Cultist of the Absolute
Cultist of the Absolute

Cultist of the Absolute – Baldur’s Gate

Date Reviewed:  June 10, 2022

Constructed: 1.00
Casual: 1.67
Limited: 4.17
Multiplayer: 1.67
Commander [EDH]: 4.42

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 is bad. 3 is average. 5 is great.

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All of the Background cards in Battle for Baldur’s Gate can do something interesting in the right deck, but this particular one is quite scary. Turning your commander into an old-school-style demon (as in, a big scary creature with a drawback) can cause a lot of problems, particularly on one that’s already combat-oriented. Its cost and high-power effect makes it good as part of a deck led by an older card, and when combined with the “choose a Background” commanders, it turns them into threats that can go toe-to-toe with juiced-up older commanders – turn after turn, no less.

Constructed: 1/5
Casual: 1/5 (if using a Commander, though, see below)
Limited: 4/5
Multiplayer: 1/5 (if using a Commander, though, see below)
Commander [EDH]: 5/5

 James H. 


As a reminder with the background enchantments, you are allowed to have one Background in the commander slot alongside a creature with “choose a background”, expanding your color identity and giving a set of abilities to them that helps expand their power. Cultist of the Absolute might be the most eye-opening of the backgrounds, and may actually be worth running even if you aren’t running it as part of a command zone package; it’s a lot of value for just one mana investment (evasion, protection, and a stat boost), and seeing as how black doesn’t mind the occasional bits of sacrifice, one creature a turn is a more than affordable enough cost. It’s a good way to make your commander creatures more horrifying, and I can see a lot of black decks piloting this somewhere in their 99 if not at the helm outright.

Constructed: 1 (Commander creature makes this useless in a format without the designator)
Casual: 1 (presuming this isn’t for a Commander-centric game)
Limited: 4 (can be a bit dangerous if you don’t have the things to tribute, but this can push a game very far ahead if you let it)
Multiplayer: 1 (again, presuming this isn’t a Commander game)
Commander [EDH]: 4.25 (a lot of creatures get scarier with protection and offensive keywords, and at a manageable rate of return, this is priced to move)

Mike the
Borg 9


Wow this card is pretty amazing for just one mana!  Already it has the ability to change your color scheme and allow you to play black mana in your commander colors, but it gives your commander some pretty insane abilities.  Flying, deathtouch, +3/+3 and Ward 3!  The only downside is at the beginning of your upkeep you need to sacrifice a creature…which is not a problem in a token or weenie deck!  There are a plethora of cards that have synergy with this card well and I am sure that it’ll be an include in commander builds for a wide range of decks. It’s really good!

Constructed: 1/5
Casual: 3/5
Limited: 4.5/5
Multiplayer: 3/5
Commander [EDH]: 4/5

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