Awakening of the Possessed - Nefariouser Archfiend
Awakening of the Possessed – Nefariouser Archfiend

Awakening of the Possessed – Nefariouser Archfiend
– #SDCH-EN005

You can Special Summon this card (from your hand or Deck) by sending 1 face-up Spellcaster monster and 1 face-up Level 4 or lower EARTH monster you control to the GY. You can only use each of the following effects of “Awakening of the Possessed – Nefariouser Archfiend” once per turn. ● When this card is Special Summoned by its effect: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your GY, but negate its effects.
● If this card is sent from the field to the GY: You can add 1 “Spiritual Earth Art” card or 1 “Possessed” Spell/Trap from your Deck to your hand.

Date Reviewed:  December 11th, 2020

Rating: 3.42

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Awakening of the Possessed – Nefariouser Archfiend ends our look at Familiar-Possessed/Charmers, a different version than a previous version used within the archetype.

2000ATK Level 5 is reminiscent of Wynn earlier in the week as this monster as well needs more than you’d like to commit to it. You can tribute one monster to summon it, or send a face-up Spellcaster and a Level 4 or lower EARTH monster to the grave. Sure, you can Special Summon this monster from the deck which is a nifty trait to have, but to commit two monsters to a Level 5 isn’t something you want to do. When Special Summoned by its own effect it can get you can Monster Reborn a Level 4 or lower, but its effects get negated. This restriction helps prevent any spamming of non-hard once per turn effects. If it goes to the graveyard from the field, Nefariouser Archfiend can replace itself with a Possessed Spell/Trap or a Spiritual Earth Art if you are running a dedicated EARTH build. If you used this version of Nefariouser you are likely searching a Possessed Spell/Trap. I like that you can use this card’s Special Summon effect to summon it from the deck and get the card search immediately by using this for something on the field. That aside, you still need a Spellcaster and a EARTH monster that is Level 4 or lower. Adhering to the theme of the archetype hurts this card. Any Earth monster would have made it better, or being able to use something from your hand in conjunction with something on the field. It does more than Wynn does though, as it is not completely locked within its Attribute.

Advanced-3/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

The week ends with one of the four Awakening of the Possessed Monsters for their Attributes, and we’ll go with the EARTH one since it is probably the best one, so here’s Awakening of the Possessed – Nefariouser Archfiend.

Nefariouser Archfiend is a Level 5 EARTH Beast with 2000 ATK and 200 DEF. A fine ATK stat to make up for a low DEF stat, EARTH is a good Attribute, and Beast can be a fun Type to play with. You can Special Summon this card from the hand or Deck by sending to the graveyard a Level 4 or lower EARTH Monster and a Spellcaster Monster you control that are face-up. It’s a 2-for-1, but it’s not everyday you see a Monster that can Special Summon itself from Deck. The only other cards I can think of that do that are the Familiar-Possessed and Dark Sage. The Special Summon isn’t a hard once per turn, so that might be useful I guess, but these next two effects are. The first effect upon being Special Summoned by its own effect lets you revive a Level 4 or lower Monster from the graveyard with its effects negated. This can open up some interesting combos, despite the effect negation of what’s revived. At least it pays for itself when being Special Summoned. Only gaining that effect once probably makes you only want to Special Summon this once a turn, so there’s a balance there at least. The second effect is when this card is sent to the graveyard from the field where you can search for a Spiritual Earth Art card or a Possessed Spell/Trap from the Deck to the hand. The Spiritual Arts for their Attributes don’t age too well to be honest, but the Possessed S/T lineup isn’t half bad. It’s nice this can be sent from field to grave by any means, so it’s easy to just Link or Synchro this away for a free search. It’s a cool card, again not everyday you see a Monster summon itself from Deck, and they made sure it wasn’t too busted considering you can summon itself from Deck. It’s the best of the 4 Awakening of the Possessed and maybe the only one worth running potentially, though the others aren’t that bad.

Advanced Rating: 3.75/5

Art: 4.5/5 Nice seeing Aussa in the background while Nefariouser Archfiend is front and center, I do like the Familiars a lot.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Closing the week is a Monster with a mouthful of a name; Awakening of the Possessed-Nefariouser Archfiend.  As we saw initially Wednesday, being Level 5 with low stats isn’t good.  2000 attack (and 500 defense) for a Monster (that would normally) require a Tribute isn’t winning many contests.  Earth and Beast are fine, as both have plenty of support these days.  So you can Special Summon this card from your Hand, or Deck, the latter which is rather unique, by sending a face-up Spellcaster and a face-up Level 4 or lower Earth Monster from your Field to the Graveyard.  Special Summon or not, you’re giving up two cards for a card that Tributed would only require one.  Now, yes, with this effect you get to revive any Level 4 or lower Monster from your Grave, and sure, that’s great.  The openness there is appreciated given the double specific terms for this Special Summon.  But, at the same time, if you Tribute, you lose ONE Monster, and might not have to revive anything.  Sure, if there’s something specific you need this can help, I’m not saying it wouldn’t.  Also as a once per turn effect, no stipulation as to how or by which player, you net a Spiritual Earth Art card or a Possessed Magic/Trap from the Deck to your Hand.  It’s decent, a fun combo piece, and it does some stuff that should help you.

Rating:  3.5/5

Art:  4.5/5  This has a really nice Halloween vibe to it, even as we get closer to Christmas.

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