Cross Switcher
Cross Switcher

Cross Switcher – Fusion Strike

Date Reviewed: November 27, 2021

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 4.00
Expanded: 3.00

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Otaku Avatar

The #1 card for our latest TCG expansion is… Cross Switcher (SW – Fusion Strike 230/264)!  This is a Fusion Strike Trainer-Item, letting it tap at least some of their support. Cross Switcher has an effect that not only allows you to play two copies at the same time, but requires it.  When you do, you then switch your opponent’s Active with your choice of their Benched Pokémon.  If you’re able to do that, next you switch your Active with one of your own Benched Pokémon (again, your choice).  That’s right, this is Guzma as a rather bizarre Item!

Yesterday, we discussed Crossceiver, which has a similar requirement but totally different effect.  Crossceiver has not seen any competitive success, at least of which I am aware.  Cross Switcher, on the other hand, is seeing success.  Once again, I checked for the top five results for the top five decks over at LimitlessTCG’s site for non-Championship Series tournaments (not sure if they’re sanctioned or unsanctioned).  Only the Mew VMAX/Genesect V decks were running it, but four out of the top five contained it.  In fact, three of them were maxing it out and one ran a three count.

Is such a performance worthy of first place?  Probably not.  Unless, of course, Mew VMAX/Genesect V decks are just the start of a trend.  As mentioned with Crossceiver, I didn’t realize how tricky it would be for the average deck to assemble two copies of the relevant Item in hand, at the same time.  Genesect V decks can use its powerful Ability to draw until they have as many cards in hand as they have Fusion Strike Pokémon in hand.  Moreover, each instance of Genesect V can use its Ability once per turn.  We’re talking a massive amount of drawing without having to shuffle away or discard cards from your hand.  There are a few search effects that might be a good help as well, such as Raihan’s.

Cross Switcher is still a great card.  Guzma was a great card when it was around, and even with the requirements to actually use Cross Switcher, getting this effect from an Item is still kind of crazy.  I had Cross Switcher as my number one pick from SW – Fusion Strike.  While I’m having second thoughts, it is just that – seeing as it isn’t really being used outside of their deck – Mew VMAX and Gensect V probably should have clocked in above it.  Cross Switcher will have to deal with limited deck space and anti-Item effects in Expanded, but there are more search and more draw effects friendlier to assembling two cards in your hand.


  • Standard: 4/5
  • Expanded: 3/5

vince avatar

Editor’s Note: Vince had Cross Switcher as his 2nd-Place pick.

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