Crimson Gaia
Crimson Gaia

Crimson Gaia – #SDCK-EN026

During your Main Phase: You can add 1 “Red Dragon Archfiend” or 1 card that mentions it from your Deck or GY to your hand, except “Crimson Gaia”. When your “Red Dragon Archfiend” declares an attack: You can change all monsters your opponent controls to face-down Defense Position. If a monster(s) on the field is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can Special Summon 1 “Red Dragon Archfiend” from your GY. You can only use each effect of “Crimson Gaia” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  November 1st, 2023

Rating: 3.83

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Crimson Gaia is the only Spell/Trap we’re reviewing this week out of the structure deck.

Continuous Spell that is your “Red Dragon Archfiend” search card. Useful to recycle RDA or anything mentioning RDA in the card text back to the hand from the grave or search from the Deck. Running this can lessen the copies of each Synchro you play mentioning the theme dragon, but you are likely to use this as a RoTA for Soul Resonator. As for Spell/Trap options, Fiendish Golem and Scarlet Security are pretty generic and can be the most useful cards to search.

The flip face-down ability against your opponent’s monsters when “Red Dragon Archfiend” attacks is meant to board-clear with RDA’s ability, though this won’t matter if they have Link Monsters. It can help against monsters that have effects that trigger during the Damage Step or force a response to negate Crimson Gaia and not any of your other monster effect(s). Even if you don’t destroy every monster with Red Dragon Archfiend you can still get a plus for each monster destroyed through Red Dragon Archfiend’s effect.

Destroying monsters on the field is easy within this archetype and being able to Special Summon another Red Dragon Archfiend from the grave when that happens gives you another beatstick with field-clearing ability. Scarred Dragon Archfiend and Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend both become Red Dragon Archfiend on the field and in the grave. Scarred can wipe your opponent’s Special Summoned effect monsters off the board and do a little bit of LP damage as well. That Dragon’s destruction ability triggers Crimson Gaia to Special Summon RDA from the grave, giving you two 3000ATK beaters on board with board-clearing abilities and likely a clear field: OTK ability with Scarred and this card (as long as monsters on your opponent’s field have less to equal ATK as Scarred).

Crimson Gaia, if only used as a RoTA to get back a Synchro to your Extra Deck or search out Soul Resonator is a good card. The added benefits play to the themes of the archetype and are useful now that there are other “copies” of Red Dragon Archfiend that are better in most cases than the original.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Midweek is the Continuous Spell that’s likely the best card of the Deck for getting to literally anything you might need: Cirmson Gaia.

Crimson Gaia is a Continuous Spell that lets you add a Red Dragon Archfiend or any card that mentions it from your Deck or graveyard to your hand during each Main Phase (besides Crimson Gaia), which is pretty great for whatever you might need, whether it’s a starter, extender, or more backrow. You can even put Red Dragon Archfiend and the other Synchros back in the Extra Deck if needed. There’s great cards to search like Soul Resonator, Vision Resonator, Red Zone, etc. The second effect triggers when Red Dragon Archfiend declares an attack, letting you switch all the opponent’s monsters to face-down Defense Position, which will let you then use Red Dragon Archfiend’s effect to wipe the field of Defense Position monsters. Finally, if a monster(s) on the field is destroyed by battle or card effect, you can revive a Red Dragon Archfiend from the graveyard, letting you either get more damage in after you destroy the opponent’s monsters or give you another body on board if the opponent gets rid of one of your monsters. Hard once per turn on each effect is fine. Crimson Gaia is a great card for making the Red Dragon Archfiend Deck work by searching whatever you need to get started, extend your plays, or defend yourself while also making Red Dragon Archfiend’s old effect actually able to trigger more often than not. The revival upon destruction is also good for several purposes. Easily another 3-of for the Deck for consistency.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 4/5 Cool throwback to Arc-V and Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend in the intro.

Mighty Vee

Crimson Gaia’s next on our list, a Continuous Spell with no less than three hard once per turn effects! Since it mentions Red Dragon Archfiend, you can search it with Vision Resonator, but it’s probably better to search Red Zone with it instead for its disruption, unless you’re using the combo routes that won’t end on a Red Dragon Archfiend name. Crimson Gaia’s first and most useful effect can be activated during the Main Phase, searching or recycling from the Graveyard any monster that mentions Red Dragon Archfiend (or Red Dragon Archfiend itself, if you are so inclined). This’ll get you to Soul Resonator and immediately jumpstart your bread and butter combos, and you can even use Crimson Gaia itself as fodder for Bone Archfiend if you really want to keep your hand intact. Crimson Gaian’s second effect can trigger if your Red Dragon Archfiend declares an attack, flipping all of your opponent’s monsters face-down before the attack. This effect is obviously meant to synergize with the original Red Dragon Archfiend’s effect to destroy all of your opponent’s Defense Position monsters after attacking a Defense Position monster, and it can come up if you find yourself against a monster like Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon vulnerable to non-targeting flips (though unfortunately it won’t help much against Link monsters). Crimson Gaia’s final effect triggers if any monster is destroyed by battle or card effect, letting you revive Red Dragon Archfiend from your Graveyard. Crimson Gaia really wants to keep Red Dragon Archfiend alive, which is a little weird considering its outdated self-destruction effect, but fortunately we can avoid that with an upcoming new Red Dragon Archfiend. Overall, while the latter 2 effects are nice, you’ll play 3 copies anyway just for consistency; the bonus effects are just bonuses.

Advanced: 3.75/5

Art: 3.25/5 Kinda simple, but it’s fine.

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