Blissey V
Blissey V

Blissey V – Chilling Reigns

Date Reviewed:  July 4, 2021

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 4.00
Expanded: 4.00

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Otaku Avatar

Blissey V (SW – Chilling Reign 119/198, 182/198, 183/198) is our next runner-up.  She would have been our 17th-Place pick, had the countdown been a little longer.  She’s a [C] type Basic Pokémon V with 250 HP, [F] Weakness, no Resistance, Retreat Cost [CCCC], one Ability, and one attack.  The Ability is “Natural Cure”, which removes all Special Conditions from Blissey whenever you attach an Energy card to it from your hand.  Her attack is “Blissful Blast”, which costs [C] and does 10 damage base.  The attack’s effect not only adds 30 damage for each Energy attached to (the attacking) Blissey V, but if you do any damage at all with this attack to the Defending Pokémon, Blissful Blast lets you then attach three Energy from your discard pile to (this) Blissey V!

While Blissey V cannot exploit Weakness, but it can exploit Powerful [C] Energy.  When I say exploit, I mean it; while any Colorless Pokémon that attacks for damage can use it, Blissey V can use its attack to quickly attach multiple copies.  That’s +50 damage for each of them: +30 from Blissful Blast’s own effect, and +20 from that of each Powerful [C] Energy.  Blissey V is a Basic, so it is easy to start attacking with it Turn 2.  You may not hit very hard that turn, but you can build for the next turn.  Yes, Blissey V will probably take some damage from being Active, but 250 HP is not an easy OHKO outside of Weakness… and nothing says you can’t toss in a Weakness Guard Energy to try and cover that.

You could also toss in some healing effects to deal with the damage as well.  Until rotation, Blissey V can use Buff Padding for +50 HP.  Or you can just use Cape of Toughness, which will survive the pending set rotation in Standard.  While it isn’t as good as damage reduction, extra HP, or even healing, the Ability is decent.  It’d be better to just have something that protected against Special Energy, or remove all effects of attacks, but a way to deal with Special Conditions can be important to tanks.  In a real sense, Blissey V is kind of like a Basic, Colorless Centiskorch VMAX.  Which does bring us to its Pokémon V-dom; it gives up two Prizes when KO’d, and has to deal with anti-V clauses.

Blissey V has the potential to be its own archetype, or at least to be an alternate attacker for a deck already good at healing and/or Energy acceleration.  I don’t recall if it has had any success in Japan, especially with the equivalent of our current cardpool.  This was good enough for me to make Blissey V my 12th-Place Pick.  Time will tell if it should have been higher or lower, or even on my list at all.  I am worried about its [F] Weakness, as Weakness Guard Energy can only do so much, and should rotate come September 10th.  As for Expanded, it may be lazy but I’m giving it a similar score as Standard.  Enough potential for me to be very hopeful, but increased competition and increased counters come with things like access to Double Colorless Energy.


  • Standard: 4/5
  • Expanded: 4/5

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