Beyond the Pendulum
Beyond the Pendulum

Beyond the Pendulum – #DIFO-EN048

2 Effect Monsters, including a Pendulum Monster
If this card is Link Summoned in the Extra Monster Zone: You can pay 1200 LP; add 1 Pendulum Monster from your Deck to your hand, but for the rest of this turn, unless you Pendulum Summon after this effect resolves, you cannot activate monster effects, and the effects of any cards in your Pendulum Zones are negated. If 2 monsters with different original Levels are Pendulum Summoned at the same time to the zones this card points to: You can target 2 cards on the field; destroy them. You can only use this effect of “Beyond the Pendulum” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  June 15th, 2022

Rating: 4.17

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Crunch$G Avatar

I mentioned it yesterday, and in a format where we don’t have Electrumite legal, this is your next best option: Beyond the Pendulum.

BtP is a Link-2 DARK Spellcaster with 1200 ATK and arrows pointing to the Bottom Left and Bottom Right. ATK is pretty meh, arrows are perfect for a Pendulum strategy, and it has both DARK and Spellcaster going for it. Any 2 Effect Monsters summons this, just as long as at least 1 is a Pendulum Monster, cause this is intended for Pendulum Decks of course. First effect triggers upon Link Summon, letting you pay 1200 LP to add any Pendulum Monster from your Deck to your hand, which is great, but there’s a catch that if you successfully search a monster, you cannot use other Monster Effects and the effects of cards in your Pendulum Zones are negated until you perform a Pendulum Summon, which isn’t a big deal considering you can easily get this out before a Pendulum Summon, so the search should help get your plays through. No hard once per turn on this effect means it getting negated lets you summon another to try again at the very least, or get 2 searches in a turn, but that’s not highly recommended with just 1 Pendulum Summon. Second effect is a hard once per turn, triggering when you Pendulum Summon 2 monsters with different Levels to zones this card points to, letting you target and destroy 2 cards on the field. This should be easy to trigger in Pendulum strategies using varying Levels, plus removal is nice. It would of been better if it was up to 2, since you won’t want to use this if the opponent only has 1 card, otherwise you lose something as well. With all that said, Beyond the Pendulum is still no Electrumite, but it’s a pretty strong replacement and still a staple for Pendulum Decks.

Advanced Rating: 4.5/5

Art: 5/5 She’s better looking that Electrumite, I’ll say that at least.

Dark Paladin's Avatar
Midweek brings us a rather lazily named Link Monster is Beyond the Pendulum.  We have a Dark/Spellcaster, both great things, who is Link 2 with throws pointing to the respective bottom diagonals.  Arrows make sense for a Pendulum support card here.  The 1200 attack kinda stinks, but the Link Summon requirement is easy enough only needing two Effect Monsters; to include a Pendulum Monster.  
So in ‘short’ this guy really helps your Pendulum strategy by fetching you one from your Deck, which is awesome, and then severely punishes you for the Turn if you don’t Pendulum Summon after gaining that card.  Which does cost you 1200 Lifepoints, (you’d think with an Effect like that, this card might be Psychic type).
If you don’t Pendulum Summon after this, you’re locked out of Monster Effects and all Monsters in your Pendulum Zone are negated doe the rest of that Turn. I can’t see or imagine why you wouldn’t after fetching whatever  earlier but stranger things have happened.  
The destruction Effect here is nice though.  You get a Targeted +2 optional destruction of any two cards on the Field of two Monsters are Pendulum Summoned to the Zones this guy points to.  They have to come out simultaneously and have different original Levels though.  
So they’re trying to make that not too easy to abuse and destroy, which they should.  The only real problem here is that 1200 attack.  It’dz a great card, but protecting it will be very important.  Though you should be able to cycle through both Effects at least once, certainly the Turn it hits the field, anyway.  
Rating:. 4/5
Art:. 5/5 Another very nice anime feel picture here, and the art feels right here too

Mighty Vee

Hailed as “the new Electrumite” after its reveal, Beyond the Pendulum is one of the stars of Dimension Force, being a Link 2 DARK Link Spellcaster monster, not unlike the rest of the Pendulum Magician squad. Bottom left and bottom right arrows are typical arrows for a Link 2, and as you’d expect, the Link materials are any two Effect monsters as long as one of them is a Pendulum monster, so most Pendulum decks should be able to make it fairly easily. 1200 attack is expected for a Link 2 monster, so I wouldn’t bank on it beating anything any time soon.

Beyond the Pendulum’s first effect is noticeably not once per turn, though we’ll get to why this isn’t an issue; while Beyond the Pendulum is in the Extra Monster Zone (which means you’ll be summoning it first in all likelihood), you can pay a small sum of 1200 LP to search any Pendulum monster. This is obviously an incredible effect for almost every Pendulum deck, and the reason many people consider it to be a replacement for Heavymetalfoes Electrumite in TCG. The catch? After this effect resolves, you can’t activate monster effects at all and the effects of cards in your Pendulum zones are negated until you perform a Pendulum Summon. This even blocks the effect of the newly-unbanned Performapal Monkeyboard, which otherwise would’ve been an easy one-card Pendulum scale. Of course, this is a necessary restriction and pretty much limits Beyond the Pendulum’s use strictly to Pendulum combos. Beyond the Pendulum’s other effect actually is a hard once per turn, triggering if two monsters with two different levels are Pendulum summoned to zones that Beyond the Pendulum points to, allowing you to target and destroy two cards on the field. While I’m not very familiar with Pendulum decks, this effect does at least allow you to clear up some of your opponent’s board, plus you can even destroy your own Pendulum monsters to extend plays (especially in Dracoverlord and Pendulum Magician decks, which specialize in destroying their own Pendulum monsters. Overall an excellent support card for Pendulum decks, which really need it considering they were the only ones not freed by the Master Rule revisions.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4.25/5 The Pendulum Magician aesthetic is usually pretty weird, but I think the colors work really nice here, especially since they have the whole red and blue thing Pendulum is associated with. Also, cone hat!

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