Bonfire – #MZMI-EN016

Add 1 Level 4 or lower Pyro monster from your Deck to your hand. You can only activate 1 “Bonfire” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  February 6th, 2024

Rating: 4.63

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Bonfire, the most infamous card in Yu-Gi-Oh currently.

A card that has given like rise to the 25th Anniversary Collection being stacked in May, Bonfire’s price tag (currently $95 on TCGPlayer) has caused quite the uproar in the community, and for good reason. For a RoTA for a Pyro monster, Bonfire doesn’t seem like that important of a card. However, it’s all about how you can play it. I told my wife about it with a smile, referencing her Solar Flare Dragon lock from back in 2004, delighting her that she had a way to search them aside from UFO Turtle and generic searchers now. In context to the current game, Bonfire serves as a way to get to around 80+ different monsters in the TCG. Of the many options that you have to search, Bonfire is so expensive because it can search the new Snake-Eyes monsters, specifically the soon to be released Snake-Eyes Poplar. Poplar, like Watapon, when searched can Special Summon itself, which then gets you a Snake-Eyes Spell/Trap search. Won’t sleep on Bonfire being a great searcher for Volcanic, Neo Flamvell, Laval, the FIRE Barrier Statue, Centur-Ion Trudea, and KurikaraDivincarnate, but its price tag is specifically tied to Poplar and its playability in the game as an extender, searcher, and opponent interaction card with whatever you search with it when you summon it.

Shame that Bonfire is so expensive and the worst part is that it’s cheaper now than it previously was. Likely going to see it reprinted in May and I am looking forward to watching prices on certain cards drop as more cards get confirmed in that set. If the players caused this then good for them and good for Konami for listening once in a while to their player base.

Advanced- 5/5    Art- 3/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

Next up is a card that’s opened up a ton of discussions due to its price point, which I won’t really get into here. Makes sense though with it being a RotA for the current popular type, the card in question is Bonfire.

Bonfire is a Normal Spell that adds any Level 4 or lower Pyro from your Deck to your hand. The lineup of Level 4 or lower Pyros isn’t too long, but there are good options. For the most basic, you could search for Barrier Statue of the Infernos right now, but that card isn’t too good when the metagame is currently dominated by the FIRE Attribute. For Volcanics, you search most of your main monsters like Shell, Scattershot, Rimfire, Rocket, and Trooper depending on what you are missing. The new Pyro-based Ashened archetype got a Level 4, which means Konami wants you to use Bonfire in the Deck. The main culprit for this card’s popularity right now is Snake-Eyes and all the FIRE Decks you can run it in from Rescue-ACE to Fire Kings to just pure Snake-Eyes. You can easily search for Snake-Eye Ash and Normal Summon it to get to Poplar, who would then Special Summon itself to get to your Snake-Eye Spells and Traps. If you already drew into Ash, I guess you could just search for Poplar with this while Ash gets to any other Level 1 FIRE like the other Snake-Eye monsters, Legendary Fire King Ponix, Rescue-ACE Hydrant, Kurikara Divincarnate, etc. Hard once per turn, since we know how good Reinforcement of the Army was at 3. Bonfire is certainly benefiting from the rise of the Pyro type last year, which is likely why Konami decided now was the time to print it. It’ll just get better as we get more Pyro monsters, but for now you run the 3 you are allowed to in Pyro strategies for the consistency of seeing it ASAP to get to your most important monsters.

Advanced Rating: 5/5

Art: 3.5/5 Two days in a row where the art is pretty literal to the name of the card.

Mighty Vee

Boy oh boy, you can’t not talk about this card these days, eh? An otherwise unremarkable card from Yugioh GX, Bonfire is a Normal Spell with a simple hard once per turn effect to search any level 4 or lower Pyro monster. Despite its simplicity, Bonfire commands a price tag over 100 USD, mostly because it’s a huge consistency boost for anyone running the Snake-Eye engine. Searching Snake-Eye Ash (or Snake-Eyes Poplar in a jam) is the main meta usage of this card, though it’s a consistency boost for Centur-Ion as well by searching Centur-Ion Trudea. Other than that, plenty of decks rely on Bonfire for consistency, like Volcanic and T.G., so its absurd price is all the more brutal. Most decks with a Pyro playmaker will want a full playset.  Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the price at all unless you’re obsessed with playing the best of the best, but if money isn’t an object, you’ll be getting your hands on the hottest (ha) ROTAs as of late.

+Searches playmakers for a variety of decks, including a top tier deck
-Pyro is still a relatively small pool

Advanced: 4/5
Art: 2.75/5 There’s a meme edit with a dollar being burnt up by the flame, which is an apt representation of what happens to people who buy Snake-Eyes Fire King.

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