Thursday, July 7, 2022

Pokemon Card of the Day

Pojo’s Pokemon Card of the Day has been updated daily since October 2000.  We have reviewed over 4,400 Pokemon cards over the last 20+ years!

Gold Potion – Pokemon COTD

  Gold Potion - Boundaries Crossed - #140/149 Date Reviewed: Sept. 28, 2017 Ratings & Reviews Summary See Below Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 is...
Chaos Gym

Chaos Gym – Gym Challenge Pokemon Review

Chaos Gym Gym Challenge Reviewed October 18, 2000 by the Jason Klaczynski – 3 Time World Champion Reviews Below: Chaos Gym "Strategic." 10.18.00  Chaos Gym is just amazing, even in...
Brock's Lickitung

Brock’s Lickitung – Gym Heroes Pokemon Review

Brock's Lickitung Gym Heroes Reviewed October 17, 2000 by the Jason Klaczynski - 3 Time World Champion Reviews Below: Brock's Lickitung "Simple, yet it ain't that bad."-Kane Keller,...
Sabrina's Alakazam

Sabrina’s Alakazam – Pokemon Gym Challenge Review

  Sabrina's Alakazam - Gym Challenge Reviewed October 16, 2000 - by Jason Klaczynski - 3 Time Pokemon World Champion Reviews Below: Sabrina's Alakazam "Different." 10.16.00  Hello again. Sabrina's Alakazam is...
Rocket's Zapdos

Rocket’s Zapdos – Gym Challenge Pokemon COTD

Rocket's Zapdos - Gym Challenge Reviewed October 15, 2000 by Jason Klaczynski, 3-time World Champion Reviews Below: Rocket's Zapdos "It's so broken, it's not even funny."-Alex Brosseau, Ranked #14...
Lt. Surge's Fearow

Lt. Surge’s Spearows / Fearow – Gym Heroes Pokemon COTD

Lt. Surge's Spearows / Fearow Gym Heroes Unlimited This was the very first Card of the Day ever posted on  This was written by 3-time...