Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon – #CROS-EN046

1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters – Once per turn, when another Level 5 or higher monster activates its effect on the field (Quick Effect): You can negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it. Once per turn, when a monster effect is activated that targets 1 Level 5 or higher monster on the field (and no other cards) (Quick Effect): You can negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it. If this card’s effect destroys a monster, this card gains ATK equal to the destroyed monster’s original ATK until the end of this turn.

Date Reviewed:  November 18th, 2021

Rating: 3.06

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon is our Throwback Thursday choice and one of the generic WIND Synchro monsters the Speedroids go to.

Generic materials for a Level 7 Synchro with standard ATK/DEF. The negation ability of CWSD used to be better, but nowadays with Xyz and Link monsters populating the meta it is less powerful. Don’t be fooled though, many archetypes still depend on certain Main Deck monsters that fit under this negation blanket, and CWSD will destroy the monster so you won’t leave your opponent with a body to use. The ATK gain from the destruction the effect can cause helps protect it form monsters that can grow higher than 2500ATK. Clear Wing does a good job attempting to stay on the field with these effects, but it is just that negation ability needing to be on a Level 5 or higher monster. No hand traps are getting negated, no lower level Main Deck monsters that get combos going, and no Xyz or Link monsters are getting negated. Virtual World and Invoked can be hampered by this negation ability, but Invoked could get over this before activating effects. The deck can use Clear Wing Synchro Dragon to climb higher into bigger Synchro monsters, but it feels like you’d rather do that with a Speedroid Synchro monster.

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon is a monster that used to be better than it is currently. Tale as old as the game is, but it still can find use even in todays meta.



Until Next Time


Crunch$G Avatar

Throwback Thursday this week gives us Yugo’s ace for his Deck: Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.

Clear Wing is a Level 7 WIND Dragon Synchro with 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF. Good Level 7 stats, WIND still the weakest Attribute, but Dragon is easily a stronger Type than Machine. Generic materials of any Tuner and any number of non-Tuners again, only this time I can see more scenarios where you need more than 1 non-Tuner, but it should be super easy to use only 1 Tuner and 1 non-Tuner. Anyways, two effects with soft once per turns, which is nice for summoning multiples of these. First one lets you negate the activation of a Level 5 or higher monster’s effect and destroy it. Doesn’t effect Links, Xyzs, or low Level monsters, but that might be too good on a generic Level 7 Synchro. This still has a good range of monsters to negate and will likely be relevant in several Duels. Second effect negates a monster effect that targets a Level 5 or higher monster on the field and no other cards and then destroys said monster that tried to target the Level 5 or higher monster. Another fine effect to protect your high-Level monsters like this, which is good to have access to. The final effect is a bonus effect where if this destroys a monster with either of its effects, it gains ATK equal to those destroyed monster’s original ATK for the turn, making this likely hard to get over or big enough for you to do massive damage or destroy anything in battle. Clear Wing is a solid Level 7 Synchro, not something that might be your first choice for a generic Level 7 unless you get WIND locked or maybe Dragon locked, but maybe a meta can pop up where this is a very relevant Level 7 Synchro.

Advanced Rating: 3.25/5

Art: 4.5/5 for the original art and 4.25/5 for the alternate art, the Synchro Dragons do have some nice artwork and color scheming.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, as I’ve been trying to not mention this week, is Throwback Thursday this week.  This being its second review (the first being back in 2015).  Level 7, Wind/Dragon, 2500/2000 atk/def, and needing generically a Tuner and 1+ non-Tuners to be Synchro Summoned.  A Quick Effect gives you the option, once per Turn, to negate the activation of the Effect of a Level 5 or higher Monster, and if successful, destroy said card.  Free destruction, when you want it, once per Turn.  XYZ is left out, as is Link, but getting Synchro and Fusion, and Ritual too, there’s certainly power here in this.  A second similar but different Quick Effect when any Monster activates an Effect, which has to Target a Level 5 or higher Monster on the Field and NO OTHER CARDS.  So it has to Target, and Target that card and that card alone.  Things are getting a little too specific here.  If you get this successfully (and you’re likely not going to, as it’s going to be insanely easy to play around that) this card gets an attack increase for the end of the Turn equal to the attack of the Monster destroyed by this Effect.  This card is pretty key to the Theme and there’s use here absolutely.  The first Effect certainly makes this worth playing.  Anything you get past that is a bonus in my opinion.

Rating:  3.5/5

Art:  5/5 Easily

Mighty Vee

Today’s Throwback Thursday is an Arc-V classic from 2015, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, the most basic form of Yugo’s ace monster. It’s a level 7 WIND dragon synchro monster with generic requirements, so it can be made easily in Speedroids and beyond. 2500 attack and defense are about average stats for a level 7 synchro.

Clear Wing has a fairly unique set of effects. It can negate the effect of a level 5 or higher monster once per turn and destroy, or negate a monster effect that targets a level 5 or higher monster and destroy it (namely, itself). Both of these effects are under separate once per turn clauses, so you can use both in the same turn (but not more than once). In this age of XYZ and link monsters, the first negation probably won’t come up too often, though the second negation is mediocre as protection since it only protects against targeting, and only once. If either of these negations manage to destroy the monster, Clear Wing gains attack equal to its original attack until the end of the turn, which can help OTK on your turn, though it is very predictable. Overall it’s not terrible, but there are better level 7 WIND monsters if you need synchro climbing fodder and there are better level 7 synchro monsters in general.

Advanced: 2.5/5
Art: 4/5 Probably my favorite of the dimension dragons between the pose and the colors
3/5 (alternate art) The angle is kinda weird, emphasizes how bizarre Clear Wing really looks

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