Nobleman of Crossout

·         Nobleman of Extermination

·         Relinquished

·         Right Arm of the Forbidden One

·         Right Leg of the Forbidden One

·         Sangan

·         Shield & Sword

·         Sky Scout (Harpie’s Brother)

·         Solemn Wishes

·         Summoned Skull

·         Swords of Revealing Light

·         The Shallow Grave

·         Time Seal

·         Trap Hole

·         Tri-Horned Dragon


You cannot use more than 2 copies of these cards.

Card Destruction

Dust Tornado

Last Will

Mystical Space Typhoon

Nobleman of Extermination


Spellbinding Circle

Sample Deck List