Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles
Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles

Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles – #WISU-EN029

You can Ritual Summon this card with a “Recipe” card. If this card is Special Summoned: You can excavate the top 5 cards of your Deck, and if you do, you can add 1 excavated “Nouvelles” card to your hand, also shuffle the rest into the Deck. When a card or effect is activated that targets this card on the field, or when this card is targeted for an attack (Quick Effect): You can Tribute this card and 1 Attack Position monster on either field, and if you do, Special Summon 1 Level 2 or 3 “Nouvelles” Ritual Monster from your hand or Deck. You can only use each effect of “Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  August 14th, 2023

Rating: 3.08

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles ends our look at the Nouvelles archetype and a cooking-themed week here on Pojo’s CoTD.

Level 1 Beast-Warrior Ritual Monster in an archetype of Ritual Beast-Warrior or Warrior-Type monsters. You need its themed Ritual Spell, a “Recipe” card to Ritual Summon it…or anything generic for the Attribute. There are two “Recipe” Ritual Spell cards, each gaining an extra effect depending on which Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon. If you use the “Fish Recipe” to Ritual Summon Buerillabaisse, you get a Ritual Spell search or add back from the grave in addition to the Ritual Summon. A Ritual Spell providing a Ritual Spell search is something we haven’t seen before off activation, usually it has to be banished from the grave.

When Special Summoned, Buerillabaisse can excavate the top 5 off your Deck and get you a Nouvelles card that was excavated, the rest go back and are shuffled. Search effect is a search effect, and with it happening of any kind of Special Summon of Buerillabaisse you aren’t restricted to a one-time search.

Being able to tribute itself to Special Summon a Level 2 or 3 Nouvelles Ritual Monster from the hand or Deck is an interesting way to facilitate another Ritual Summon. Each of the potential two monsters you have to choose from to summon have an effect upon Special Summon: draw a card or pop a Spell/Trap on the field. Being able to tribute itself as well as an Attack Position monster on the field makes Buerillabaisse at its least a +1 off the Special Summon and trade, with the potential of it being a +2 if the effect goes through for the newly summoned monster. All the monsters within the archetype can tribute themselves to Special Summon a higher level Ritual Monster from the archetype while also tributing an Attack Position monster on the field. You will always take their monster with you unless somehow there aren’t any Attack Position monsters. With 400ATK it can’t hold its own in battle so this effect to essentially tag in a different Ritual Monster helps to avoid card effects while not losing advantage.

This monster starts off our look at this archetype with promise. Excavating to get to a card is a good effect, avoiding an attack or targeting effect is even better. This Ritual Monster starts the Special Summon climbing that you can do all the way up to your Level 6 Ritual Monster in the archetype, all the while taking an Attack Position monster on either side of the field alongside the Ritual Monster you tribute, this effect is a round-about way to deal with monsters your opponent has. You’re also not losing out on effects from your Ritual Monsters by doing this instead of Ritual Summoning.

Advanced- 3/5

Art- 3.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

We finish up Wild Survivors by going into the kitchen with the Nouvelles and their Ritual-based antics, starting with Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles.

Buerillabaisse is a Level 1 DARK Beast-Warrior with 400 ATK and 1850 DEF. The DEF is mainly the good part of the stats, but being a DARK and Beast-Warrior does offer a ton of benefits. It can be Ritual Summoned with any Recipe card, so multiple options. Upon being Special Summoned, you can excavate the top 5 cards of your Deck to add an excavated Nouvelles card to your hand while the rest are shufffled back into the Deck. It’s not a guaranteed search, but a searcher on a Level 1 Ritual in a mechanic with a ton of consistency isn’t needed. You might whiff on this effect more often than not, but the potential add will always be nice. The second effect triggers when a card or effect targets this card on the field or this card is targeted for an attack, giving you a Quick Effect to tribute this card and any Attack Position monster on either field to summon a Level 2 or 3 Nouvelles Ritual from your hand or Deck. It can be good removal, and the effect is easy to trigger by you if the opponent is refusing to run into it. Getting to the bigger Rituals is also great for their effects, especially since the Level 3 and 4 Rituals are easier to trigger than the Level 1 and 2 to get to the bigger Nouvelles. Hard once per turn on each effect is fine. Buerillabaisse is a simple way to get the Nouvelles ladder started by potentially getting you to more archetype cards, helping you climb the Nouvelles ladder, and being the easiest Ritual to summon since it is Level 1. You never really max out on any Nouvelles Ritual Monster, but Buerillabaisse is a fine 2-of.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 Cute little animal creature thing. Dish is probably the most basic of them all.

Mighty Vee

This week finishes our Wild Survivors coverage with the final archetype of the pack, Nouvelles, and Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles is our starting card. Buerillabaisse is a level 1 DARK Beast-Warrior Ritual monster, so getting to it is fairly easy through Preparation of Rites and Fire Formation – Tenki, along with Nouvelles’ in-house searcher. With an unusual stat spread of 400 attack and 1850 defense (a shout-out to the legendary Hungry Burger), there’s no real reason to ever summon it in attack position unless you’re only 400 points shy of closing the game.

Buerillabaisse’s suggested Ritual Spell is any Recipe Ritual card, so predictably, any of the Nouvelles Ritual Spells along with Recette de Personnel (Staff Recipe) can field it simply enough. Its first effect, a hard once per turn, triggers after it is Special Summoned, letting you excavate the top 5 cards of your deck and add a Nouvelles card among them to your hand, shuffling back the others. I think this effect would’ve been fine as a straight ROTA, considering the Recipe cards will bog down your excavations as they aren’t Nouvelles cards, and running a high ratio of Nouvelles monsters is a little questionable. The other effect, also a hard once per turn, is part of the gimmick shared with the other low-level Nouvelles monsters; if it’s targeted by an attack or a card effect, you can tribute both Buerillabaisse and an attack-position monster from either field to Special Summon a level 2 or 3 Nouvelles Ritual monster from your hand or deck. The idea is to ladder your way into the archetype’s boss, and on paper, this effect sounds pretty crazy. On practice, it’s not great, considering it relies on your opponent controlling an attack-position monster to get the most mileage out of its effect, and for now, Nouvelles monsters struggle to trigger themselves via targeting, forcing you to run external targeting engines. This gimmick will improve a lot once they get their support in Age of Overlord, but until then, Nouvelles is quite half-baked.

Advanced: 2.75/5

Art: 3.25/5 Reminds me of a Neopet. Is that cioppino I see?

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