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Travel Explore Discover

Travel Explore Discover Board Game Review

Travel Explore Discover is an educational board game about travelling the globe and learning about exotic locations.  The game is published by Discover Games. ...
Lost Cities Roll & Write

Lost Cities: Roll & Write Board Game Review

Lost Cities Roll & Write is a new board game from Kosmos Games.  The game is based on the Lost Cities Card game that...

Exit: The Gate Between Worlds – Game Review

Exit games are tough to review.  How do you review an escape room game without giving away some clues and riddles?  I can tell...

Trails Board Game Review – Is it Worth the Hike?

Trails is new board game from Keymaster Games.  Keymaster Games also makes Parks, which is a game we reviewed a couple of years, and...

Andor: The Family Fantasy Board Game Review

Andor: The Family Fantasy Game is a new board game from Kosmos Games.  It is based on the popular Legends of Andor board game...
Story Time Chess

Story Time Chess – A Parent’s Review

I did not grow up playing chess. Board games were not much of a thing in my family, especially not a strategic thinking game…not...

Ubongo! Fun-Size Edition Puzzle Game Review

"Ubongo! Fun-Size Edition" is a new puzzle game from Thames and Kosmos.  The fun size edition is based on the extremely popular Ubongo! board...

Western Shoot Out Board Game, High Noon Launches On Kickstarter!

HIGH NOON LAUNCHES ON KICKSTARTER Tactical Western Shoot Out Board Game Debuts From High Noon Game Inc. NEW YORK, NY (March 5, 2021) - High Noon...

Wizama Announces Licensing Deal with Award-Winning Board Game Manufacturer, Ravensburger

WIZAMA ANNOUNCES LICENSING DEAL WITH AWARD-WINNING BOARD GAME MANUFACTURER, RAVENSBURGER NEW YORK, NY (November 24, 2020) - Wizama, the company behind the innovative immersive board...

Pathfinder Beginner Box arriving just in time for the Holiday Season!

Press Release - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BECOME A HERO WITH THE PATHFINDER BEGINNER BOX Take the first step into an amazing world of fantasy adventure! REDMOND, WASHINGTON (November...