With Season 2 and 3, Battle City, the rules are a lot closer to real-life, but I don’t want decks to be in image of the 2004 meta, but rather true to the spirit of the anime.  This means, among other things, that Fusion monsters and Egyptian God Cards will be a force to be reckoned with.

Basic Rules

·         Each player starts with 4000 life points.

·         You can only declare 1 direct attack per turn.

·         Effect damage and piercing damage are cut into 1/4th.

·         Costs, however, remain the same.

·         You can Normal Summon in face-up Defense Position

·         Your Main Deck must have at least 50 cards.

·         Once per duel: During the Battle Phase when your opponent declares an attack, you can chain, activate and resolve your face-down Normal Spell like it were a Trap Card.

·         During the turn they are Summoned, Fusion monsters cannot attack, but they’re also not affected by the opponent’s card effects until the controller’s next turn.

·         Once per turn: When you Fusion summon a monster via Polymerization, draw 2 cards.

Egyptian God Cards

·         The following cards: Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor and Winged Dragon of Ra are legal to use.

·         You can only use one of these three cards, maximum. You cannot use more than 1 copy of the same “Egyptian God Card”.

·         Egyptian God Cards cannot be targeted or destroyed by your opponent’s card effects.

Legal Cards

Cards from the following sources are legal:

·         SDY – Starter Deck Yugi

·         SDK – Starter Deck Kaiba

·         TP1 – Tournament Pack 1

·         TP2 – Tournament Pack 2

·         LOB – Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon

·         MRD – Metal Raiders

·         MRL – Magic Ruler

·         PSV – Pharaoh’s Servant

·         LON – Labyrinth of Nightmare

·         LOD – Legacy of Darkness

·         PGD – Pharaohnic Guardian

·         MFC – Magician’s Force

·         DCR – Dark Crisis

·         IOC – Invasion of Chaos

All cards outside of these sources are illegal.

Forbidden / Limited List

1. You cannot use Forbidden cards in a duel.

2. You can only use 1 copy of each Limited card.

3. You cannot use more than 15 Limited cards in your deck. Choose wisely.


·         LOB: Dark Hole, Raigeki, Pot of Greed

·         MRD: Change of Heart, Mirror Force

·         MRL: Delinquent Duo, Confiscation, The Forceful Sentry, Painful Choice, Snatch Steal, Megamorph, Cyber Jar

·         PSV: Imperial Order, Cold Wave, Premature Burial, Thousand-Eyes Restrict

·         LON: United We Stand, Mage Power

·         LOD: Yata-Garasu, Injection Fairy-Lily, Fiber Jar, Last Turn

·         PGD: Ring of Destruction

·         MFC: Tribe-Infecting Virus, Magical Scientist

·         DCR: (none)

·         IOC: Chaos Emperor Dragon, Dark Magician of Chaos, Dimension Fusion, BLS – Envoy


·         SDY: Card Destruction, Soul Exchange, Wall of Illusion

·         LOB: Fissure, Swords of Revealing Light, Monster Reborn, Trap Hole

·         MRD: Solemn Judgment, Heavy Storm, Witch of the Black Forest, Sangan

·         MRL: Axe of Despair, Chain Energy, Rush Recklessly, Giant Trunade, Messenger of Peace, Mystical Space Typhoon,

·         PSV: Jinzo, Dust Tornado, Nobleman of Extermination, Nobleman of Crossout, The Shallow Grave, Morphing Jar #2, Michizure, Call Of The Haunted

·         LON: Card of Safe Return, Torrential Tribute, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

·         LOD: Reinforcements of the Army, Creature Swap, Bottomless Trap Hole

·         PGD: Book of Moon, Trap Dustshoot, Reasoning, Spirit Reaper, Sasuke Samurai

·         MFC: Breaker the Magical Warrior, Wave-Motion Cannon

·         DCR: D.D. Warrior Lady, Vampire Lord, Tsukuyomi, Skill Drain, Sakuetsu Armor

·         IOC: Stumbling, Smashing Ground, Manticore of Darkness, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Chaos Sorcerer